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How to Keep the Spark of Love Alive In a Love Marriage?

By: Future Point | 03-Jan-2019
Views : 1816How to Keep the Spark of Love Alive In a Love Marriage?

A love marriage is a blessing that only a few are blessed with. However, love is always dynamic and particularly in a love marriage, requires constant nurturing from both the husband & wife.

Without a genuine zeal to keep their boat of love afloat, a couple can find it sinking in no time.

In order to keep the spark of love alive in a love marriage, a couple must go the extra mile. Remember it is the honest involvement of the couple in their love marriage, that keeps the spark of love alive.

There are many ways that help in keeping the spark of love alive in a love marriage, some of them are:

Derive Solutions from Arguments

Yes you heard it right. See, differences in opinions are inevitable in an intense relationship like love marriage and these differences often lead to arguments.

But we tend to forget that, these arguments portray the opinions that a partner has which must be taken into account for an honest consideration. If one takes the argument made by the other forward and have an extensive & exploratory conversation ahead, then it is highly likely that the couple with soon end up with a resolution.

A straightaway rejection of any argument will only create bitterness in the love marriage.

Simple Care

You need not to take your partner to the Moon to show that you care for him/her. It is the simple gestures that display your active involvement in the married life and this sends an amply clear & welcomed message to your partner that you care for him/her.

Just making a bowl of your partner's favourite soup as a surprise, will show your caring & loving side to your partner.

Just pack your bags and go!

Go where?

Anywhere! It does not matter where.

A couple must understand that in this hectic world of today, if they do not unwind themselves, then irritation will sprout up from stress & unnecessary friction might creep into their marriage.

Therefore, it is important to take a small trip once in a while that will let the couple breathe in a space that does not reminding them of the unavoidable challenges that face in their daily lives.

Ask your Partner

To keep the love sparklingly alive in their love marriage, a couple at all costs, must avoid taking decisions without consulting the other.

Taking decisions without keeping your partner in loop, is a sure way of inflicting damage on your love equation with your partner.

As it sends a clear and hurtful message that you do not need your partner involved in a decision making process and you do not think of your partner as someone whose opinions are of any value to you.

So, always ask your partner for his/her views and take a joint decision.

Seek Solutions for Troubling Comic Effects

The cosmic influence on a person is supreme when it comes to shaping every aspect of life.

There comes a time in every married couple's life when despite the best of intentions & efforts, nothing seems to work in order to keep the love spark ignited.

This is because of the malefic influence of certain ill placed planets from the horoscope that has come into play as per the Vimshottari Dasha (period of operation of planets) and or certain troubling Transitory movements of planets in life.

These malefic planetary effects are subtle yet extremely powerful and if not treated timely & properly can ruin the love & bliss in a love marriage.

Hence, if relations among the husband & wife deteriorate for unexplained and weird reasons, then the couple must immediately consult with a Love Marriage Specialist or a Love Astrologer to know the root cause of their Love Marriage Problem.

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