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Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Monkey


Monkey is the 9th Animal of Chinese Zodiac Sign. Monkey has an inquisitive mind an always remains fresh and alert. Being an excellent speaker Monkey possesses great intuitive ability and detects events before they actually happen. Monkey has an agile personality and is never of ideas. Despite the chances of lots of up and downs in the pick year 2019. Monkey has the ability to face then brave heart. Monkey being brilliant skilful and inventive in his endeavours does never hesitate in using cunning method in order to achieve his goals.

Love, Romance & Marriage

There are chances that in the Year of Pig 2019 Monkey will spend a year of full satisfaction in love matters. If a single Monkey needs companion then there are chances at it can meet its soul mate in any social event. If already in love the Monkey were require to express. More carrying attitude towards the partner. However the Monkey should not rush for the marriage. The Married Monkeys will focus more on family and finance status. Spouse may focus on the looking after of the children and wellbeing.

Work and Social Life

In social circle Monkey's needs to patiently listen to the people and control their emotions and not to conveyed their negative remarks and critics to others. They should refrain away from pushing people around otherwise this year of Pig may bring ill reputation for the Monkeys. In work arena the Monkeys need to keep patience as there are only a meager chance of any promotion or increment.

Career & Competitive Exam

The year will demand you to so off your abilities and talents and you will require working hard to earn money. However it is not a bad time for learning training and getting some expertise. For a career development it is essential to learn something new and prepare for the future. The students need to labour hard in order to prepare themselves for the competitive exams but their labour will yield fruit only in the next year. This is the time of slow growth.

Travel and Transfer

The Monkey's will not be able to get anything substantial from the career perspective therefore favourable transfer is not in the cue. However they may get transfer on account of punishment as a result of some mistakes committed by them. The year will prove full of tension and agony from the perspective of family as well because the monkeys will not be able to fulfil the familial aspirations even. In order to get the mental peace there may be any travel tour religious place with spouse, kids and parents.

Good Luck and Well-Being For The Monkey in 2019

The Pig year 2019 requires patience from the part of Monkeys because the luck is is not going to support much and they may struggle to earn desired amount of wealth. The Monkeys also need to make financial investment after pondering a lot.

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