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Neeli Pendant

Neeli Stone Pendant is a Semi-Precious Stone which is used as a substitute for Blue Sapphire and also helps a lot in rectifying the problems related to bad dreams, alcoholism, tension, fear, headache, etc. It is a violet-blue colored stone that brings good health, peace, love, and courage to its wearer. Astrologers mainly recommend this stone to strengthen Saturn in one’s Horoscope and consider this stone is beneficial for the one undergoing the tiring phrase of “Shani Mahadasha”, or “Shani ki Dasha”. Indian Astrology prescribes Neeli stone for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) zodiac signs. Western Astrology recommends Iolite Birthstone for Virgo Zodiac sign.



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Iolite Gemstone Pendant can be worn as a jewelry gemstone also. The quality of Iolite Gemstone is determined on the basis of its color, origin, clarity, etc. Its color ranges from light to deep- blue color. This gemstone Pendant can bring good health, peace, love, courage, happiness to the wearer. This stone can develop your beliefs. If a female wears Neeli Pendant than it can solve your skin problems and litigation matters also. When it comes to healing, inner health and well-being these crystals can do wonders. So this gemstone pendant can improve a person as a whole. It is also said that this gemstone is very auspicious for awakening the sixth sense.


By wearing Iolite Gemstone Pendant one can bring professional success, wealth, prosperity, and mental strength. This can help people to develop their creative skills and has been proven extremely useful for writers, poets, artists, and craftsmen. For sportsmen and athletes, Neeli is considered great for improving agility & strength.


First, dip the pendant into gangajal or cow milk at least 10 min before wearing it. And wear this pendant on Saturday morning between 5:00 am to 7:00 pm during Shukla Paksha. Since this pendant is worn for planet Saturn, the wearer is advised to be very careful while wearing Neeli, or consult an Astrologer.


Keep the pendant for 5-10 minutes in the bowl and then it can be immediately taken out of the bowl and clean with water and then you can wear with the following mantra to energies the pendant


  • Iolite Gemstone is a very powerful stone.
  • This gemstone has higher values, ideas, knowledge, realization
  • It protects from diseases, boosts immunity and gives strength to an individual.
  • It also helps the wearer from negative thoughts and bad addictions like smoking. Drinking, drugs, etc.
  • It is a gemstone that is used for insomnia and has a positive impact on the sleep cycle.
  • And this gemstone is very lucky for the people who are involved in sports and athletes.
  • It also has great healing properties that cure people suffering from depression, and lack of motivation in life.

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NOTE:- Before wearing any gemstone make sure that you consult an Astrologer, to check if it is matching with your Horoscope.

DISCLAIMER:- Future point gives 100% genuine and lab-certified gemstones. Therefore, before purchasing always consult an Astrologer for better results in the future.

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