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Marriage, not only in Indian society but every community is a big thing. Be it arranged or love marriage- Indian society is becoming more and more progressive as far as accepting love marriage is concerned according to an astrologer for marriage. Love marriage has lately come into the limelight with people valuing companionship and getting to know the person better before tying the knot. This only means that Arranged Marriage has taken a back seat when it comes to new age couples deciding to settle down with their significant other. The youth is especially becoming more and more inclined towards love marriage and the myriad of choices it brings along with itself.

Here are some important pointers one needs to take care of before going for a Love Marriage:

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    • Role of the 7th House: 7th house in astrology plays a major role as far as deciding how your marriage goes. It also plays a major role in deciding what type of marriage would one go for. The kind of spouse a native would have is also decided majorly by the 7th house only. Whether or not the native will have a love marriage depends majorly on the relationship between the 7th house Lord and planets namely Mars, Venus and the Moon. The placement of each and every one of these planets along with 7th House effects your marriage. In case of any dilemma, one must consult love marriage specialist astrologer. Presence of 7th house Lord in different planets decides how the native meets his\her spouse. Placement of 7th house Lord in 12th or 15th house indicates the native will marry someone who's known to him\her before.
    • The positioning of the moon: Moon plays an integral part in deciding native’s marriage and different aspects regarding it. In astrology, the moon is said to be responsible for controlling the mind. How a native act depends totally on the placement of the Moon in the birth chart. As seen in the positioning of the 7th house, in case the moon is placed in 5th,7th or 12th house, you’ll most probably be marrying the person of your choice. That is someone you adore. Under many circumstances, the native’s interest in engaging with the opposite sex increases many folds and that further gives native more opportunity to engage in a love marriage going ahead. The percentage of native going for love marriage totally depends on the positioning of planets in the horoscope. One must match Kundli for marriage in order to make marriage in line with kundli for marriage.
    • The positioning of the Venus: Venus is responsible for love and romance in a native’s life. The major lord house responsible for working in tandem with Venus is Rahu and Moon. Venus is responsible for a girlfriend or wife in the native’s horoscope. Love affairs depend on where Venus is placed in your horoscope and if that further goes on to convert into a marriage or not. Certain combinations with Venus might also lead one to go against society’s wishes in matters of pursuing their love interest. Native might become a lot more aggressive in matters concerning their love and go on to take hasty and impractical decisions in their life, incidents of kids going against their family’s wishes and marrying are becoming more and more common in India. A connection between Venus and Rahu in native’s life increases the chances of intercaste love marriage. A connection between Mars and Venus is also supposed to bring positive results as far as love marriage goes.
    • The role of Jupiter in Love marriage: In astrology, Jupiter is the planet concerned with spiritual and dharma in a native’s life. It also affects attraction towards traditions. All these factors in an indirect way go on to shape native’s love life. Jupiter decides how native’s love life looks like. When Jupiter is connected to Rahu or Ketu it goes on to work, in the same manner, it does with Venus and makes the native more aggressive in terms of pursuing a his\her love life. Being aggressive also makes the native go against social norms and culture. Love and romance can convert into marriage as well. Jupiter helps in marriage as well. Jupiter is also one of the major ruling Karaka planets of married life and hence plays a major role as well.
  • The positioning of Putrakaraka and Darakaraka: These are the parts of Jamini Astrology. Putrakaraka is the 5th highest degree holder and Darakaraka is the planet with the least ranking. If the native’s horoscope has Putrakaraka in 1st,5th or 7th house then marrying your love partner becomes a lot easier. These results are also possible if Putrakaraka and Darakaraka are connected with the lord of 5th house or the planet Moon or Venus. Yet another point connected with Jamini Astrology is when Upapada Lagana is occurring in connection with planets like Mars, Moon and Venus. Native must also make a balanced observation of natal chart and navamsa in order to gain an in-depth analysis of his/her chances of love marriage.

One must take care of all the above-mentioned points with utmost seriousness in order to know if they are going to have love marriage or not in accordance with their horoscope. What’s also important is to make sure you get all the calculations and predictions done by a certified and well-known astrologer for precise and error-free results. These steps must be taken into account along with kundali matching to ensure you live a prosperous life.

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