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Why Guna Milan is important in Marriage?

By: Future Point | 03-Nov-2018
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Why Guna Milan is important in Marriage?

Marriage is always a very important part and a decision of our life. Everyone needs to be very cautious while taking decision for their marriage. In India and Hindu religion, matchmaking or guna Milan is the first thing to do for marriage. If matchmaking and gun Milan is done and two individuals are compatible for each other then they can marry each other. Let’s know about the science of Gun Milan.

Asthakoot Process

Gun Milan is done by the asthkoot process to check to match between bride and groom. This future teller tool tells about the ashtakoot dosha and ashtakoot parihar. In India, always ask an astrologer for kundali Milan to know their gun and best horoscope match. It is said that gun Milan can predict the future life of married couples. It can predict the incompatibility and future conflicts between husband and wife.

Gun Milan is the astrological method to check compatibility for marriage. This can be done in two ways, one is kundali matching by name and another is gun Milan by date of birth. Guna Milan is also known as love marriage prediction.

36 Gunas in Kundali

Guna Milan is the first step in ascertaining the marriage compatibility. In Vedic scriptures, there are 36 gunas which are considered for marriage compatibility. The total number of points under the ashta koot matching makes 36 gunas.

Nadi : 8 points
Bhakoot : 7 points
Gana : 6 points
Maîtri : 5 points
Yoni : 4 points
Tara : 3 points
Vasya : 2 points
Varna : 1 point
Hence, the total number of ganas is 36.


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A Basic Requirement of Gun Milan

For a blissful and happy marriage, there should be at least 18 gunas match among 36. The most important aspects covered under these 18 gunas relate to mental compatibility between husband and wife, manglik dosha, the durability of the relationship, the tendencies that are contrary to each other, approach and attitude towards each other, health perspective, sexual compatibility and others. If 18 gunas or more than it matches in guna Milan then the marriage will consider successful and blissful in future.

When is Marriage Approved?

As we mentioned above that for a happy and prosperous married life there must be not less than 18 guna matches between the bride and groom’s kundali. If these gunas matching is less than 18, then the proposed match is not approved and the relationship will become the failure in the future. If 18 to 25 gunas match, then it is deemed as a good married life. A best and compatible match ensures when 26 to 36 gunas match. In vere rare cases, more than 32 gunas might match between bride and groom and such a marriage is the ideal one and compatibility level between them is very high.

How many Gunas should Match for Marriage

There are 8 gunas in a horoscope and it signifies different aspects of life and relationship like:

  1. Nadi relates to health and reproduction. As per astrology, same Nadi individual cannot marry each other. If this is not ensured then children of the couple will suffer from any physical and mental illness.
  2. Bhakoot matches the 12 zodiac signs as per the nature of these signs. Marriages are approved between compatible zodiac signs.
  3. Gana is also considered the qualities of a person and the same guna is the best match for marriage. Gana match based on classifying individuals as endowed with the qualities of humans, gods, and demons. It is also known as devta gana, manushya gana or raskshas gana.
  4. Maître refers to check the compatible relationship in the family life.
  5. Yoni means sexual compatibility which examines the sexual and physical compatibility of the individuals for marriage purpose.
  6. Taara matches the horoscope based on the nakshatra or the star of the individuals. This will predict the lifespan of a husband and the possibility of widowhood.
  7. Vasya refers to the characteristics of the individuals and ascertains who will dominate the relationship. It will tell about that who will dominate in the relationship of marriage.
  8. Varna is based in four categories of people namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, vaishya, and shudra. This gana is matched on these four categories.

These are the 8 ganas which needed to check and consider before marriage.

Number of Matched Gunas Significance

Below 18 gunas : Poor match, very rare chance for success
18 to 25 : Good match for marriage
25 to 32 : Very good match for marriage
32 to 36 : Excellent match

If a person wants to make their marriage successful then he must check guna Milan or kundali Milan. It will predict the future relationship of two individuals in a married life. The basics for a fruitful and successful grahasta jeevan are the number of common gunas that they would be bride and groom possesses. Guna Milan is based on the placement of planet moon in the kundali of both male and female, who are bound to marry each other. Astrology online and online horoscope can help you to generate your guna Milan report.

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