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Angarak yoga in 2024 – Effects For all Zodiac Signs

By: Future Point | 22-Apr-2024
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Angarak yoga in 2024 – Effects For all Zodiac Signs

According to Vedic Jyotish, there are both positive and negative yogas that can affect our lives. One such negative yoga is the Angarak Yoga, which will be formed in the sky from 23rd April 2024 to 1st June 2024. The Angarak Yoga will be formed in the sign of Pisces in 2024. During this time, you may experience negative energy in your life. The area that will be affected by this yoga depends upon your zodiac sign. To help you deal with this negative influence, we have provided the results of Angarak Yoga for all zodiac signs. By being aware of the potential negative effects and following the remedies provided, you can safeguard yourself against the negative impacts of Angarak yoga.

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What is Angarak Yoga?

As the name suggests it is a fiery yoga and is related with negative energies like jealous, aggression, arguments, frustration, fights, depression, mental and physical agony etc. The Angarak Yoga is formed by Rahu and Mars. When they conjunct in a zodiac sign, they result in Angarak yoga. On 23rd April 2024, their conjunction will take place in the sign of Pisces. 

Mars: Mars represents courage, energy, passion, action, and enthusiasm. It also signifies anger, frustration, thievish nature, fights, negative emotions, blood, explosions, fire, surgery, weapons, police etc.

Rahu: Rahu is the planet of expansion, illusions, deceptions, worldly desires, obsessions, poison, dirty places etc.

Rahu-Mars conjunction: The conjunction of Rahu and Mars, exemplifies the negative traits of Mars. Rahu expands the negativity by giving illusions, deceptions and too much self-centric behaviour. There is dissatisfaction, deception and too much aggression. Now, this aggression can take either physical demonstration in the form of terror attacks and group fights or discomfort at national and international levels. Or it can manifest in mental form leading to constant anger, frustration, suppressed feelings and cold wars. In all, the Angarak yoga is detrimental to mental peace.

Pisces: Pisces is the sign of foreign lands, foreign culture, legs, creativity, liberation, spirituality, intuition, kindness and finding deep meanings. This is the sign of visualization, sensitivity, imagination, empathy, and awareness at subconscious levels.

General effects of Angarak Yoga in Pisces: The Rahu-Mars conjunction in Pisces will increase your desires and aggression. There can be disharmony in family and personal relationships. Many people may indulge in unethical behaviour, there will be a kind of friction between your spiritual and materialistic pursuits, confusions, self-centric behaviour, strong ambitions etc. can be seen with Angarak Yoga in Pisces. However, we will help you overcome this difficult period with right remedies and prior information. It can even lead to great achievements for some zodiac signs! Let’s explore. 


For those born under the sign of Aries, the Angarak Yoga will be formed in their twelfth house in Pisces. This house is associated with intuitions, spiritual growth, foreign travels, foot, losses, etc. Due to this conjunction in your twelfth house, it is important to be cautious of any potential health issues or injuries to your foot. Spend your money wisely. It is recommended that you avoid making travel plans during this time, but if necessary, check all documents carefully and double-check everything before leaving. Also, be mindful that there may be differences with your spouse, leading to conflicts in the bedroom. Finally, take note of any dreams you have during this period, as they may show you the path ahead.


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For those born under the Taurus zodiac sign, the Angarak Yoga will form in their eleventh house. While both Rahu and Mars in the eleventh house can bring positive outcomes, their conjunction can lead to issues in your relationships with friends and social circle. During this time, you may also experience delays in receiving gains and profits, making avoiding any job-related changes or investments important. Additionally, there may be some problems in your love life, and you should pay close attention to your children's health. Students should focus more on their studies during this period.


Gemini natives should be cautious as the 'angarak yoga' will affect their tenth house. It is advisable to avoid arguments with seniors and bosses. If you're running a business, ensure that your workplace is safe from short circuits,, as fire breakdown is possible due to increased fiery energy. Moreover, you may experience disturbances in your family environment, so avoid misunderstandings and confusion to maintain harmony in your relationships. Take care of your mother's health, and if you are a heart patient, it's time to take extra care.


