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Get Expert advice for Relationship from the Best Astrologer in Delhi

By: Future Point | 22-Nov-2018
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Get Expert advice for Relationship from the Best Astrologer in Delhi
Love is a beautiful feeling. If you are in love, you can truly relate with that sentiment. Sometimes, luck does not favour love. This can create a lot of problems and confusion in your relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Astrologers with an in-depth understanding of matters of the heart say; successful relationships are the products of partners facing adversities together. Take this for instance:

If you feel that your love life or your relations with your significant other are not going well, Astrology Consultations may help you rekindle the flame, or spark it if you haven’t found your ideal partner. Expert astrologers in Delhi have noticed something distinct. Out of a large number of couples that approach them, a great portion wanted to know whether their Kundli and zodiac sign have an influence in their love lives.

According to astrology, there are many factors which affect our compatibility with others. Today, we are telling you all about these factors which play a vital role in relationships.

How these elements affect your relationship:

Moon sign

Expert love astrologers analyzes your moon sign by assessing your birth chart. They observe the position of the moon at the time of your birth. Your moon sign indicates your innermost needs and instincts. For a successful relationship, one should know the compatibility between moon signs. If a person is to find true love, observing the position of the moon sign of their partner is advisable. With this, you can find that you can gain insight into what type of partner you will be. It will also help you see what your partner is like. Their emotions, mentality or sexuality can be judged to decide if you are compatible with each other.

Sun sign approach

Our Sun sign says a lot about our nature, behaviour, future prospects and romantic relationships. The Best astrologer in Delhi can easily determine your sun sign by using your date of birth or through Kundli. If the sun signs are not compatible with each other, there won’t be much affinity between two people. If you want to make your romantic relation long-lasting and prosperous, you should pair up with someone whose sun sign shares the same element as yours.

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Rising sun

An astrologer will tell you about how your rising sun impacts your relationship. They will study the rising sun in your Kundli and determine how you impact other people with your first impression. According to the Love Marriage Specialist, the initial attraction between two individuals is also determined by their rising signs. Best astrologers in Delhi strongly agreed with this. When you pair up with someone with an opposite rising sign, your relationship will become more stable due to the compatibility.

Lunar nodes in Kundli

In astrological terms, lunar nodes are defined by the placement of the sun and moon at the time of your birth. There are two lunar nodes in a ‘kundli.’ Southern node and Northern node. In relationships, couples whose lunar nodes overlap can strengthen their love with each passing year.

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Tips for a successful relationship from the Best astrologer in Delhi

    • Lord Ganesha will help to reduce the tension between two partners. Couples should worship Lord Ganesha, as he blesses you with immense love and prosperity. One should worship him on Wednesday in Shukla Paksha.
    • To make your love life better and peaceful, offer 21 durva to Lord Ganesha. While offering this, chant the following mantra: Om ekdantaay vidmahe, vakrtunday dhimahi tanno danti prachodyat, om vakrtunday hum fatt.
    • Light a Diya and keep it in the South-Western corner of your house.
    • Write the name of your partner on a betel leaf and dip it into a bottle of honey for a few days. This remedy will bring closeness between you and your beloved.
    • Meet your beloved on a full moon night, as it will strengthen the love bond between you two.
    • If you want to win the heart of your beloved then offer a flute in Lord Krishna’s temple.
    • Pick some beautiful and most memorable images and hang it on the eastern wall of the house. It will enhance your love and relation with each other.
    • As per Vastu Shastra, You should place your bed in the south-west or North West direction of the house. It is said that this will nurture love and compatibility between the couple. Your bedroom should be in the West, South or South-Western direction.

If you want to make your relationship peaceful and long lasting, this is the right time to approach the ’best astrologer in Delhi.’ You can ask them more questions about how the elements of astrology affect your love life. One can get the most out of the services of kundali matching and janam kundali matching before getting married.

India is a country where parents decide which person will become your life partner. That is why few people think that love marriage is a crime. If you are also facing this kind of restriction from your family, while at the same time cannot leave your beloved, you can seek Astrology Consultations. Our love problem professional astrologer will assist you on how to convince your parents to consider marrying the one you love. There are also remedies to help people with problems that delay their marriage.

You can easily contact us to get a ‘love marriage’ prediction by our Love Marriage Specialist.

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