Jupiter Combust 2022 (24 Feb to 24 March) – 30 days of taking care! | Future Point

Jupiter Combust 2022 (24 Feb to 24 March) – 30 days of taking care!

By: Future Point | 21-Feb-2022
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Jupiter Combust 2022 (24 Feb to 24 March) – 30 days of taking care!

Jupiter is considered the most benefic planet in astrology and it blesses the native with wisdom, intelligence, fortune, healthy relations, health, wealth and children. Strong Jupiter in a natal chart is the biggest asset that keeps the struggles in a native’s life at a bay. Along with its placement its special aspects i.e. 5th, 7th and 9th also bring happiness to the aspected houses. 

In a way it balances the kundli in positive manner. But at the same time if Jupiter is weak or combust then all these good effects are reversed to some extent. the world is going to witness the combustion of Devguru Brihaspati in February 2022. This will weaken Jupiter and thus its benefic results. But at the same time, Jupiter acts as functional malefic planet for some zodiac signs which may be benefitted with its combustion. 

So, the combustion will bring mixed results for all the signs of the zodiac.

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Let’s read what the combustion of Jupiter in the year 2022 will bring for different signs of the zodiac:

When Jupiter Combust will occur in 2022?

A planet is said to get combust if it gets too close to the Sun. There have been specified degrees for all planets to get combust with the Sun and for Jupiter it is 11 degrees on either side of the Sun. During Jupiter combust in 2022, natives may have adverse impacts in the houses occupied by Jupiter in transit as per their zodiac signs. And if the native already have a weak, combust or debilitated Jupiter in his/her birth horoscope then the results will be more worrisome. A combust Jupiter may bring challenges in all fields. Below are the date and timings for Jupiter combust in 2022:

Jupiter combust (Tara Asta) Begins and Ends:

  • From: Feb 24, 2022 at 07:09 pm
  • To: Mar 27, 2022 at 06:03 am

Jupiter Combust 2022 effects on all zodiac signs


For Aries sign, Jupiter will get combust in the 11th house of the zodiac. This is not a desirable position and natives may not get financial benefits expected out of business related activities. Misunderstandings or arguments with your close friends may trouble your mind and there would be lack of interest in social life. You are advised not to make big investments without professional consultation and keep your expenditures under control.

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The planet Jupiter will get combust in the 10th house for Taurus zodiac. During this period, the natives have to work harder in their professional life to achieve desired results. You may not meet your targets in business and career within stipulated time for this month. The health of your father needs to be taken care of. There might be some conspiracy against you bringing ill repute to you. Those in job might not get support of their seniors officials.


Jupiter will get combust in the 9th house of Gemini zodiac sign. During this phase, you may suddenly lose interest in religious and spiritual activities. A kind of lethargy will set in and you may not wish to work hard for this month. If you are planning to travel abroad then this is not the suitable time. Business trips should be postponed too. You may feel hurdles in all fields and luck may not support you during this phase. 


Cancer natives will get results of Jupiter combust in their eighth house. This is not good from health point of view and you may need to take special care of your health. You are advised to drive carefully and eat mindfully. You may earn through inheritance, sudden events or illegal activities. This is not advisable to start a new business venture during this time. Overall, this Jupiter combust in 2022 will give moderate results to you.

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Leo natives will get Jupiter combust in the 7th house of their zodiac. Therefore, chances of disharmony and arguments with your business and life partner are foreseen. You may lose marital bliss during this phase. Investors should take extra care before making any long term investment and should also take professional advice. Love life too will remain disturbed and you may not get the expected response from your loving partner. Jupiter combust 2022 warns you against using harsh words for this time. 


Virgo natives will get the results of Jupiter combust 2022 in the 6th house of their zodiac. This is not good to reap beneficial results in the partnership business. Those running business have to take utmost care in their business deals and decisions. Those awaiting change in job or transfers will have to wait. Too much work load may give you mental stress during this time.


Jupiter will get combust in the 5th house of Libra natives. The placement may give stomach ailments and there might be distractions in your children studies. Students may not get desired results as well. Health issues may trouble you every now and then. Financial decisions may take long to materialize so keep calm for this month. Your relatives on maternal side may suffer from bad health. You may also not share harmonious relations with your younger siblings.

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Scorpio natives will have Jupiter combust 2022 in the 4th house of their zodiac. Financially, the time is challenging for you. You may remain worried about your family and especially mother. Students may face problems in studying and maintaining focus in studies. Those thinking of investing in property should wait as the time is not favorable for any kind of purchase or renovation. 


For Sagittarius natives, Jupiter will get combust in the 3rd house of the zodiac. This astrological event may bring challenging times for business owners and they may not get desired results. It is suggested that you should not enter any new business deals and wait for Jupiter to rise before investing anywhere. Sagittarius students may lose interest and confidence for this time. Relations with your siblings may get bitter so take care of your words towards them. The health of your mother should be taken care of.


Jupiter will get combust in the second house of wealth for Capricorn natives. This will result sudden drain of money in terms of expenditures or otherwise. Take every step with extreme care to save your money. Litigation cases may remain slow bringing next dates and even if it is done, the verdict may favor you. Financial woes will trouble you during this time. Entrepreneurs should refrain from new business strategies at this time.


The planet Jupiter will get combust in ascendant for Aquarius sign and may bring overall challenges. You need to take care of your health during this time. Shortage of funds may trouble you and family members may suffer from bad health. Stay conscious of what you say while communicating with others as any harsh speech may spoil your relations with your loved ones. 


For Pisces, Jupiter is their Lagna lord and its combustion in the 12th house is not a desirable state. The natives may fall prey to health issues or someone in the family may fall ill. Those engaged in foreign trade may also face negative results. You should wait to travel abroad and should not invest in a new business venture until this phase has passed. You may have to take extra care regarding your legal cases.

The most effective remedies For Jupiter Combust 2022

  • Donate yellow articles on Thursday
  • You may wear Yellow clothes on Thursday
  • Chnt guru beej mantra- om gram greem groum sah gurvae namah
  • Keep fast on every Thursday
  • Wear Gold in any form to please Lord Brihaspati
  • One may also wear suitable gemstone for weak Jupiter after talk to astrologer

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