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New Year Resolutions and your Kundli

By: Future Point | 31-Dec-2018
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New Year Resolutions and your Kundli

As the tradition goes, with the onset of New Year we get on to the task of thinking of a New Year Resolution for ourselves that we ought to achieve. But alas, like everything else this too falls in the category of ‘will do’ instead of ‘doing’. But what if there was a way to decipher how to choose the best and easiest New Year Resolution for yourself that you will follow to the T! Your Kundali is your mirror to the past, present, and future you are entitled to have. By knowing your future through your Horoscope, you can easily figure out what new year resolution to follow in 2019.

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Every year we think about changing ourselves for the better, moulding ourselves to be a better human being by adopting different habits and letting go of those which have marred our appearance. Sometimes we wish to save more and decide that our New Year Resolution would resonate with it, but when our Kundli clearly emancipates that we are going to be a spender this year, there’s nothing that could become our Holy Grail and save us! This is where the Kundli comes into the picture. What if your Kundli clearly shows signs of you becoming lethargic and procrastinating your work this year? The thought might troublesome and excite some who have made a habit out of being lazy, but if we need change- A resolution won’t cut it.

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5 steps to follow your New Year Resolution

1. Try to incorporate little stuff in your life first!

It’s important that you take little steps instead of a big leap of faith. Start slow but stay steady. Think about your goal in mind and then decide your course of action. If you want to stay fit this year, think about first starting slow and going for little walks regularly. This brisk morning or evening walks at your own leisure could help you develop a habit and then later on when you start seeing results, you can go jogging or even take up gymming. When you start small, you have scope for lesser mistakes, which would further motivate you to keep going. You can figure out better ways to follow new year resolution through your Horoscope Report.

2. Don’t pressurise yourself!

It’s not a hard and fast rule to follow the new year resolution that your friend is following! You have your own boundaries and your own limits, which need to be pushed at your own will. When you pressurise yourself, you are not only hampering your physical stability but your mind as well. You need to decide what changes you want in your life as the New Year 2019 rings in. You can always ask our astrologer about what new year resolutions you must follow this year. The most you could do is try taking baby steps, being excited about new things is another thing, but pressurising your body into following someone else’s footsteps will only do more harm than good.

3. Decide your plan of action as you go!

When you plan your New Year Resolution, plan it in such a way that your course of action is part clear to you. It can be misty at first, and that’s okay. Do not fret over menial things when you have big aims. You need to focus on what to do and how to keep doing it to achieve that goal that you had set. If you plan on cycling daily, decide the perimeter that you want to take. If it doesn’t interest you on your first day, try finding little things on the way that interest you. For example, if you saw a coffee shop on your way, set your plan of action into cycling daily to that coffee shop to read. This would help you cycle and maybe inculcate another good habit of reading!

4. Set your goal.

When you decide your plan of action you have a clear blueprint of what you expect and this would help you decipher what your goal must be. In case you still can’t decide, let your Kundli help you see your future. When you clearly have an artistic and creative bend of mind that's mentioned in your Janam Kundli, or Horoscope you will be able to give a painting, pottery, or maybe writing a quick chance at luck. Be generous to yourself and try hard when things don’t work your way. And when they do, make sure that you have a long-term goal set. You can refer to your Horoscope Predictions for 2019 in Yearly, Monthly and Numerology Horoscope Report 2019 for information regarding this. Just like the cycling example, set your goal for a distance. Start from a mile and then start increasing it, but have a goal set with a certain time limit to achieve it.

5. Surface back with a BANG!

When to try something new in life, it’s apparent that it might not go smooth the very first time. So when things go south for you, you do not buckle down with pressure, you spring back to life with new passion and new excitement to achieve what New Year Resolution you had set your eyes upon. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons- you make lemonade out of it and then even drink it to energise your soul. It's not rocket science that every new task first feels hard to accomplish, but its’ your duty now to work your way through it. Get an insight into your future through the Yearly Horoscope Report and figure out your New Year Resolutions better.

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Giving up is easy, but fighting your way through an obstacle is the way of the survivor. And your parents never raised a quitter! Change yourself for the better. Take up a new hobby. Buy that book you always wanted to start reading. Be your own motivator. a force that you yourself would want to reckon with. Don’t start your New Year with problems. Don’t be shy and share your issues with our expert astrologers. Let them guide you towards happiness and prosperity.

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