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How to stop Jupiter Transit from affecting our mental health?

By: Future Point | 31-Dec-2018
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How to stop Jupiter Transit from affecting our mental health?

Jupiter is the heaviest planet not only in our solar system and as per the science of Vedic Astrology, Jupiter casts a very strong influence on an individual at the time of its period of operation; both in the Vimshottari Dasha and in the Transit.

The effect of Jupiter is heavily felt in a variety of domains in the life of a person, ranging from finances, relationships, health, education, career, travels, spiritual growth etc.

Today we are going to talk about the results that Jupiter will provide to people in its current transit.

Jupiter Transit 2019

(In Scorpio from October 11th, 2018 to November 5th, 2019 with a brief in-between period of transit in Sagittarius from March 30th, 2019 to April 23rd, 2019)

This Jupiter Transit is a very special happening in the Zodiac and the subtle yet incredibly powerful cosmic effects that it is going to have on people, must be taken and analyzed very seriously.

This is because currently Jupiter is transiting in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by planet Mars.

Now, you must be thinking that Mars is a friend of Jupiter so this transit of Jupiter in Scorpio must be outright beneficial for everyone!


Well, there is much more than what meets the eye here.

One must understand that Scorpio is a sign that represents the "Water" element and every watery sign houses a lot of emotions or in other words watery signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are emotionally charged up- by default.

Therefore, a Jupiter transiting in a watery sign (Scorpio in the current case) stirs up the emotions and creates repeated ripples in one's thoughts.

Many people during this transit are likely to experience:

An increase in the amounts of thoughts, a surge in strong emotional reactions.

Hence, it is extremely important to watch out for the effect of transiting Jupiter in Scorpio and take necessary precautions to protect yourself against the mental turbulence that this transit of Jupiter will bring.

What is the Solution?

To get the actual solution for the ill effects of a transiting Jupiter in the Scorpio sign, one must get his/her personal horoscope comprehensively analyzed by a professional astrologer.

Everyone has a unique set of karmic structure from the past and based on the planetary positions at birth, the role of planets in giving results of past karmas is decided.

Therefore, the effects of planets in the life of different people are different and so are the remedies prescribed by an astrologer to overcome the hurdles created by certain planets.

So, we urge you contact Future Point for a personal Jupiter Transit Report for yourself and find out what exactly this transiting Jupiter has in store you in particular and know specific & highly effective remedies that you can opt to protect your mental health from any ill effects of this transiting Jupiter.

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