Yearly Prediction for Leo


This year, Saturn would remain in Aquarius Sign Seventh House and Rahu in Pisces Sign Eighth House. In the beginning of the year Jupiter would be in Aries Sign Ninth House and on May 01, it would transit Taurus Sign Tenth house. Mars would have its transit with its normal motion. Venus would remain combust from April 29 to June 28.

Work, Profession

This year would be fruitful in respect of work and profession. Since Saturn is posited in Seventh House, so you would attain success in your work and profession. You would make a progress in profession because of your luck. If you are involved in a partnership business then a handsome desired gain awaits for you. As Rahu is posited in Eighth House, so your competitors might raise an ugly head to obstruct accomplishment of professional undertakings. After April, you would receive a cooperation of higher officials or senior persons. These who are in service get promotion in their respective rank. Those who are engaged in land related activities would have gains. Professional would bag a noticeable profit.

Wealth, Property

This year would yield rich crops as regard to economic perspective. You would succeed in pocketing desired savings because of favorable environment for business. In the beginning of the year, you would incur expenditure on articles/items providing physical comforts and conveniences. After April, Jupiter and Saturn both have aspect on Fourth House. This indicates acquiring of land building, vehicle along with gemstones and ornaments. There are indications for expenses on auspicious ceremonies regarding family members or relatives. If you shall have to make a considerable investment, it is indispensable for seeking advice of experienced persons of concerned field. Transit of Rahu is not favoring investment. There could be a dispute regarding ancestral property.

Family & Society

This year would be auspicious for family perspective. In the beginning of the year, due to over engagement, you would not be able to devote due time towards your family. An environment of peace and harmony would prevail in the family. Since Jupiter is aspecting Third House, so an additional a feather would be added to cap of your social prestige. After April, time period is turning more favorable for family point of view. Additional mutual cooperation understanding and emotional attachment would be experienced in the family. You would bag cooperation from senior members of the family. You would remain in merry making mood. Your attraction for the family would rise up. This time period is good for father but not so in respect of in-laws side.


Beginning of the year is favorable for children perspective. Newly wedded couples would be blessed with offspring as propitious Jupiter has aspect on Fifth House. Children would prove to be providential. They would acquire higher education. If your first child has attained marriageable age, prepare yourself for celebrating his/her marriage ceremony. After April probability for admission in a high profile institution for higher education is indicated. This year would be of average grade for your second child.


You would enjoy a good health in the beginning of the year. Fifth Aspect of Jupiter from Ninth House would be on ascendant and this is a very strong indication for disease fee physical body and enhancement of working proficiencies. Mental peace, happiness and pious thought would be an addition to your personal traits. You would enjoy a sound health. After transit of Jupiter, Rahu posited in Eighth House could affect your health all of a sudden. So, it is essential to be cautious about health at that time. Be selective for your eatables. You would feel physical weakness off and on. Taking exercises and practicing Yoga would prove to be a boon for you.

Career & Competition

Beginning of the year would be favorable for students. Aspectual effect of Jupiter on Fifth House is an excellent indication of children. A notable progress would be there in the field of education. Continuous efforts would be put in for higher education. After April, aspectual effect of Jupiter on Sixth House would boost up the self-confidence of these who are engaged in preparation for competitive examinations. There would be avenues for employment.

Travel & Transfer

In the beginning of the year on Third House because of aspectual effect of Jupiter some short and unimportant journeys would be undertaken. There would also be long journey since Jupiter is posited in Ninth House. These journeys would be enjoyable and fortune enhancing. Friendship with a nice person would develop during a journey. These who are in service, could be transferred. Since transit of Saturn in Eighth House is an indication for some problem, so be very cautious while performing a journey or driving a vehicle.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

In the beginning of the year, because of effect of Jupiter in Ninth House, you would observe some special worship, fire sacrificial ceremony, religious performance, ritual, religious ceremonies with a fixed aim and the like. You would develop more propensity towards devotion to god because of Jupiter has aspect on Fifth House. 1. Donate blue articles/items in charity on Saturday and recite Rahu Mantra. 2. Rahu Mantra - "Om BhramBhreemBhrrownSah Rahway Namah". 3. Recite DurgaSphatik Path or wear DurgaBeesaKawach in your neck. 4. Offer water to sun every day.

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Common Feature of Leo

General Characteristics Leo

The Leo Ascendant is ruled by the planet Sun. People born with a Leo Ascendant/Zodiac Sign like to be in charge of situations that they are involved with. They like to have authority and are very good administrators. They are always loyal and their personality emits a certain radiance. They have the art of convincing people to agree with their point of views. Financial security matters a lot to them and they very efficiently bring that in their life as well. They are brilliant and wealthy people.

They love to learn and are well educated people. They have a good relationship with both of their parents. They are capable of having deep intellectual thoughts and are very good planners. They are always curious about the developments around them. They unfortunately experience problems in their marriage more often than not. Their relationship with their life-partner goes through frequent turbulence in their married life.

Every now & then, they love to take a break and get away to a travel destination to recharge themselves. They are action oriented and successful leaders. However, they can be adamant too when it comes to sticking on to their decisions. They do not show flexibility and are quite stubborn too. They love to take control and have a bossy attitude towards others which makes them less favourite with people around them.

Naturally Benefic Planets for Leo

Sun being the ruler of Leo is obviously a beneficial planet for people born with a Leo Ascendant. But, the most favourable planet for Leo is Mars and then in some ways, Jupiter too.

Lucky Numbers for Leo

Numbers 1, 9 and 3 are considered lucky for a native born with a Leo Ascendant.

Suitable Profession Leo

People having a Leo Ascendant find success as Doctors, Administrators, Civil Servants, Politicians, Chief Executive Officers, Diplomats, Film Directors, Forest Officers, Investment Advisors and Chemical Engineers.

Friendly Sign Leo

Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Element Leo

Out of the five primordial elements, the Fire element is associated with the sign of Leo and hence people having Leo as their Ascendant/Zodiac Sign are very daring, assertive and authoritative by nature.

Related Chakra Leo

Brow Chakra (Ajna)

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