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For all those who work on the go and pause only when needed, we have introduced Online Astrology Magazine Subscription to keep your inquisitiveness sated and your knowledge top-notch. Get your Online Astrology Magazine and read it the way you like. On your phone, tablet, or kindle- the entire world of astrology compiled in the pages of Future Samachar and Research Journal gets transferred to your mobile phones or preferred devices through the amazing advent of technology.

Read the latest issues of Future Samachar and Research Journal of Astrology through the online subscription which will make you wiser, smarter, and fluent in the knowledge of esoteric wisdom.

Do not wait too long to get your hands on this amazing bargain and be satiated for life.

The subscription of these online magazine subscriptions is available under two variants.

The first is for one year, wherein you will be able to get your hands on monthly magazines of Future Samachar and Research Journal every single month. You can read them in your own leisure at your own time and be grateful to technology for thinking about you and making your union with astrology and future possibilities.

The second variable is the online magazine subscription for 3 years, wherein you will be able to get both the magazines which are monthly issues for the entirety of three months in pdf format, which you can read on any desired device.

Get your Online Subscription for Future Samachar, E-Books and Research Journal now!

Period Price In India Price Outside India
1-Year 999US$ 19.99
3-Years 1999US$ 39.99

Future Samachar Magazine

FutureSamachar Magazine is the most widely circulated monthly astrological magazine with articles published in Hindi. It contains all the current topics and information related to astrological activities that one may use to their benefit. It also provides information about the current month's festivals, their timings and how to perform them to get the best and propitious results in your life.

Besides interesting and informative articles on astrology and allied subjects, the magazine contains various other informations on Panchang, monthly predictions along with astrographs, share and commodity market predictions, problem horoscopes and much more. Articles from famous astrologers and celeb writers makes it for a joyous read. You can learn, enlighten, and share every little piece of information that is present in the Astrology Magazine. Vichar Ghosthi that gets published in the magazine is a very attractive feature that shouldn’t be missed at all.

Why subscribe to our Astrology Magazine?

The answer is as simple as 123! Our magazine focusses on not just informative articles, we furnish and cater towards your every need and whim. We take the responsibility of enlightening the masses very seriously and thus each and every article that gets published gets through various scans. From news, to international events, to how you can incorporate easy astrological and vastu tips in your home, our magazine has it all.

For the ones who are interested in astrology, and for the ones not so much interested in astrology, our write ups are made for a wider audience that has a knack of reading. DIY tips for home, living spaces, diseases and how they are connected to our horoscope and kundli- all gets displayed in the wide diaspora of content available in the magazine.

Future Samachar can be your personal guide. Your guide for understanding the world better, along with understanding your inner self. It creates an excellent habit of reading in you, side by side widening your horizons ad teaching you about stuff you never thought imaginable.

You can avail the subscription of Future Samachar Magazine for either 1 year, 2 year, 5 year or for 11 Years. The choice is yours and the only thing at stake is your knowledge and wisdom. The prices for the subscription of Future Samachar Astrology Magazine vary because everything good comes at a price, and when you know something is good, you do not let it go.

May the forces be with you.

Period Registered Post / Courier Price Outside India
US$ 100
US$ 200
US$ 500
11 Years7500
US$ 1000

Research Journal Magazine

The Research Journal magazine available at Future Point is for all those who have a strong inclination towards the esoteric science of Vedic Astrology and its allied . It’s a research-based magazine in which articles of renowned astrologers and doctors get published. These research-oriented articles published in this magazine are brilliant for those who are either already in this field or have a strong inkling towards joining it. The chief editor of the magazine, Dr Arun Bansal efficiently overlooks everything that gets published in the magazine that has earned its name over the years.

Being the most trusted astrology magazine in the industry, the Research Journal magazine has proved its mettle by being all astrologer’s favourite read.

Astrologers from all over the world write in their articles to be selected in the research journal magazine and not just that, for every reader, the information added in it provides immense knowledge and wisdom.

The Astrologers who subscribe to our Research Journal get to venture into the world of astrology through the eyes of another master who’s brilliant in his own field.

The subscription for Research Journal Magazine is available for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or for 11 Years. You can avail them for your own benefit or gift it to someone who has a strong inclination towards astrology and its allied sciences.

Period Registered Post / Courier Price Outside India
1-Year 350
US$ 35
2-Year 600
US$ 60
3-Year 900
US$ 90
11 Years 5000
US$ 500

Combo (Future Samachar + Research Journal)

You can avail a combo and get our both best selling Astrology Magazines for either 1 year, 2 years, 5 Years, or for 11 Years and welcome Astrology and its wonderful allied sciences into your life.

You can subscribe to the combo pack of Astrology Magazine which contains, Future Samachar & Research Journal both to explore your knowledge in the field of occult sciences.

Why take the combo pack of Future Samachar & Research Journal?

Despite all the excellent benefits of both these Astrology Magazines, the only thing that could sway your decision in a yes is how excellent they both work together in order to incorporate astrology in your life. In an era of depleting reading sources and everything coming to a standstill as the wold turn digital- it’s important to bring back the old and venture into a world with mystic charm.

Both these Astrology Magazines work well together in inculcating the habit of reading, along with educating the lesser known and the well known. You can read the articles, preach them, introduce the habits thus mentioned, and they share it with your peers to let them know how important Astrology is in predicting your future, well being, and all other facets of life.

Below mentioned are the subscription packages available for the combo pack of Research Journal and Future Samachar Magazine.

Period Registered Post / Courier Price Outside India
1-Year 1000
US$ 100
2-Years 2000
US$ 200
5-Years 5000
US$ 500
11 Years 11000
US$ 1000

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