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Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Horse


Horse occupies the 7th position in the Chinese Zodiac. The year of Pig 2019 is going to prove very good for financial achievements. There may be growth and expansion in business but the year is also marked with inner reconstruction by understanding the impact of their roots. Horse has an excellent sense of humour and a rare talent for self-mockery which he tends to lose with maturity. Though horse is very loyal in friendship, his changeability and desire to leave new experiences and adventures in unexplored lands become the cause of concern for his associates.

Love, Romance & Marriage

In love matters the concern of horses for independence demonstrated by his fickle mindedness does not certainly mean that he likes loneliness. The year is good for those horses who are single and aspiring to find a true love. If you are sincere enough, you will certainly find your soul mate during the year. There are chances that you meet the desired partner from the job related networking. If you are already in love then the bonding will be happy and affectionate with the partner.

Work and Social Life

In this year of pig the horses may have unlimited opportunities in work front. In social circle you will maintain harmonious relationship with the people and make many new friends. You will devote time to build social networking this year which will enable you to earn fame, success, victory and power in the long run. However, you must respect the every person in the society you meet. The people will accept your leadership and maintain friendship with you.

Career & Competitive Exam

You may have good growth in career during the year. As you will be get several opportunities. In job front you will have to share more responsibilities than before. There may be chances of new job offers and you may consider to accept any of them. For the students looking to be employed anywhere may get good opportunities and they may start their career in good note.

Travel and Transfer

Due to change in job you may get transferred to any new city of your choice. The new position may also require frequent travels to meet new clients as well as the old associates. During winter break or summer holiday in the schools, your kids may persuade you to plan for any excursion.

Good Luck and Well-Being For The Horse in 2019

The wealth luck will remain average for the horse throughout the year. However, you will be able to maintain good fixed income. You need to work diligently for your goal, will have descent income.

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