According to astrology, Cancer natives may experience the formation of Angarak Yoga in their ninth house, which can result in problems with their father and mentors. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary travel during this time; if necessary, certain remedies can be performed. There may be differences between siblings and friends, and neighbours may cause trouble. Long trips may be problematic. If you are involved in writing, publishing, or teaching, be cautious with your words as they may lead to conflicts and disagreements.


For Leo natives, the Mars-Rahu conjunction in Pisces will occur in their eighth house, which is not a desirable position. During this time, you may experience accidents or require surgery. There could also be some inheritance-related issues and fights with in-laws. Many of you may get married secretly during this time, but be aware that Mars Rahu in the eighth house can give rise to extramarital affairs. Therefore, it's best to stay away from such tendencies. On a positive note, you may experience increased spiritual tendencies and interest in occult studies. However, if you are in research, be cautious as you may be diverted towards the wrong path, leading to confusion and worries.


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The upcoming Mars-Rahu conjunction will occur in your seventh house of relationships, which could lead to problems in your married life. For those already experiencing stressful relationships, this could be a time to take significant action. You may also encounter some troubles if you are in a partnership business. Additionally, you might develop a self-centred attitude that makes you highly ambitious and selfish. It's crucial to take care of any negative thoughts and excessive self-obsession during this period, or it could cause serious damage to your family life. Moreover, financial loss is possible, so it's essential to be cautious.


The Angarak Yoga will be formed in the sixth house for those born under the Libra zodiac sign. This is a fortunate position for winning competitions. If you are appearing for any competitive exam, you will likely succeed. However, this yoga can also bring some health issues. There may be increased expenses, and it could be problematic if you plan to travel abroad. Avoid any arguments with your colleagues, as it may lead to a job loss or change in job. There may be some problems in your mother's family. This yoga is good for winning competitions, but it may come with health issues.


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For Scorpio natives, Mars is the lord of your Lagna, and its transit in the fifth house is generally good for you. However, since it is in Angarak yoga here, you must be extra cautious. You may experience immense negativity during this time, affecting your intelligence and creativity. You may also be surrounded by illusions, which you must overcome by being aware of the facts. Take care of your children during this period, as they may have some issues. Love relationships may also be under too much burden, and many may even break up. Students need to put extra focus on their studies. The period may be problematic, but with Mars in the fifth house, you can overcome these negative effects with the right attitude.


According to astrology, if you're a Sagittarius native, yoga will be formed in the fourth house of your zodiac. As Mars is your fifth lord, its placement in the fourth house creates a Rajyoga. However, with Rahu and Mars together in the fourth house, you might face challenges in domestic peace. You may experience health issues or problems related to your mother. If you're in the real estate business, you should be extra careful in your dealings. There could be arguments with your seniors at the workplace. Also, this is not the time to mess with anyone.


For Capricorn natives, the Angarak Yoga is formed in the third house, which can increase your courage to extreme levels. During this time, you may be tempted to think of risky investments, but it's advisable to avoid them. You may not hesitate to take any risk or perform any adventure, but you should take care of it as it can be deceptive and cause you losses. Avoid travelling during this period. Arguments with siblings, father, teachers, and friends may follow, so staying calm and avoiding risk-taking activities is essential.


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According to astrological predictions, Aquarians will experience the Angarak Yoga in their second house, which can affect their speech, family relations, and wealth. It is highly likely that health issues may arise during this time due to wrong eating habits. It is advised to remain silent as any words spoken can create problems within the family and may not be understood, leading to chaos. Accidents and surgeries are also possible, so it is important to take care of them. Additionally, there may be property-related issues within the family. It is recommended that meditation be practised to minimize unnecessary speech.


For Pisces natives, the Angarak Yoga will form in your first house, i.e., the Lagna. This situation will make you highly self-centred, and you will be putting too much attention on your personality development. You may only see yourself and no one else. There may be health problems due to overexertion or self-indulgence. Be careful in your relations with your spouse, as there can be arguments and fights.

Remedies of Angarak Yoga

  1. If you have Angarak Yoga in your horoscope, it's recommended to do Angarak Yoga Puja. For this, you can go to Angareshwar Mahadev Temple or Mangal Nath Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Donate blood once or twice a year.
  3. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily and Sundar Kand Paath on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  4. Visit Hanuman Mandir on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  5. Bring a coconut filled with water, break it in front of Lord Hanuman's idol, and offer it to Him.

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