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Feroza Pendant

The Firoza pendant consists of Firoza gemstone. Originally, it was discovered in Turkey and is also known as Turquoise. The gemstone for Saturn, Turquoise, Feroza, or Firoja harbingers the favor of the Karmic planet, Shani. It increases the attraction in one’s personality and channelizes good vibes in their love life. According to Vedic astrology, the stone is well known for its remedial powers and best recognized for wealth. Using Turquoise gemstone can become a remedy for someone who is facing anger issues, which causes suffering in life. This stone is especially for those who often face refusal in their love life. In the market, the gemstone can be found in many different colors like apple green, greenish grey, greenish-blue but the most preferable color is sky blue.



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The blue-hued stone offers its wearer marital bliss and makes them bold and confident. Since the stone contains powerful energy of wealth and affection, it has become quite a popular gemstone among the masses. Turquoise can remove any physical weakness which is present in the wearer and protects them from dangers while enhancing their eyesight.

Firoza aids in eye problems and safeguards the individuals who are politically weak. By wearing Turquoise gemstone pendant one can attract new relationships and friendships in life. Due to its brilliant blue hue, the stone is known for bringing good luck and fortune in the life of the wearer. The light blue shade of the Feroza Gemstone determines the quality of the stone. The color of the stone should not be blotchy and have uniformity in it. Before buying, the wearer should always check the surface of the stone for its smoothness.

The Feroza stone should not have irregular matrix construction in it. There are critical factors of Turquoise in terms of quality, color saturation, and tone. In the market, It is generally available from light blue to deep blue and bluish-green color. The most desirable colors among consumers are Persian blue and medium blue, which are generally found in Arizona.

Purpose of Wearing Turquoise Gemstone

To have good financial conditions and upliftment one should wear Feroza stone. Wearing it can also result in an improvement of lungs and liver disorder. The thinking ability and creativity of native gets improved by wearing this gemstone. According to Hindu mythology, turquoise is considered as a pure gemstone which defends native from mishaps and violence.

Process of wearing

The associated planet of Feroza gemstone is Jupiter. According to Vedic Astrology, Feroza stone offers financial benefits in a person’s life. Astrologer’s consultation is necessary before one can wear this stone. According to Indian Astrology, Feroza gemstone is more suitable for Dhanu Rashi(Sagittarius). The Turquoise stone is also suitable for Aries, Scorpio, Leo, and Cancer.


Feroza stone can be worn in a silver pendant as well as in-ring also. An individual can wear it on Thursday before sunrise. The most suitable timings to wear is between 5-6 am. Before wearing it, the Feroza pendant should be kept at the bottom of the bowl and add sugar, honey, cow milk(unboiled), tulsi leaves, and ghee in it.

Chant the following mantra 108 times to strengthen your Feroza stone locket.

“ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः”
“Om Graam Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah”

Benefits of Wearing Turquoise Pendant

  • There are many cultures where Feroza gemstone is known as a holy stone, which brings good fortune in wearers’ life.
  • The one who is suffering from a disease like Asthma, high blood pressure, excessive alcoholism should wear this gemstone.
  • It also helps in managing mental stress and saves native from mishaps and violence.
  • It helps in magnifying mental status and linking in communication gaps.
  • It also saves from negative energy and bad omens.
  • People who belong to the creative and education sectors like teachers, scholars, and students should wear this stone. It brings calmness and helps to concentrate.
  • Feroza Pendant brings stability and harmony in married life.
  • The main remedy of this stone is that it automatically loses its glow when native is exposed to mental and physical threats, e.g. disloyalty.
  • The gemstone helps natives in eliminating bad luck and disappointments, hence it results in improvised health, wealth, fame, wisdom, and strength.
  • Feroza Gemstone is believed to bring about stability in one’s life

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Note: Before wearing any gemstone, make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope or not. Alternatively, you can also get a Gem Report to know if you can wear a certain Gemstone.

Disclaimer: Future Point provides 100% Genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones. Therefore, before purchasing one you are recommended to go for an Astrologer’s Consultation.

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