What to do when you fall out of love?

By: Future Point | 21-Jan-2019
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What to do when you fall out of love?

Astrology Guide to help you turn back the hand of time!

Love is the most beautiful emotion that one can experience and one should feel truly blessed after finding a loving partner.While all this makes perfect sense, but apart from those fortunate who fall in love, there are people in this world who have had the misfortune of falling out of love. Loosing on the love aspect in life after getting to experience the bliss of a loving relationship, is extremely painful.

It is said that: "After love is lost, life becomes bereft of all meanings". Only a person who faces loss of love knows the emotion turmoil that such harsh scenario brings in life. A person finds it extremely hard, in fact next to impossible to recover from the shock of a break up. So is there really a solution to once again experience the sweet emotion of love in life and make sure that it only flourishes further in life?

Yes, there is!

The solution lies in the sacred and ancient science of Vedic Astrology.

How can Vedic Astrology help when it comes to getting True Love in life?

Vedic Astrology identifies the root cause of a problem by deciphering what the planets have in store for you in life. It is the planets that give us results as per the Karmic Baggage that we carry from multiple lifetimes. Depending upon the nature of Karmas that come out of that baggage for judgement, the planets provide us punishments or rewards accordingly.

This happens at a specific time for a specific set of Karmas casting their effects on different aspects of our lives. Hence, one thing is very clear that despite our good intentions, we still need the support of planets in operation at specific times in our lives, affecting specific aspects of our lives. Because the old Karmas will keep on getting unwinded for results, all through our lives.

So when a person consults an able & experienced astrologer, the astrologer performs a thorough analysis of the horoscope of that person to decode the planetary situations and ascertain what the planets signify at different times in the life of that person for different domains. When it comes to analyzing the love arena in the life of a person, an astrologer looks at certain specific houses that must be positive, certain benefic planets for love that must be well positioned and certain malefic planets that must not be casting their ill effects on the love life of that person.

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Let us look at them in detail:

5th House

This is the primary house of love in the horoscope of a person and is the very first house that is looked at while analyzing the love factor in a person's life. In order to have the love of partner in life, it is very important that the 5th house must be strong.

Jupiter aspecting the 5th house makes it really strong and the presence or aspect of Venus in the 5th house of a native paves the way for have a loving & blissful love relationship in life. The presence and or aspects of malefic planet/s damages the 5th house. These malefic planets are Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. These malefics cause misunderstanding in a relationship, delays in getting love in life and even termination of relationships (break ups) in life.

7th House

This house signifies life partner which can very easily be the person that we fall in love first and eventually marry later. Also, in the unfortunate event of a divorce, the love factors gets obviously shattered and hence the 7th house is analyzed to look for a post marriage loss of love in the form of a divorce in the life of a person. Lord of the 7th house placed in the 6th house or vice versa, points out towards nasty bickering and unpleasantness in relationship with the partner.

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Lord of the Ascendant

Placement of Lord of the Ascendant in 5th house is considered highly beneficial for the love domain in a person's life. However, placement of Lord of the Ascendant in the 6th house increases the chances of bickering in a relationship, resulting in an unfortunate break up in some cases.


This is one planet that is extremely volatile and if placed in the 5th house or aspect the 5th house by its cruel sight, then it wreaks havoc in the love life of a person by bringing unwanted volatility through heated arguments with the partner.

Kaal Sarp Dosh

This is a flaw generated in the horoscope of a native when all seven planets are placed between Rahu & Ketu whoo by default are always 180 degrees apart from each other. Rahu is also called the Dragon's Head and Ketu as the Dragon's Tail and the Kaal Sarp Dosh formed in a horoscope enhances the malefic effects of these two planets and cause damage to various aspects of one's life, especially love. Kaal sarp Dosh if not treated timely & properly, inflicts a huge amount of damage in life and brings irreversible bad luck.


After analyzing all this, an astrologer finds out relevant remedies that if performed, have the surprising yet amazing potential of turning the tide of destiny in the favour of the person facing difficulties in his/her love life! It is the planetary effects that if turned in our favour can provide relief from all problems and make sure that each and every aspect of our life including love, remain always flourishing and blooming. Such remedial measures can only be suggested by a learned astrologer who decodes the horoscope of an individual by applying all permutations & combinations to get to the bottom of the real issue. For couple who have just entered into a relationship must consult with an astrologer to know their love compatibility with each other.

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