The importance of Indian Astrology!

By: Future Point | 19-Dec-2018
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The importance of Indian Astrology!

With the advent of technology and modern ethics and norms, is astrology still to be considered as important? The answer is yes! As we all know, astrology is an ancient science and has its existence as old as time. Ancient people are known to have benefited a lot with its accurate and precise predictions about various important upcoming events in an individual’s life. The notion attached to astrology that the different planetary bodies with different positions and placements in the sky can influence and impact a person’s life has always been fascinated by people of past and present.

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What is the meaning of astrology?

As per free Indian astrology, the word ‘astrology’ is taken from two Greek words which are Astra that means star and logos which signifies reason or logic ability. Therefore, with this definition astrology is perceived to be symbolic of the specific doctrine of stars and planets. It can further be said that astrology is a detailed study of stars and planets and their movements and how these can influence and impact an individual’s life. If you are having trouble with deciding up which career would suit the best to your child, you can seek the answer in career problems astrology.

Can astrology be called as “science”?

To this question, the answer is yes! Astrology is basically an ancient science which works on the principle of time and positions with exact placements of planetary bodies and stars in the universe. Your horoscope or birth chart is calculated and analysed by looking at your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth and this will show up the exact planetary positions and stars at that particular moment of time. Through the use of astrology, you can also get to know when will you get a job and also when can you expect a promotion with a performance appraisal and bonus in job astrology.

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The significance of planets and their positions and movements in our life and its influence:

One of the greatest and most followed aspects of astrology is that it affects and influences our daily life. Therefore, according to the ancient principles of Vedic astrology, the different movements and positions of the moon and other planets in the universe could alter or change the life that we are living. It has a direct impact and influence in our routine life. In child astrology, it could also be known and predicted that when can you expect to have a baby? However, there are other significant and important parts of astrology are there which can guide you and provide the necessary light and guidance in life wherever required in life.

Owing to all this, we can simply say that astrology is still an important part of our lives as it can influence and impact every single moment of ours and it will remain as much important as it is today in the future as well. We can utilise this science of astrology in our development and favour also.

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