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Astrology of Love and Relationships: Finding the right Soulmate at the right time!

By: Future Point | 20-Dec-2018
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Astrology of Love and Relationships: Finding the right Soulmate at the right time!

The right time will always get you the right things in life! The most apt and followed cliché in this matter would be that “timing is everything”. But, still, if you are not being able to meet one of your dreams, then probably you have not yet consulted the right astrologer as yet. Yes, that is true! Astrology for marriage can even help to predict when will you the meet your soulmate and what other things should be done in order to keep the spark and charm in the relationship alive and burning.

The celestial bodies do have an influence and impact to rule almost every important dimension and aesthetic in our lives and in the matter, it plays no differently. Therefore, to know what is in store for your love life and when is the right time for you to get married, you can seek the advice and consultation from a renowned and expert astrologer for marriage.

Therefore, now when we know how these astronomical bodies in the sky can affect and influence our life, let us get on to know which planet is responsible to represent what specific dimensions and attributes in a native’s life?

The planet of Venus:

As far as this planet of Venus, it is said and believed to be representing all the matters and concerns related to the love life of the concerned person as per the rules of astrology for marriage. If you are concerned to know about the favourable time of marriage then you may seek the answers to these queries in your marriage horoscope.

In this regard, many online astrological websites are offering the free online kundali matching service that allows the user to match the horoscope of the prospective bride and groom and know in advance if both of them will make a good couple by sharing a good compatibility and chemistry to unite for a life-long alliance. When each time, the planet of Venus is making contact and is getting afflicted with a different planet in the house, it generates a different type of opportunity and quality for self-growth and other related matters in the name of relationships and love.

For example, if the planet of Jupiter crosses and comes in contact with Venus, it means that the native will get more chances to date and there will arise a possibility of meeting with an acquaintance that may turn out as a long relationship. A famous astrology specialist can even predict when and how many relationships will a person have throughout his entire life. When these two planets come in a union, it most of the times become a phase where you meet a lot of new people in life and if you look out seriously, you might find out that special one for you.

Saturn with the planet of Venus: These two planets when coming together, generally calls up for a tough and serious phase in life. Saturn in the astrology for marriage acts as a planet which keeps a check for everything in detail and therefore every important thing comes under the scrutiny of this planet which gives trouble in the life of the native. Saturn as a planet for justice, will always require you to be on your toes always and be responsible for every single thing that you take up in your life, be it love and new relationships and it would never spare you for anything done wrong and with wrong intentions.

Uranus and Venus: When the planet of Uranus comes with an association of the planet Venus, most of the times, it becomes a period when the things from the past come to bounce back in your life again. It is during this time only that you may expect your ex-lover to make a sudden come back in your life, even if you have moved on and does not really want him/her back in life. During this time with the union of these two planets, outside people and the company of strangers might look enticing and attractive to you, but the trick is that not to fall down like a prey and victim to these situations.

Therefore, if you have questions regarding your love life and if you are unsure whether to pursue your relationship with your partner, you may seek the help of a good marriage astrologer in marriage astrology and he might give you the right solutions and answers to all your pending queries from a long time.

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