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9 Planets & 9 Astro Remedies for all Health Problems

By: Future Point | 03-Apr-2019
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9 Planets & 9 Astro Remedies for all Health Problems

In today’s life it’s pretty common for people to get affected by diseases, but what’s crucial is to be able to find a quick cure of these said diseases. Astrological point of view for treating disease has been prevalent in India for many years and have been beneficial as well without a doubt. Planets play an integral part in shaping your future, each and every planet has some effect on your life. Here are some astrological solutions to your problems in accordance with leading health horoscope providers:-

Weak Sun- Sun plays an important part in your life, Sun is the source of energy on Earth. It is the soul of the universe. Favourable positioning of the Sun in your horoscope churns favourable results in the career field. Sun is said to have a positive effect on your brain. In case you have a weak sun, you most probably have problems with your eyes, heart, and head. It’s important to take the following steps:-

  • Make sure you consume a glass of water with sugar in it before starting anything new be it your career or your studies.
  • Feed cows on a regular basis with wheat and jaggery.
  • Constantly chant Gayatri Mantra in order to please the sun. It is said to have a positive effect as far as improving the condition of the Sun in your Horoscope is concerned.
  • Wearing Ruby is also considered an excellent antidote for a weak Sun.

Weak Mercury- Mercury is responsible for wit and humour in a person and hence weakening of it leads to problems. People having weak Mercury were found to have troubles with speech, head. Other than that they were also found to have the problem of insomnia and hysteria. Following are the steps that one must take:-

  • Avoid green colour as much as possible.
  • Wearing a steel ring, the stainless one.
  • Wearing a saffron tilak.
  • Donate rice and milk at temples.

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Weak Saturn- Favourable Saturn represents long life for a person, weakening of which results in horrendous results for a person. If Saturn’s weak in your horoscope then you’ll face issues like skin diseases, problems in legs. Some steps one must take include:-

  • Donating footwear to the needy.
  • Helping blind people in any possible manner that you can.
  • Never drink buffalo’s milk.
  • Donating black urad dal to the needy.

Weak Rahu- Rahu is said to be one of the most powerful planets, having control of a person’s ego and aggression. People having weak Rahu suffer from different kinds of phobias and even certain incurable diseases. Some of the most effective remedies include:-

  • Consuming coconut in any form.
  • Not consuming leftover food or stale food for that matter.
  • Not eating food late at night, one should eat food within an hour of sunset at max.
  • Drink sharbat made out of pure sandalwood, make sure it’s made from purest sandalwood.

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Weak Ketu- Ketu is responsible for affecting one’s intuitions and spiritual beliefs. A person with favourable Ketu will be more inclined towards God. The problems one might face in cases of weak Ketu include chicken pox etc. Some common remedies include:-

  • Keeping a silver pot with honey in it.
  • Carrying a silver ball with you all the time.
  • Wearing anything made from gold, be it a pendant or anything else.
  • Donating checked blankets to the needy.

Weak Jupiter- Jupiter bestows prosperity on one’s life and weakening of it can lead to troubles for a person. If your Jupiter is weak you’ll be having many diseases some of them include obesity and cancer. Here is the list of things one needs to do:-

  • Wearing gold jewellery was found to have positive effects on the birth chart.
  • Helping siblings as much as possible.
  • Using your father’s item helps big time.
  • Start helping orphans and poor people more often than you do right now.

Weak Venus- Venus is said to be responsible for your sexual powers, a person can have weak sexual powers if they have an afflicted Venus in the horoscope. In case your Venus is found to be weak, it's common that you might have problems in your appendix, uterus, and kidneys. Here are some common remedies one must go for in such scenarios:-

  • Regular Path of Durga Chalisa helps with a weak Venus.
  • Using cow ghee at your home and donating it in temples as well.
  • Keeping a silver item with you at all times no matter what happens, this remedy has been found as being the most beneficial.
  • Regularly worship Goddess Lakshmi in order to get her choicest blessings and cure weak Venus.

Weak Mars- Mars is responsible for courage and valour in a person. Mars represents the Army and defence as far as occupation is concerned. In cases of a person having weak Mars, it was found that a person gets tired too easily and starts having irregularity in his/her diet. In such cases, it's important to take the following remedies and if the symptoms still don't go away, make sure you seek guidance in the form of talk to astrologer on phone service:-

  • First and foremost it's important to control your anger as it goes a long way in strengthening your Mars.
  • Donate blood as regularly as your body allows, make sure you consult a health expert before proceeding with this remedy.
  • Donating money to military personnel and farmers on a regular basis.
  • Offer water with some sugar to Sun.

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Weak Moon- Moon brings peace and joy in a person’s life. In certain cases, it was found that people had weak Moon as well, in that cases the person was found to be suffering from problems related to the mind and also face more frequent irritation than before. Here are some remedies one must take up in order to cure weak Moon in his/her kundali:-

  • Meditate on a regular basis, preferably under the moonlight in order to have maximum benefits.
  • Donate white clothes to the needy.
  • Wear silver kada.
  • Fasting on Monday’s helps strengthen the Moon.

All in all, these were some of the most common and highly beneficial remedies that one must adopt in order to tackle the problem at hand according to some of the top-rated astrologers.


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