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Get your Matchmaking done by Love Marriage specialist Astrologer Yashkaran Sharma

By: Future Point | 16-Feb-2019
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Get your Matchmaking done by Love Marriage specialist Astrologer Yashkaran Sharma

Do you wonder what is the secret of a successful marital relationship? Well, it is actually not a secret, especially in India as it is being followed & practiced since ages. Yes, we are talking about the astrological process of "Match Making"!

Without any disrespect to other communities of the world, the Indian community have had the 'least number of divorces in marriages'. Simply because they trusted and followed the principles of the ancient & sacred science of Vedic Astrology when it comes to every aspect of their lives, especially marriage.

Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is an incredibly brilliant astrologer who specializes in the astrological branches of marriage, particularly love marriage along with love relationships before marriage & post marriage love & harmony between the couple. 

Why should I go for my Matchmaking with my partner?

Whenever a person falls in love with another or wishes to get hitched with his/her love interest into the holy institution of matrimony, it is extremely important to gently set aside the present emotional outlook for a while and know whether that person and you are actually going to hit it off successfully together when it comes to a life long courtship or your relationship would simply manifest into a big pile of regret.

However crude it may sound but trust me that getting to know what your destiny signifies as far as love, relationship and marriage is concerned is of paramount importance.

Our feelings, emotions and honestly towards our love interest are all a beautiful and sweet phenomenon but let us not forget that there are countless cases in the society who were not able to feel & experience the kind of bliss that they expected to feel with their partner after a while. This is because, it is the planetary alignment as per one's horoscope that decide the direction in which fate will push all domains in the life of that native.

Speaking of love, relationships and marriages; it is the fundamental nature of a person that must be in harmony with that of his/her love interest. If the true nature of a person is not compatible with that of his/her partner, soon after an initial spell of love & affection- bitterness, bickering and arguments damaging to the relationship/courtship will follow.

Apart from the compatibility in nature another significant thing that sets the destiny of the love & marriage arena in a couple life is the positioning and conjunction of planets in certain special houses.

Matchmaking analyzes the 5th house which is the house of love in the horoscopes of both the boy & girl and looks out for the influence of malefic planets such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon), Saturn and even cruel planets like Sun & Mars that create volatility and damage the love domain of the couple.

It must be noted that the 5th house is also the prime house of children and if the event/phenomenon of childbirth is disturbed as per the horoscopes of the couple then it will be detrimental for having a child in life and in some cases even huge problems to the child itself after birth.

Mr. Yashkaran Sharma pays extreme attention to making sure that the 5th house is perfectly conducive for both the couple in their lives. Also the condition of the 7th house which is the house of spouse/life partner is looked & comprehensively analyzed from multiple angles to ascertain the real trajectory of married life.


So while there are numerous advertisements all over regarding kundli matching for marriage by name and other details; one should only consult with the best.

Mr. Yashkaran Sharma delves deep into even the rarest of the rare concepts of Vedic Astrology and performs a thorough analysis of what the planets & stars signify for the future of the relationship or marriage of the couple.

Mr. Sharma looks carefully at all the planetary permutations & combinations that are signified in the natal charts of the couple to decode the will of destiny and thereafter suggests incredibly powerful remedies that if the couple adopt timely, can change the very course of their destinies and manifest their relationship or marriage into a reality of sheer love and growing bliss!

In this growing digital age when it comes to Kundli making and its analysis, more and more people are going for Online Kundali & its analysis these days.

Also, if you are looking for a marriage counseling near me, then Mr. Yashkaran Sharma can be contacted for further details.

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