Can astrology suggest the time period when you will have health issues?

By: Future Point | 28-Feb-2019
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Can astrology suggest the time period when you will have health issues?

In India, amongst Hindus, the belief on Vedic astrology is seen since a very long time. Hence it has been a practice to chalk a horoscope of a native, at the time of birth, so that with the help of the ancient science of astrology, a native can find the right life path. This would include the health predictions too. Health-related issues may result in the form of any dosha such as Bala Arishta, Kemdrum etc. Any shortcoming to the good health, of the native, can be easily corrected with appropriate remedies.

Thus, thanks to the ancient science of astrology which has been helping the masses to find with precision the exact cause of any problem, including health problems, which can be thwarted through astrological remedies. To find an answer to the same, a native can approach a learned and expert astrologer for health horoscope reading. Since, a horoscope is a combination of 12 zodiac signs and nine planets, a cumulative study of the same, which can provide accurate predictions.

For instance, each of the nine planets below is extensively used in the study of Medical Astrology:

    • Sun is the reason behind digestive problems or indigestion, eyesight problems, heart issues, palpitation, tension, fever etc. How will sun affect your life? Read now
    • The moon causes lung diseases if it's weak. Or any kind of inflammatory diseases due to fluids. In addition to it, a weak moon can also cause depression, weak eyesight, nerve issues etc.
    • Mercury is responsible for one’s memory loss and poor intelligence. Weak mercury can cause problems like allergies, confusion, nerve issues, lack of memory, weak mind, skin problems etc.Read Mercury Effects And Remedies

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  • Mars is responsible for accidents, surgery, blood disorders, boils, acne, smoking habits, anger issues etc. It can also be a reason for cancer when associated with Rahu. Read Mars Transit in Aries from 5th February 2019 to 22nd March 2019
  • Jupiter causes problems like baldness, lack of concentration, benign tumors, diabetes, skin problems, oedema etc.
  • Venus is responsible for reproductive problems like infertility, irregular menstrual issues, lack of sexual desire, kidney problems etc. Sometimes in extreme cases, it is responsible for gangrening.
  • Saturn relates to our bones and muscles. Weak Saturn will cause fractures, Osteoporosis, paralysis, severe depression, old age-related issues, bone problems, arthritis and many more.
  • Rahu is related to fatal diseases usually caused via, a carcinogenic diet such as tobacco chewing or cigarette smoking. Even food poison is seen though Rahu. Lately, HIV aids have also been associated with secretive diseases hence Rahu plays a role with the same.
  • Ketu, on the other hand, is more to do with accidental incidents. If Ketu and the sign lord are conjoined, then it can lead to accidents and amputation of any part of the body. Sometimes, deaths caused due to snake bites are seen through the planet Ketu.

Like the nine planets have something to offer, the twelve zodiac signs too speak of diseases. Therefore, a combined study of these 12 zodiac signs and the above nine planets is a must.

First house: This house signifies good health, enough immunity, and energy retained in the body, brain and physical appearance of a person.

Second house: This house is responsible for oral disorders such as teeth related problems, oral infection, throat and neck, gullet, right eye, etc.,

Third house: Right ear, right shoulders, and arms, the nervous system of an individual etc., Fourth house: The fourth house covers the chest, elbow joints, breast, stomach lungs etc.,

Fifth house: The fifth house covers Belly region, spine, body vitality, liver, spleen, etc.

Sixth house: The sixth house covers, the region beneath the stomach such as large and small intestines, liver, anus, the uterus of women, and the digestive system of our body.

Seventh house: The seventh house covers the lower back, renal gland, buttocks.

Eighth house: The eighth house represents the private parts, prostate glands, Venereal diseases, sexual diseases and organs, Ovaries etc.,

Ninth house: The ninth house covers the hips, knees, thigh, hair, back, joints.

Tenth house: The tenth house covers joints, bones, and knees etc.,

Eleventh house: The eleventh house covers Left ear, calf, left arm, teeth, ankle, circulation, legs etc.

Twelfth house: This house covers the following Left eye, feet, teeth, lymphatic systems etc.

Thus, the studies of the nine planets and the twelve houses will help the astrologer to find answers to the problems.

Some of the remedies are recommended below for the benefit of the readers.


  • Feed dogs and crows with sweet loaves of bread. This will reduce the negative effects of Mars as a malefic Mars can cause sickness, quarrels, and troubles.
  • Do not eat meals on the bed. Adopt the practice of having lunch and dinner while sitting in the kitchen. This would keep Rahu happy.
  • Use silver utensils for eating and drinking. This will strengthen your moon and reduce the evil effects of Rahu.

These are general remedies, to know specific one, please consult us an avail the Online Talk to Astrologer on Phone Service.

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