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What can damage your relationship? Consult Now!

By: Future Point | 01-Jan-2019
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Every couple dreams & rightfully wishes for a blissful relationship that is full of unfathomable love.

Relationships are like flowers that upon blossoming, spread the beauty & fragrance of love in our lives.

However, just like flowers, relationships bloom only after they are properly nurtured and get a conducive & supportive environment to exist.

Relationships require continuous & conscious involvement of the couple. One missing element of care & sensibility in a relationship would result in failure to reach to its ultimate potential.

Marriage Astrology

What to look out for?

While there are so many factors that can damage your relationship, today we are going to talk about a subtle, powerful and difficult to perceive factor that can inflict sudden & serious damage to your relationship.

What makes this factor so damaging is the fact that it appears out of nowhere and when problems start arising, people fail to identify the non-physical presence of this factor wreaking havoc in their relationships and look for solutions in the wrong direction.

We are talking about the cosmic influence by means of planetary effects in our lives as per the Karmic Baggage that we are carrying with us since many lifetimes.

Addition of new Karmas to our Karmic Baggage and unwinding of past Karmas is a continuous process that goes on and on.

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However, there comes a time in life when certain troubled karmas crop up for unwinding and as per the nature of these troubled Karmas, specific aspects of our lives experience a wave of problems.

So a couple experiencing rough roads in the journey of their relationship despite their best efforts to save it from getting doomed, must look for the real solution.

The solution lies in the analysis of planets that provide the result of each & every karma in people's lives.

Analysis of these planets reveal the result that they are going to provide as per the good or bad karmas that they point out at a specific time in life.

What provides the Solution?

Only the ancient & divine science of Vedic Astrology can decode the root cause for damage in a relationship and suggest incredibly powerful remedies that have the potential to steer the troubled relationship towards sheer love & bliss.

This is done by analyzing the state of planetary positions and aspects in the horoscope or kundli of both the couple. This process is called Kundli Matching and is primarily done before the couple intend to marry.

5th House:

Making a love prediction in the life of the couple on grounds of the situation seen in their horoscopes, requires a thorough & comprehensive analysis of the 5th house in the couple's horoscopes, as this house represents love.

Any malefic planet present or aspecting the 5th house such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn damages the love aspect in a native's life.

Mars being a planet that creates volatility, if present or aspecting the 5th house, attracts unnecessary turmoil in the love relations of a native.

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State of Venus:

Venus is the significator planet of love and the state of this planet deciphers the conditions of love & romance in a native or a couple's life.

Presence of Venus in the 6th or 8th house of a horoscope diminishes the element of romance and brings unwanted quarels & bickerings.

A Mars aspecting Venus or conjunct with Venus, also damages the love factor in life.

7th House:

For married couples, this house along with the 5th house, reveals everything about the situation if their relationship.

Just like the 5th house, the presence or aspects of malefics in this house wreaks havoc in the marital love & bliss.

Manglik Dosh:

This is a flaw that appears in the horoscope because of the ill placement of Mars. When it comes to love & relationships, presence of Manglik Dosh in either of the couple's horoscope is capable of ruining the life of the couple.

A Manglik Dosh or a Mangal Dosh, unless treated timely & properly can lead to permanent separation of the couple and in certain rare cases, even in the death of one of the partner.

So, if you are facing troubles in your relationship, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced astrologer to get your horoscope along with that of your partner thoroughly analyzed.

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This way the root cause will be identified and specific solutions will be suggested to counter those cosmic problems.

Future Point, since decades is providing accurate prediction to its clients all over the world along with incredibly powerful & effective remedies to remove all problems from life.

People can find out their love compatibility online by booking an online astrology consultation with Future Point.

Also, married couples facing problems in their lives can get their marriage horoscope analyzed at Future Point for practical & effective solutions.

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