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Mercury Retrograde 2019

Mercury is the significant planet who signifies courage, anger and intelligence. In Vedic astrology, position, aspect and conjunction of planets play an important role. There are nine planets in the solar system and like all other planets; mercury holds its own significance which plays an important role in predictions.

When the Mercury or any other planet moves backwards then this will be known as Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde movement of Mercury affects our lives in many ways. let’s know about the planet Mercury and its effects on our lives.

About Mercury

Among all nine planets, Mercury is the planet that moves fastest. It represents intelligence, wisdom and communication skills of a person. Sun is the closest planet of Mercury. This planet is also known as a conveyer of the message. In astrology, Mercury symbolizes the power of speech and communication skills of a person. If Mercury place in malefic position then it will affect the communication skills of a person. When mercury is in the benefit position, it helps the native to clever in their work.

Mercury is the planet who rules our mind. It is a dual-natured planet and it moulds itself with whatever plants it is placed with. Mercury gets exalted in the Virgo sign and debilitated in the Pisces sign. Gemini and Virgo are two ruling zodiac signs of Mercury planet.

Retrograde movement of Mercury

We all know that Mercury is the fastest moving planet and it completes its journey in 12 zodiac signs faster than the other planets and Saturn is the slowest moving planet. Retrograde movement means backward motion of the planet. As per astronomy, all the planets move around the Sun. but according to astrology, the planetary movement is considered by taking the Earth as the point of reference.

In reality, no planet move backwards but its motion as viewed from the Earth may seem to be in opposite direction. When planet Mercury moves in the backward motion, this phenomenon is known and Mercury retrograde.

In the comparison of any other planets, Mercury speeds show it’s more transit, direct or retrograde motion. Generally, it retrogrades three to four times in the year.

Mercury Retrograde 2019

In 2019, Mercury planet will retrograde three times.



End Date

End Time

Total Period

5 March, 2019, Tuesday


28 March, 2019, Thursday


23 Days

8 July, 2019, Monday


01 August, 2019, Thursday


25 Days

31 October, 2019, Thursday


21 November, 2019, Thursday


21 Days

Retrograde period of Mercury ends when this planet becomes progressive and direct. In the progressive movement, it marks the end of the retrograde period.

Importance of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades approximately 3 times in a year. Mercury retrograde is good for retreat and re-visioning. Retrograde movement of this planet influences our lives. It is said that mercury retrograde movement is not good but it is not true. You should know this that every retrograde is bad and its effects on our life are also different for everyone.

Every planets retrograde movement has a positive and negative impact like Mercury does. These are determined by keeping in mind several important factors like Mercury’s relationship and position with respect to other planets. Mercury changes its effects and nature according to the planets it is with. If it’s placed with Jupiter then it gives benefit effects. But if it’s placed with Rahu or any other cruel planet, it gains the malefic characteristics of that malefic planet.

During the retrograde movement, mercury becomes stronger and closer to the Earth. Retrograde movement of this planet influences the fields like speaking skills, thinking, and mind and intellect power of a person. The effect of mercury majorly depends upon the position of Mercury in the natives birth chart.

Effect of Mercury Retrograde in Birth chart

There are 12 houses in the birth chart and retrograde Mercury affects all the 12 houses of kundli. The impacts of Mercury’s retrograde movement in all houses of the kundli are given below:

Mercury Retrograde in the First house

Mercury retrograde in the first house makes a person quick decision maker and hasty. He makes a decision in a hurry which might prove to be disastrous for them.

Mercury Retrograde in Second house

If the mercury retrogrades in the second house of the birth chart then it will enhance the intellect power of a native. He can think out of the box and it makes him different in the crowd.

Mercury Retrograde in the Third house

Retrograde Mercury in the third house makes a person determined and courageous. He will be more adventurous in his life due to retrograde movement of Mercury. He may take more risks and put himself in a risky situation.

