Jupiter transit 2022

Jupiter is one of the most important planet and the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology. Jupiter is enormous in size and is believed to bring fortunes in one‘s life. It is called bhagya karak in astrology. Jupiter has two more special aspects other than the normal seventh aspect. In all, Jupiter has 5th, 7th and 9th aspects. Its aspects are considered amritmayi or auspicious in astrology. So, in a way it affects four houses with its presence in a kundli, one house, where it is placed and other three houses with its three aspects.

The aspects of Jupiter are always considered auspicious bringing good results for the houses it is casting its aspects. The transit of Jupiter is one of the most significant transits in astrology because:

  • Jupiter stays in a sign for almost a year thus bringing significant effects or permanent changes in one‘s life.
  • The transit is checked carefully to know about the auspicious events in an individual‘s like marriage, child birth, opportunities in career and business, fortunate period and spiritual progress etc.
  • For marriage, higher education, progeny and financial gains it is important to have the blessings of Jupiter. It is the transit of Jupiter that decides which year you may have marriage and children.
  • Jupiter is karaka of many houses as signified by any other planet and thus is very important in a native‘s chart. It is a karaka of second, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh house. Second house represents wealth, fifth represents progeny, education and poorv punya i.e. blessings of past births, seventh is a house of marital bliss, ninth represents fortune and the eleventh represents fulfillment of desires, recognition and gains in life.
  • Whenever the transit of Jupiter takes place, it brings the results of the houses it owns and also the houses of which it is a karaka. So, one can imagine how largely it activates or effects a natal chart with its transit. Almost every aspect of life is affected through its transit.
  • It is often said that Jupiter spoils the house it sits in but it should be understood in detail with the help of a learned astrologer as it is partially true.
  • This significant Jupiter transit triggers several important astrological changes in the lives of people. Everyone is likely to be impacted by this astrological transition, depending on the ascendant/lagna/rising sign which he or she belongs.
The duration of Jupiter transit:

The most fortunate planet Jupiter stays in a sign for 12-13 months which is significantly long period to bring important changes in a person‘s life. Depending upon its speed and retrograde motion it may even stay for more than a year in a sign. Practically, the transit of Jupiter occurs once every year or 13 months, so each calendar year will have a maximum of one of Jupiter‘s transit. It affects natives of different signs in a different manner depending upon the element, enmity, friendship, debilitation, exaltation, own or mooltrikona sign etc.Jupiter transits to another sign after about 12 to 13 months. It means Jupiter will change a maximum of one sign each year.

Retrograde motion of Jupiter:

A retrograde Jupiter motivates you to look into your inner self and prompts you to look at the past as well. Whenever Jupiter is retrograde it makes us think about our past deeds and also brings back memories, things or people to the present life. it‘s retrograde motion gives an opportunity to introspect more and more lifting you spiritually.

How Jupiter transit affects common lives:

Jupiter brings prosperity and happiness in a person‘s life. It signifies knowledge, wisdom, religiousness, spirituality, domestic peace, progeny, philosophy, expansion and flawlessness. Now, the transit of Jupiter in an auspicious or inauspicious place which will depend upon the native‘s lagna and rashi, will give good or bad results accordingly.

Not even a single individual on the Earth remains unaffected through the transit of Jupiter. We all have witnessed a pandemic at a global level when the greatest fortune- Jupiter was in its debilitation sign. The fall of economies, stock market, gold, business and career, finances and education system all happened during the transit of Jupiter in its debilitation sign. This is just one example and history is full of such instances when the world has faced good or bad results on a whole through the transit of gigantic Jupiter.

The transit of Jupiter is responsible for all round happiness or miseries of people. Since it‘s a significator of many of the important events in life as mentioned above, its placement in transit brings results related to its significations to all of us. An auspicious transit of Jupiter may help a student to give his/her best performance or to get admission in the desired university or institute. On the other hand if it‘s not favorable, it may even make the same student to lose focus in studies and thus perform not so well in academics.

Double transit theory of Jupiter and Saturn

Double transit theory of Jupiter and Saturn is known to bring sure shot results of the house they are affecting jointly. Suppose in a birth chart Jupiter is affecting let‘s say 4th house with its 9th aspect and at the same time Saturn is also affecting it with its 10th aspect or they both may stay in that house jointly. Then that native whose birth chart has such combination is bound to have strong chances of change in location or buying a immovable property. This is a tried and tested double transit theory of eminent astrologer Sh. K. N. Rao ji that the house/sign blessed by both slow moving planets Jupiter and Saturn gets activated and gives results accordingly. This may happen only through the ninth and tenth aspect of Jupiter and Saturn respectively.

Effect of Jupiter transit on different Moon Signs

Transit of Jupiter put varied effects on different moon signs. Not just its placement but also its aspect is very important in estimating the results achieved through its transit in a specific zodiac sign. We have given the details of the impact of Jupiter‘s transit on every sign through the link provided in this article.



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