Ketu in the 7th House- Strong threat to married life and Business

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Ketu in the 7th House- Strong threat to married life and Business

Rahu and Ketu are undoubtedly considered malefic planets in Astrology and are known to bring ill effects in a person’s life. We read a lot about the malefic effects of Rahu here and there but in this article, we will particularly talk about Ketu and its effects on a happy married life.

Ketu is called the planet of separations and is known the separate the native from the significations of the house it is sitting in. It also brings sudden and unforeseen transformations in one’s life.

Ketu is a spiritual planet as well and in association with Jupiter it may turn the native towards ascetic life. Ketu in the seventh house of marriage may cause damage to marital bliss and created end number of married life problems. 

What does the 7th house show in Astrology?

The seventh house in Astrology is a house that depicts your relations with the outer world. This relation may be with your business partner, spouse or your acquaintances.  It is the house of your bonding and kind of relations you share with the outer world. Ascendant is about your own being and the seventh house which is just opposite to it is your outside world. The seventh house may predict everything about your marriage. remedies for ketu in 7th house, Love & Marriage Prospects, Talk to Astrologer, Kundli

  • How your spouse would be? 
  • What his/her nature would be?
  • What work or profession he/she may do?
  • Which direction you may get married in?
  • How your relations with your spouse would be?
  • Chances of divorce/separation and many more

Seventh house is also the tenth from the tenth house so it also gives the clear picture about your profession as well. Jupiter and Venus are considered the karaka of the seventh house. In fact Mercury and its association with the seventh house are important in terms of business. Any malefic presence like that of Ketu in the 7th house may bring adverse impacts on the native’s marital life.

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How Ketu in the 7th House creates troubles in marriage

The placement of Ketu in the 7th house is not a desirable position for love and marriage prospects.  Ketu separates the native from desire to get married and he/she may be reluctant to marry. Alternatively they may look for a life partner that doesn’t exist, means their expectations from the spouse may be unrealistic. Ketu in 7th house may induce a barren life bereft of any marital pleasure with its presence. 

The strength of Ketu in the seventh house in a kundli is also an important factor to be considered. If it is under some benefic influence then some relief is expected otherwise one has to settle with no marital happiness. If ketu is in paap kartri yoga in the seventh house then also there is no hope for a successful marriage. Sometimes it is seen that Ketu in the seventh house causes multiple marriages giving no solace or happiness to the native. Ketu talks of renunciation, and his placement in the 7th may cause disinterest in married life on the part of the native.

Since the seventh house also depicts career, Ketu in the seventh house may also bring hardships in career ad profession. The native may not want to carry any profession or face multiple failures in business or career. 

The native with Ketu in the seventh house should avoid working in partnerships. He/She should work as a sole proprietor in order to attain success in business. Business partnerships may take form of legal disputes endangering severe losses and ill reputation. One should talk to astrologer before starting nay partnership business venture. 

The special aspects of Ketu from the seventh house and its effects

Ketu has special aspects of 5th aspect and 9th aspect apart from the direct seventh aspect. Just like the planet ketu its aspects too may create destructions in a person’s life. Let’s understand what we can expect from these special aspects.

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Ketu’s 5th aspect

  • Ketu in the seventh house aspects the 11th house with its 5th aspect. Now, the significations of the eleventh house like social network, fulfillment of desires, gains and recognition in society will be affected here. The native may not share sweet or harmonious relations with the elder siblings. Ketu in 7th house makes the native a loner, he/she remains preoccupied in his/her world showing zero interest in social gatherings or networking connections. 

Ketu’s seventh aspect

  • Ketu always remain opposite to Rahu and ketu in seventh house means Rahu is placed in the ascendant. Rahu again doesn’t put benefic impact on a native’s life. First house is our personality, nature, head, character and everything about us. Rahu also represents illusions so the native most of the time remains under illusion and can’t see the reality. The native is prone to deceits and cheatings on the part of outer world. This planetary placement makes the native confused about marriage prospects. The native may sometimes wish to marry and sometimes may wish to stay away from it, creating extreme confusions in mind and at the end creating restlessness and destruction even if got married.

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Ketu’s 9th aspect

Ketu in the seventh house casts its ninth aspect on the third house of communications and friends. The native faces communication gap with the outside world. The native may be reluctant in making friends and may also remain less interested in siblings. The native lacks self expression and communication that acts as a significant impediment in putting his/her thoughts to the outside world. However, if Ketu’s 9th aspect turns out to be beneficial, it may make the native a world-class authors and writers of international status. As ketu also stands for foreign language, the native may have superb command on any of the foreign language with a benefic ketu in the seventh house. Ketu’s 9th aspect on the third house may harm the younger siblings in the family.  The native might either not have any younger sibling or does not have good relations with his/her younger siblings.

Is Ketu a permanent destroyer of the 7th house in a horoscope?

  • Ketu depicts frustrations and dissatisfactions in married life. The married native with ketu in the seventh house may face disruption and bitterness in marital relations during the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Ketu in his/her life. This may finally result in a breakup of marriage during that dasha period.
  • But at the same time any benevolent effect on the 7th House would help save the marriage and remove the harmful effects to some extent.  So, the aspects have to be carefully examined before arriving at any conclusion regarding ketu in seventh house. Pre-marriage counseling should be certainly opted before getting married to avoid possible negative outcomes in married life. 
  • Partnership business ventures should be the last choice of a person with Ketu in the seventh house.  
  • Although Ketu in the seventh house doesn’t show a prosperous picture but at the same time other things like placement, the aspects, and planetary associations in the natal chart should be checked. The benefic influence and the Rashi lord of Ketu posited in benefic houses would surely bring good results.  The strength of Ketu is very important in ascertaining marital disturbances in a person’s life. We also must understand that karakas of marriage i.e. Venus and Jupiter also play a dominant role in coming up with any marriage prediction. 
  • Manglik dosha and Kaal sarp yoga present in marriage horoscope may also prove detrimental to marital bliss. 
  • In case the lagna and 7th lord are well placed, the Venus and Jupiter are strong, the D9 chart is also good then the native may escape the evils caused by Ketu in his 7th House of the natal chart.

Remedies for Ketu in 7th house

  • Don’t use abusive language.
  • Don’t break your promises.
  • Apply saffron tilak on your forehead.
  • Wear a gold chain or ring.
  • Stay away from deep waters.

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