Done with Education? Build a strong career with 5 easy steps

By: Future Point | 02-Apr-2019
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Done with Education? Build a strong career with 5 easy steps

The importance of education is second to none and our whole life revolves around it. Finding life’s purpose is not an easy task and one needs to take all the factors into account before coming to a decision. Astrology’s main aim is to help people make better decisions and help them with everything. After one’s done with education, it’s important to build a strong career. Astrology helps keep one’s energy focused on career.

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Here are the top 5 astrological remedies one needs to follow in order to have an excellent career!

1. Offer Water To Sun God

This step helps improve your chances of getting a great career. Sun is the ultimate God. It’s the sign of Leo. Strong Sun has been found in the horoscope of many prominent leaders and politicians all over the world. Sun is authoritative in almost all matters concerning a person and plays a major role in deciding how things go as far as career horoscope is concerned. Offering water to Sun also helps in increasing your learning capabilities and hence improving your chances of having a good career. What’s also crucial to do along with offering water to Sun is to chant regular mantras. Some common mantras that one needs to chant include Om Mitrayay Namaha, Om Ravay Namaha, Om Suryay Namaha, Om Pushne Namaha, Om Savitre Namaha, Om Arkaya Namaha among few others. The best time to offer water is between 6-7am. It's important to offer it in the early morning only and make the most out of it.

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2. Feeding the crows

Crows are said to be the vehicle of Saturn and as a matter of fact, Saturn is responsible for improving your career and everything related to it. Add curd to rice and feed it to the crows in order to win over the blessings of Saturn and enjoy a good career. It’s an integral player in terms of improving your career and one must take all the steps necessary to complete this task. Advancement in the career is one thing that feeding the crows is definitely going to do for you as suggested by a career specialist astrologer. Other than that, it's a pretty well-known fact that we feed the crows during the Śrāddha period in order to get the blessings of our ancestors. Pleasing our ancestors has a huge effect on our lives. It makes our life a lot more peaceful and happier. A major aspect of a peaceful life is having a great career. One also needs to work hard other than having a favourable horoscope in order to be successful.

3. Worship Lord Ganesha

Worshiping Lord Ganesha goes a long way in helping your career. He’s known for his miraculous capabilities of resolving every problem thrown at him. He’s fondly known as Vigna Vinashak (problem resolver) all over India. There’s no one above him. Other than that one also needs to chant the Ganesh Mantra at least 108 times in order to please the Lord, and witness visible difference in your career growth rate within no time. “Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha” is the Ganesh Mantra that's recited to get his blessings in our life. What chanting this mantra 108 times a day does is also create positive wealth gaining opportunities for you. Ganesh also has some other common names, some of them include Rinn Harta and Siddhi Vinayak. Ganesh Ji is the remover of debt and other financial problems and harbinger of prosperity and happiness.

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4. Chant Career building Mantras

Chanting mantras is one of the most effective ways to boost your career. Chanting mantras is recommended by an education horoscope astrologers. One of the most powerful mantras to help you achieve your career growth include Gayatri Mantras. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra:

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्यः धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात ||

Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

31 times regularly goes on to help you in a big way. Another mantra that helps you is Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, this is also prescribed to be chanted 31 times. These mantras help you stay in good books of Lord Shiva and Mother Gayatri.

5. Carry a charged Lime

This point helps you in interviews and meetings. If you carry a charged lime you’ll be successful in landing a good job no matter what. This method was found to be a really good one as far as career growth is concerned. Charged lemon is a lemon which has been pierced with 4 cloves. After that process is complete one must chant Hanuman mantra in order to complete one of the most integral parts of this process. One must chant “Om Shree Hanumante Namaha” 21 times in order to complete the process. After the recitation is done its important to keep the lemon with you in your purse or your pocket and keep it with you wherever you go. Doing this is bound to make your meeting a successful one!

You must talk to a well-known astrologer in order to make sure that everything that you’re doing is going in the right direction. Deciding which field you want to go into should be on your priority list from the starting. Take the above-listed steps along with working hard and see the magical results that come your way in no time. In case you are unsure about the career path you must take, you can Talk to Astrologer Online and take expert Career Counseling. With this guidance by a career specialist, you'll surely be moving forward in your career by leaps and bounds.

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