Opal Pendant

Opal is a semi-precious gemstone that bestows the power and beauty for the one who is involved in the Glamour, Fashion or Media world. According to Vedic Astrology of stone, the wearer of Opal Pendant gets all the love, happiness, and good fortune for the rest of his life. This pendant refers to the Symbol of Confidence and Faithfulness. Opal is the stone that gives strength and the ability to take back control over the lives. That’s why as per the Vedic astrology, Opal Pendant India can make the Venus Planet stronger in the horoscope or birth chart of the wearer.



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The natural stone of Opal is generally milky in appearance. Opal Pendant is hugely beneficial in many physical realms as well as in treating infections and fevers. It also helps in strengthening the memory of the wearer. Opal stone has some unique properties among all the other gemstones, as it displays a bright miniature rainbow iridescent effect that reverberates exuberance & opulence. Indian Astrology assigns Opal Pendant for Tula Rashi (Libra) Vrishbh (Taurus) Rashi. Any native who is suffering from a sleeping disorder and always having nightmares should wear this pendant. It helps you in your bad dreams, and you could get a good sleep in the night.

Purpose of Opal Pendant

When you wear Opal Pendant, it guards you against all minor illnesses. It doesn’t mean that any of the diseases will not catch the wearer of this pendant, but this will inform you about the condition that is likely to occur as it will start turning to its darker shade. This stone will help you in choosing the best direction that will offer you an easy way towards the aim and success of your life. Wearing an Opal Pendant is said to bring loyalty and faithfulness. The one who wants to Buy Opal Pendants Online can shop it from Future Point Astro shop, as we provide it at lower prices with the best quality.

How to wear the pendant with some care:

  • The Opal Pendant can be worn by anyone irrespective of their zodiac sign or Horoscope.
  • The stone must carry much negativity with it
  • Opal Pendant must be worn on a Friday morning of Shukla Paksha (waxing moon) in the middle or ring finger of your right hand.
  • An excellent way to remove the negative energies from the stone is to dip the pendant into curd, dahi, and gangajal overnight.
  • After your regular prayers, take out the ring from the water and wash it with pure Gangajal.
  • The stone should never be kept in oil or any other chemicals.
  • The wearer should treat the opal pendant with some care to prevent any scratches or blows.


Recite the following Mantra ‘Om Shun Shukraye Namah’ 108 times

Benefits of Opal Pendant:

  • The person who is facing many problems in his married life and feeling unhappy with his soul may try Opal Pendant, as it will going to benefit the wearer and he/she can change their sad married life into a happy married life.
  • Opal Pendant is the best charm that offers excellent solutions for all the matters that are related to marriage or love relationship.
  • It is highly beneficial for the immune and the nervous system.
  • It also purifies the blood and kidney, regulates insulin, eases childbirth, and alleviates PMS.
  • This stone is said to help in stimulating the originality and dynamic creativity and encourages an interest in the arts, and aids in accessing one’s true self.
  • The Opal is also a representative of justice and harmony and a protective stone in dangerous places.
  • You can also Buy Opal Jewelry Online and can wear it in the form of jewellery too.

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Opal Pendant