Astrology Consultation: Your Solution To End All Your Troubles

By: Future Point | 15-Feb-2019
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Astrology Consultation: Your Solution To End All Your Troubles

Everybody wants a life that is free of all troubles and is full of only success & happiness. But we all know that aspiring for such a life is a hopeless pipe dream as no matter who we are, at some point or the other in our life, trouble will find its way in, for sure.

This is because, life is essentially like a game of see-saw which is played by an individual and his/her "baggage of karmas from the past". Whichever of the two becomes stronger at any given point in life, the situations appear to yield in their favour.

The scenarios that we find unfolding in front of us in every single aspect of our lives and the nature of outcomes from those scenarios are absolutely dependent on the type of karmic structure that is in play at that time.

Whether we like it or not but we carry a huge silo of karmas from many past lifetimes of ours and those karmas are both positive as well as negative and the fundamental nature of a karma is to unfold or unwind itself at a certain pre decided point in the future and affect the underlying domain in which it finds its expression.

Therefore despite the best of our efforts intentions, we find things suddenly go wrong in an area of our life at a particular time, simply because a negative karma has actually cropped up for fruition at that time.

Same goes for experiencing success in an endeavour for which we have either put in some serious efforts and our efforts seem to bear conducive results or even having great results after no special efforts at all.

All of this is affected by the type of karmas being unfolded from our karmic baggage at any particular time and being accounted for, as per the cosmic law.

So, is life prefixed?

Absolutely not!

People's life is 100% their own making and they continue to shape up every single moment of it at all times. It's just that the rate of adding new karmas is exponentially greater than getting the previous ones unwinded so it appears that we don't have any control on our life.

So is there really a solution?

There is a science that help in lightening up the karmic baggage and dealing with the karmas that crop up for fruition, in a manner that they end up getting unwinded in a way which is not harmful to our day-to day living or atleast phase out with creating minimal friction in our life.

Yes, we are talking about the ancient and divine science of Vedic Astrology or simply Astrology as it is popularly known.

Since Vedic times, the Sages of our country graced humanity with their wisdom that benefitted the upcoming generations and the knowledge that they passed on, still continues to do that.

One such field happens to be of Astrology.

Astrology is a science which takes into account the planetary positions in the Zodiac at the time of birth of an individual and analyzes them to decode the type & nature of results that the individual is likely to get in this life at various time periods.

This is because, it is the planets that are entrusted with providing results of set karmas at set time periods in our lives and therefore by deciphering what the planets signify for a person, an astrologer can make a forecast or predict that individual's future.

It is done with the help of a 'Map' or a 'Cosmic Blueprint' that holds the information about how the life of a person is likely to pan out, based on karmas from previous lives. This map is known as a 'Horoscope' or 'Kundli'.

Also, planets appear to give results in our lives at specific times as per the 'Vimshottari Dasha' which nothing but a time-table for the operation of planets.

So when a planet that is conducive to us or in other words, a planet that is poised to give results for our positive karmas is in operation, we find our life at ease and success, joy & happiness are natural outcomes.

Same goes vice-versa.

Allright, fair enough.

However, revealing the destiny is fine, but what about doing something to prevent a disaster?

Otherwise what is the point in deciphering the times to come?

Well, who said that astrology stops at just forecasting?

The amazing science of astrology not only reveals what the planets & stars have in store for us but also by means of certain incredibly powerful remedial measures alter the very outcome of future events in our favour.

Yes, you heard it right!

Astrological remedies derived by an experienced astrologer after carefully analyzing the horoscope of an individual, have the potential to change the course of destiny towards highly favourable & beneficial outcomes by taking care of the negative karmas that were actually creating troubles in the first place.

These remedies differ from person to person as there are so many planetary factors in motion at all times. Plus, there are a number of permutations & combinations that arise as per the specific alignments of planets in a person's horoscope.

Houses of a Horoscope

There are 12 houses in a horoscope and each house represent multiple domains of one's life and depending upon a lot of factors related to that house such as the positioning, conjunction & aspects of planets or the type of sign present in that house and the placement of the lord of that particular sign in the horoscope, how those domains will be affected in the life of that person is revealed.

For example, the 2nd house among other things represent 'Bank Balance & Accumulated Wealth'. So, the strength of the 2nd house in the horoscope of a native reveals the state of wealth in that native's life.

It expands into further details like whether the native will succeed as a businessman or will flourish in a job?

For finding out job prospects, the 6th house is looked at and the state & strength of the 7th house tells about the prospects of business in one's life.

But at the end of the day, it is the gains reaped from an activity that decide the range of success from it.

Therefore, the 11th house that represents 'Gains & Realizations of Desires' is looked at.

Similarly the state & quality of other things in life such as health, education, love, relationships, marriage, children, money, property, vehicle, speculation/lottery, foreign travels etc. are analyzed by decoding the results of their respective house combinations in the horoscope.

It is crucial that there must not be influences of planet/s that are not favourable for such events on the respective houses that denote them.

Also bad planetary conjunctions in a particular house destroy the positive significance of that house and bring out the worst related to that house during the time period of operation of the planet/s associated with that house.

Again this is where the brilliance of an astrologer and the magic of astrology comes in the form of powerful remedies that, if performed timely can steer the life of a native towards bliss & prosperity.

Because at the end of the day, you have to turn that game of see-saw that destiny plays with you into your favour and astrology equips you with the necessary & sacred tools that are required for that. So what are you waiting for? Consult with Future Point today!

Future Point, since decades, is providing its clients all over the world with accurate & highly beneficial horoscope analysis.

The absolutely brilliant & amazingly talented astrologers of Future Point perform a comprehensive analysis of their clients' horoscopes and suggest them remedies that have the potential to turn their lives into a joyful, successful and prosperous happening!

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