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Navgrah Shanti Pendant

Navagraha Shanti Pendant is a one-stop solution for getting the blessings of all the nine planets in Vedic Astrology. Navagraha Shanti Pendant bestows good luck, wealth & abundance, and helps in overcoming the malefic effects of the nine planets. Each planet plays a significant role in deciphering the future of the native.



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The Navgraha Yantra Pendant is created so wonderfully that it contains the Yantras of the nine planets. This pendant transforms the negative energy emerging out of the planets and converts them into favorable positive energies and bestows the native, all the desirable results. Sometimes more than one planets are placed adversely in one’s horoscope, in such cases it becomes necessary to worship all the planets and it can only be done with the help of Navagraha Shanti Pendant.

This yantra consists of nine squares with each square representing one planet. It is an extremely useful way to get blessings from the nine planets and has no adverse effects. The pendant is useful for every person whose birth chart indicates negative positioning of any of the planet. There are many adverse effects of wrong placement of the planets like it distresses one’s health, prosperity, and peace of mind. The worship of the Navagraha Shanti Pendant ensures the maximum advantage of the 9 planetary powers on your Janam kundali.


The main purpose of the pendant is protection from negative powers. It makes the person remain cool-headed and dedicated to achieving their goal. This pendant ensures success and helps a person to perform multi-tasking successfully. It bestows a strong financial position to the holder.

Process of Wearing the Navgraha Shanti Pendant

  • The basic step of wearing the pendant is to start with a fresh body and mind.
  • This Pendant must be worn facing east and in a place which is silent.
  • Next, you should light a lamp and incense stick to purify the place.
  • Then you need to place a flower and fresh fruits in front of you.
  • Washing the Pendant is with raw milk and then with gangajal is a necessary step and must not be skipped as it helps to negate the negative vibrations.
  • While wearing the Pendant, one must recite the following mantra 108 times in order to gain blessings from the pendant.
  • Meditation is the pre-requisite to wearing this pendant and must be done.


The recitation of the following mantra while wearing the Navgrah Shanti Yantra Silver Locket will enhance the power of Pendant;

Om sam Sarvrishat Nirvarnaye Navgrahbhayo Namah, ओम् समं सर्वहितं निर्वनायै नवग्रहभ्यो नमः ||

Benefits of Wearing the Navgraha Shanti Yantra Pendant

The Navagraha Shanti Pendant will have the following benefits:

  • The acquisition and worshiping of the Navagraha Shanti Pendant will solve all the issues related to the planets.
  • The Navagraha Shanti Yantra will help the person to go on the right path always and prevent them from bad company.
  • If the Navgrah Shanti Kavach Locket is kept in the safe of your house, it will help you generate adequate revenues.
  • It helps to create a peaceful environment and prosperity is attained with the help of Navagraha Shanti Pendant.
  • If kept under your pillow, it helps you to avoid nightmares and sleep in peace.
  • It will help the person to gain good luck and fortune in life.
  • The pendant will help the person to bring positivity in their life and helps in spiritual development.
  • It helps in enhancing the overall quality of life.
  • It protects a person to attract and safeguard wealth.
  • It helps in providing harmony in married life.
  • It protects one from the malefic effects of all the planets and helps to strengthen their position.

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Note: Before wearing any gemstone, make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope. Alternatively, you can also get a Gem Report to know if you can wear a certain Gemstone.

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Navgrah Shanti Pendant