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Top Astrologer reveals the secret for a happy married life

By: Future Point | 23-Jan-2019
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Top Astrologer reveals the secret for a happy married life

Marriage requires love, care, patience, and sometimes sacrifices. In order to have a successful functioning marriage, you need to have all the above and some more. Top Astrologer reveals what it takes to have a happy marriage. Best Marriage Solution from Top Love Astrologer would help you navigate your married life better and take charge of the relationship that you share with your spouse.

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Secret Tips revealed by Astrologer for a perfect Married life!

1. Don’t shy away from working on yourself first!

As the saying goes, charity begins at home- you will have to understand that in order to be happy as a couple, you also need to be happy with yourself. Be independent and work on self happiness. The distance only makes the heart grow fonder and you will soon realise that you both are equal and complete pieces not halves. Every once in a while take time out and focus on yourself. Work on your hobbies, or indulge in your dream. Work apart towards your ambition.

2. Communicate & Accept

In order to have a healthy relationship communicate with your partner. If something is bothering you- make sure that your patner knows it. Instead of giving them the silent treatment, talk to them about what irks you. Every problem gets solved if you become a listener. Try to resolve each other’s issues amicably. It is not right to try and mould your partner the way you think. Everyone’s different and they each deserve to be heard. Accept that your partner isn’t the same person like you and would probably have a different opinion about stuff.

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3. Never take each other for granted

The most common thing that marriage or any other relationship seeks is commitment. You need to respect your partner and expect nothing but that in return. In a marriage, it is very common to start taking your partner for granted because in your mind you know your partner ain’t going anywhere. This strengthens your motive of not going the extra mile for them. Never start taking your partner for granted, just because you are married or for any reason whatsoever. Every once in a while a little surprise or a gift would harm nobody and would make your partner realise that you care about them.

4. Stop living in fairytales and happy endings

No matter what we have read about in novels or seen in movies- a real relationship is never perfect and continuously needs efforts. While marriage can be a beautiful feeling, it requires a certain amount of work that will later translate into a beautiful union. However, one needs to snap out of having a perfect fairytale life. Set realistic measures, instead of fictional ones!

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5. Do not overpower your partner or try to undermine them

The key to a happy relationship as told by Love Astrologer is never controlling your partner. You both are separate individuals and deserve an equal say in every decision. Remember that you married an imperfect person and you can not change how they think. Do not hold grudges against each other and never undermine them in front of anyone, be it your friends, parents, or family.

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