What is the Importance of Horoscope Matching in a Marital Relationship?

By: Future Point | 16-Feb-2019
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What is the Importance of Horoscope Matching in a Marital Relationship?

People from the western societies find the concept of arranged marriages that is prevalent in the Indian culture since times immemorial, as somewhat amusing. And many do not shy away from labelling it as absurd & annoying! But when asked about the reason of the lowest rate of divorces and the highest rate of successful marriages in India even by the arranged means, they stand clueless with a surprising look on their faces!

Well, we must not blame anyone for their ignorance (including many people from the modern day Indian society) and rather take this opportunity to reveal the real reason for this age old successful phenomenon of marital union through arranged means.

So what exactly is the reason?

Marriage Astrology

Horoscope Matching

Yes, you read it right!

We are talking about the time tested process of horoscope matching derived from the divine & ancient science of Vedic Astrology.

What is the basic purpose of Horoscope Matching?


To ascertain that the boy & girl are compatible as per the planetary positions, aspects and conjunctions signified in their horoscopes.

Remember it is the planets that provide us with results of our karmas from past lives and exert subtle yet incredibly strong pressure on each & every dimain of our lives. Your Marriage can be Blissful too! Ask A Question

What does Horoscope Matching involve?

This process involves the analysis & deciphering of many aspects such as the condition & strength of houses in the horoscopes of the couple that are required to be well & strong to enjoy marital bliss.

These houses are 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th & 11th.

With respect to marriage:

  • 2nd house signifies Family
  • 5th house signifies Love and Children
  • 7th house signifies Life Partner or Spouse
  • 9th house is the facilitator house of the 5th house
  • 11th house signifies Realization of Desires

Apart from the above mentioned houses another thing that is looked at objectively with respect to marriage is the state of the otherwise negative houses- 8th & 12th. This is because the 8th house denotes Sexual Organs and the 12th house denotes Bed Pleasures. So, for a successful marital union there positive contribution is also expected.

Many details are decoded by numerous other factors as well such as the types of Ascendants that the couple have, the type of planets that are placed in their Ascendant house and so on & so forth. But the practice that covers everything which is necessary to calculate the compatibility & harmony factor between the couple and gives result in terms of points, is known as 'Gun Milan'.

Gun Milan involves analysis of extremely crucial attributes that decide the compatibility factor between the bride & groom. Gun Milan has eight criterias and hence it is also known as 'Ashtakoot Guna Milan'.

Marriage Astrology

The eight criterias upon which Gun Milan is performed are:

1. Varna | 2. Vashya | 3. Tara | 4. Yoni | 5. Graha-Maitri | 6. Gana | 7. Bhakoot | 8. Nadi

Each criteria has a number wise weightage attached to it and one might find it interesting that the maximum cumulative score by combining the weightage of each one of them comes out to be 36 which is the total of their individual serial numbers added together!

Amazing right?

Now let us look at what exactly these criterias represent.

Varna: It is associated with the Ego factor and sheds light on the true nature and personality of the couple.

Vashya: It deals with the variables of Control & Power that the couple will have in their marital equation.

Tara: It looks at the relationship & levels of harmony that the Birth Stars of both the bride and groom have. It is important that the birth stars must enjoy a certain degree of closeness between them in order for the marriage to function well.

Yoni: It reveals the level of Sexual Affinity that the couple will have and when it comes to looking for childbirth in the life of the couple, this criteria becomes exceptionally important.

Graha-Maitri: It calculates the level of friendship or the kind of interaction that the planets as per their conditions in the horoscopes of the couple are going to have among them.

Gana: It shows the level of compatibility on the grounds of behavior & temperament, that will exist between the bride & groom.

Bhakoot: This reveals the state of love & emotions that the bride & groom will experience throughout their lives based on the position of their respective natal Moons as per their horoscopes.

Naadi: It decodes the kind of health factor that will exist between the bride & groom after they marry. Want to know the chemistry of your relationship? Ask Love & Marriage Expert!

Apart from these, another extremely important factor that is looked for while performing Horoscope Matching is the presence of Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosh.

This is a flaw that arises in a horoscope when Mars is ill placed and it casts an extremely negative shadow on the marital domain of a person.

In certain peculiar cases Manglik Dosh even result in the death of the spouse as well, unless treated timely & properly with astrological remedies.

Hence it is prudent to go for the age old, time tested and highly efficient process of Kundali Matching before entering into the auspicious arena of matrimony.

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So when it comes to knowing the will of planets & stars pertaining to any aspect of your life, be it education, health, marriage, relationships, career, job or business; contact the best in the field of astrology- Future Point

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