Yearly Prediction for Taurus


This year on April 22 Jupiter would enter Aries Sign Twelfth House, on January 17, Saturn in Aquarius Sign Tenth House and on November 22 Rahu in Pisces Sign Eleventh House. On January 13, Retrograde Mars would turn direct and transit with its normal motion throughout the year. Venus would remain combust from August 04 to August 18.

Work, Profession

Beginning of the year would be excellent for work and profession perspective. In the beginning of the year, combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on Seventh House indicates progress in business. There would be full cooperation from experienced persons. You would get full cooperation of your brothers in business. There would be destined gains from partnership business and remain satisfied with the partner. Saturn in Tenth House could cause promotion of people in service. Transit of Jupiter after April 22 would not be in much favor. Do not take any decision in haste at that time. If you are bound to invest for enhancement of business then seek advice of experienced people in concerned domain of business.

Wealth, Property

Beginning of the year would be auspicious for economic perspective. Jupiter in Eleventh House would be a source of incessant income. After April 22, Jupiter and Saturn shall have combined aspectual effect on Fourth House; hence you would incur expenditure on purchase of land, building and vehicle etc. Auspicious ceremonies would be solemnized in the family and you might spend money on these ceremonies. You would do same significant investment during this period. After November 22, Rahu in Eleventh House would be a cause of gains all of a sudden.

Family & Society

Beginning of the year would be moderately favorable for family perspective. You would not be able to devote sufficient time to your family members due to your over involvement in professional affairs. Aspect of Saturn on Fourth House indicates towards creation of some odd situation into a favorable one by dint of your reasoning. You would get cooperation of brothers. Your social status and prestige would get an impetus as Jupiter aspects Third House. You would always be curious to accomplish social activities. After April 22, time period would not be much auspicious for your children.


Beginning of the year would be auspicious for children perspective. Your children would climb ladder of success due to effect of aspect of Jupiter on Fifth House. There are strong indications for newlywed locked couples to have offspring. There would be improvement in education of your children and they would avail opportunities of progress in ensuing period of time. Your second child would have all-round harmonious development. His/her all directions of progress would be praise worthy. If he/she in marriage age group, he/she could also solemnize his/her marriage. After April 22, their time period could be slightly ill-affected. So, at that time, due attention be paid to your children.


Beginning of the year would be auspicious for health point of view. You would be mentally balanced and satisfied. You would accomplish every task in a constructive manner. If you are not down with any disease early then the beginning of the year would be favorable for you. After April 22, Jupiter would transit Twelfth House. At that time your health could be adversely affected due to some minor disease. As Jupiter and Rahu are in fiery signs, so you might face digestive problems. In such a situation, care of health is indispensable. Taking exercises and practicing Yoga early in the morning would prove a boon for your health.

Career & Competition

This year would be auspicious for you to have success in competitive examinations. Aspect of Jupiter on Fifth House is auspicious for the students. Ambitious students for higher education would get admission in higher graded institute. After April 22, because of aspect of Jupiter on Sixth House, you would succeed in competitive examinations. This year would be exceedingly fruitful for getting employment.

Travel & Transfer

This year would be auspicious for journey perspective. You would undertake many fruitful journeys related to your profession in the beginning of the year. Because of combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on Seventh House you would also go on short journeys. After April 22, Jupiter in Twelfth House could cause foreign journey for you. People residing at distant places might visit their birth place because of Jupiter's aspect on Fourth House.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

This year would be auspicious for religious ceremonies. As Jupiter would transit in eleventh House so your mind would be more bent towards worship and devotion to religious deeds. You would have more inclination towards worship of god or recitation of Mantras. After April 22, Jupiter would transit twelfth House. At that time you would donate more and more in charity to earn virtues. Offering food items to poor people or arranging a feast to mendicants would be your permanent trait. 1. Install "Mahamritunjaya Yantra" in your house and worship it every day. 2. Serve priests of a temple, Brahmans, Elders, religious instructors, a deity and the like. 3. Donate Yellow pulses, Bananas or sweets made up of Besan in a temple and observe fast on Thursday.

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Common Feature of Taurus

General Characteristics Taurus

The Taurus Ascendant is ruled by planet Venus. People born with a Taurus Ascendant/Zodiac Sign have a very stable personality. However, this might sound rude- but they are really stubborn beings! They can be very rigid in their opinions and it is really an uphill task to convince them for something that they disagree with.

Despite being stubborn, they are very caring, loving and sensitive people. They are determined and ambitious, but in a hidden way. They are peaceful, calm and are blessed with clarity in thinking. They are often soft spoken and know the art of balancing their speech or in other words, they know the art of diplomacy! They can have their fair share of enemies in life. They really like to eat and more often than not, go over the top which eventually is not good for their health.

They at times prefer being over relaxed or lazy. They are moody people who generally have fluctuating relationships with their younger siblings. They are very good at bringing money in and have a profound sense of finances. They often have feisty & combative life partners and have a rocky relationship with them.

They come across very supportive and valuable teachers in their lives and through hard work they do exceptionally well in schools or higher education. It must be noted that they can be at times an enemy to themselves because of their rigid nature. Sometimes they get so deeply involved in their goals that they become totally oblivious to their surroundings and loose social connections.

They are very good listeners and are courteous to others. They have a love of nature and appreciate beauty. They feel totally in sync with flowers, mountains and landscapes. They make it a point in their lives to look good and are peculiar about their hygiene. They are easily inclined towards literature, art and music.

Naturally Benefic Planets for Taurus

Venus, Mercury and Saturn are the greatest benefics for Taurus.

Gemstone for Taurus

When a person wears a particular Gemstone, then the energy of the planet that the Gemstone is associated with, starts to flow in the life of that person. Hence, a person is recommended to wear the Gemstone that is associated with a planet that is conducive to him/her. Taurus born people should wear “Diamond” which is associated with planet Venus.

Yantra for Taurus

A Yantra is an instrument which represents the Celestial form of a specific Deity. It has the ability to attract highly positive & powerful cosmic energies that are attached to that particular Deity. A Yantra brings immense benefits in the life of a person who worships it with a devout heart.

People with Taurus Ascendant/Zodiac Sign must bring home the “Sri Yantra” and worship it regularly to get the prosperous blessings of Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari.

Lucky Numbers for Taurus

Numbers 5, 6 and 8 are considered as lucky for a Taurus born.

Auspicious Day for Taurus

Friday is considered as auspicious for a Taurus born to take important decisions in life.

Suitable Profession Taurus

People with Taurus as their Ascendant/Zodiac Sign are best suited for professions like Fashion Designing, Antiques, Jewellery Design, Photography, Acting, Modelling and Theatre.

Friendly Sign Taurus

Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

Element Taurus

Out of the five primordial elements, the Earth element is associated with the sign of Taurus and hence people having Taurus as their Ascendant/Zodiac Sign are calm and have earthy qualities like tolerance & patience.

Related Chakra Taurus

The Chakra or Energy Centre in the body that houses the characteristics of Taurus is Anahat.

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