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American Diamond Pendant

American Diamond or Zircon is known to bring out the passion and the feelings of happiness all at once in the wearer. In recent times American Diamond has become a popular alternative, due to the myriad of benefits the gemstone possesses. Zircon is almost having similar properties like a diamond than any other natural gemstone. It’s strong radiance and intense heat give it equivalent sparkle like diamonds. Hence, it is the popularity which is differentiating the fact, that this is a cheaper diamond then the real one. One can easily tell the difference between the real diamond and Zircon by its lower hardness and double refraction. Buy Silver American Diamond jewelry from Future Point, the most trusted astrology website in India.



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A person wearing Zircon or American diamond gets calming vibrations to reverberate their love in married life. It boosts the confidence of the wearer and bestows them with a sense of authority and improves their social life. All the dreams and reality that the person has augmented, depends upon wearing the gemstone. Zircon is also believed to aid in urinary and reproductive system-related diseases. The gemstone is a cost-effective remedy to get tranquility to stay in one’s life. It harmonizes a psychic balance, which eliminates the chance of getting into any confrontations. It is an excellent stone for women, Zircon or American Diamond benefits them to get along with others. Those who have abdominal problems can also wear this stone to get propitious benefits. From ancient times this gemstone is considered pure stone. Zircon is also believed to aid pregnant women and prepare them for their labor. Buy American Diamond Pendants online from Future Point.

Purpose of American diamond

Wearing white natural American diamond avoids the negative impact of weakly placed Venus and provides wealth and prosperity in wearers’ life. It is also known as the symbol of purity from ancient times. This gemstone help native in having a good sleep by avoiding nightmares. Wearing this gemstone helps in promoting overall good health by curing diseases like fever, insanity, epilepsy, etc. It nullifies the negative energy around the native.

Process of wearing

Put it in Gangajal and raw milk on Thursday night and wear it on Friday morning after worshipping the family deity. The material used for the Zircon pendant should be silver. It is the most suitable element for the pendant. The most Suitable Ascendants of American Diamond are Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, and Libra. Buy American Diamond pendants with chain online in India.


According to astrology suitable day to wear the silver ZirconAmerican diamond pendant is Friday and to be worn between 5 am to 7 am. These are the best timings to wear American Diamond.

Recite the given mantra for 108 times before wearing it

“ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः “
“Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Shukraay Namah”

Benefits of American DiamondZircon

  • Zircon also improves muscle strength and helps in curing dizziness.
  • It also helps individuals in curing diseases such as reproductive disorders, fever, diabetes, and migraine attacks.
  • Gemstone improves the image of the person in family and social circles.
  • It also helps the individual to face the problems boldly.
  • By wearing it regularly, it brings happiness, popularity, and prosperity.
  • The main purpose of wearing zircon is to bring nobility and peace in character, which provides them with a wider vision.
  • It brings confidence and helps in overcoming being introvert and underconfident.
  • It also helps in developing the wealth condition by bringing new income sources and opportunities.
  • Zircon is said to be the lucky gemstone for those who are connected to the creative field like music, Event Management, painting, etc
  • According to Vedic astrology and Shastras, it is known that due to the weak placement of Venus in natives horoscope leads to disagreements in marital life and native is left with no choice except divorce. It helps individuals in maintaining a balanced marital life.

Buy American diamond silver pendant online in India from Future Point as we provide a 100% genuine product and lab-tested stone. Heart-shaped American diamond pendant is also available here.

Note: These gemstones are powerful stones, so it is advised that before wearing any gemstone make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope. A Gem report will be also provided to you to see whether this gem is suitable to you or not.

Disclaimer: Future Point assures 100% Genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones. Before buying any gemstone you are recommended to go for an Astrologer’s Consultation.

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American Diamond Pendant