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Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Rooster


Rooster is the 10th amongst the Chinese Zodiac Animals. Rooster is thoughtful, talented, romantic and pretty. Rooster likes perfection and does not have big ambitions. Rooster only wants to enjoy the life. Rooster being magnificent and flamboyant is often eccentric also. It is also very conservative fond of morality truth and justice. Rooster is a good spokesman rather than a good politician and a diplomat. Rooster carries out several professional projects at the same time, therefore it also faces lots and downs in lives.

Love, Romance & Marriage

Rooster is a proud person who always likes to remain in the center of attention. It likes to maintain longtime relationship. However the year signifies the change in behaviour and vision of the Roosters. The single Roosters is likely to repress his deep desires of proposing to its soul mate for the married Rooster or the Rooster in serious relationships, it is advised not to be negligent and avoid comparing with others. In this Year of Pig 2019, sincerity and tolerance are the virtues to cultivate with great care.

Work and Social Life

The year demands the change in professional endeavours. Without sacrificing any ambition the Roosters should consolidates the position they are occupying by investing in the learning of new skills that will enable them to take flight to a new horizon. This year the social relationships will be just okay. However, always the scope to improve. You need to be more thoughtful and generous attitude towards others.

Career & Competitive Exam

Your career won't have much change as you are not serious about your career development. If you encounter any problem in career you are advised to take the help of your elders and colleagues. In this Year of Pig 2019 the students will feel lack of concentration in studies. Due to their apathy from study they will struggle to qualify for any competitive exam.

Travel and Transfer

You are not going to get any transfer of the place of your choice because the time is not opportune for career opportunity. It is better to continue and accumulate your skills and experiences at the current position. Some undesired travels related to profession may be undertaken.

Good Luck and Well-Being For The Rooster in 2019

Although you will find good money making opportunities in this year of Pig 2019 but you hardly be able to take advantage of the situation. If you want extra income you would require intelligently expressing your ideas and showing your talents to the people.

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