Mercury Retrograde in Fourth house

When Mercury retrogrades in the fourth house, it may bless you with the all luxuries of life. He may gain sudden wealth and money. He lives a royal life.

Mercury retrograde in the fifth house

If Mercury retrogrades in the fifth house then it will increase the chances of having the girl child. The females that are born under the influence of Mercury Retrograde in birth chart will prove lucky for their parents.

Mercury retrograde in the sixth house

When Mercury retrograde in the sixth house then it might make a person depressed. They do not have any control over their words. Mercury retrograde makes them rude. They easily get irritated and use disrespectful words while talking others.

Mercury retrograde in the seventh house

It gives a beautiful and attractive life partner to a person. The partner of the native is a charming person.

Mercury retrograde in the eighth house

Mercury retrograde movement in this house makes a person more spiritual and religious. They inclined towards philosophy. They might also live a long life. The native may get a sudden gain of wealth and money.

Mercury retrograde in the ninth house

It makes a person scholarly. His reasoning skills develop exceptionally. These natives have more chances of becoming a scientist, doctor etc.

Mercury retrograde in the tenth house

This benefited a person with the paternal and ancestral property. Their family life is very good and their parents play an important role in shaping their life. They earn a lot of money due to the hard work and efforts of their ancestors.

Mercury retrograde in the eleventh house

When Mercury retrogrades in the eleventh house, it blesses a person with happiness, prosperity and long life. They enjoyed their life and live a long life and celebrate each and every moment of life with full of joy and happiness.

Mercury retrograde in the twelfth house

If the Mercury planet retrogrades in the twelfth house of birth chart then it gives a person victory in his every battle. They never bend their knee in front of their enemies. They are more interested in religious and spiritual deeds.

Mercury Retrograde effect on Zodiac signs

In astrology, twelve zodiac signs have been divided into 4 types of signs like :

Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The impact of Mercury retrograde movement on these above mentioned 4 types of signs have been given below:

Fire signs

When Mercury retrogrades in the fire signs then the native will be more inclined towards technical and innovative fields. They make their career in the technology domain.

Earth signs

If Mercury retrogrades in the Earth signs, native will develop a practical approach towards life. This movement of Mercury will affect their monetary situations.

Air signs

The retrograde motion of Mercury in Air signs will affect their communication skills. They people are more inclined towards their social life. They are more talkative.

Water signs

Retrograde motion of Mercury in Water signs makes a person emotionally weak and unstable. It may lead turmoil of emotions.

Rules for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury’s retrograde movement is very important in astrology. If you want to gain some benefits from this movement of Mercury then you should follow certain rules during this period. On the other hand, one should follow some activities to avoid bad effects of Mercury. Let’s know about the rules of Mercury retrograde.

What to do?

  • Retrograde time of mercury is the period to rethink and reconsider the things that you have been doing before.
  • During the retrograde period, you should learn from your experiences and mistakes.
  • It will increase the intuition power of a person and a native can think out of the box. One should make the best use of these skills during this period.
  • Chant mantras of Mercury to please this planet during the retrograde period.
  • You can find the obstacles of your life and path of your success.
  • One chooses this time to resolve conflicts and issues with someone.

What not to do?

  • Retrograde period of Mercury is not good to sign new agreements. They should be avoided in the period of Mercury retrograde motion.
  • Avoid taking new projects and ventures in this period. This is the time to focus on the existing work and tasks.
  • In this period don’t plan a trip or journey as this is not the right time for this.
  • Don’t start any new construction work at this time. Avoid moving into a new house.
  • Shopping is also not good in the period of Mercury Retrograde. You might face losses if you buy new things during this time.
  • Stay away from investments during this time. It may lose your hard earned money.
  • Do not buy or fix electronic items. Avoid installing any electronic gadgets.
  • Retrograde period of Mercury is not good to switch jobs. Avoid taking important and major decisions as they may turn unprofitable for you.

So, now you know how Mercury retrograde motion affects your life. To follow do’s and don’ts you can make your life easier.



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