Why is Yoni Vichar important?

By: Future Point | 04-Jan-2021
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Why is Yoni Vichar important?

Vedic astrology has been a part of Indian history since ages. It is an old age science which helps us in guiding through the ups and downs of life. It makes the life path easier. For marriage especially in India Kundli matching has been a very important part. 

If kundli’s of a boy and girl do not match then the marriage does not take place. It is and was important because in India especially earlier the boy and girl never used to meet. 

Some common person used to suggest the match and the parents would go ahead so there was very little knowledge about the personality or likes and dislikes of the girl or boy. So they would match the Kundli and go ahead with the match with full confidence.  

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There are 36 guns in total in Kundli matching and the components –   






Attitude and mentality  


Control and dominance  





Grah Maitri 

Adjustment, behaviour  


Nature & aptitude  


Conjugal bliss 


Health, progeny 





Yoni Vichar is mainly concerned with the sex life of the couple. If the yoni of the boy and girl is not friendly, the relationship may not be satisfactory. The nakshatra’s are categorised into different animals or birds and then the friendliness or enmity is checked. The total points that you can get are 4 and the lowest is 0. The best astrologer in India will check this Guna to analyse the sexual compatibility of a prospective couple.  

Points can be attained in the following way -  

  1. 4 points if same yoni. Animals that live together and eat together as well as have similar lifestyle - likes and dislikes get full points. 
  2. 3 points if friendly yoni. Animals that are close friends also eat together and have similar likes and dislikes. 
  3. 2 points if average friends. Animals that are living together but have no relation are considered as equals. 
  4. 1 point if enemy. Animals who are enemies fight with each other and that’s not desirable in any marriage. 
  5. 0 point if bitter enemy. Bitter enemies fight a lot and cannot see eye to eye so will get 0 point and is not a good match.  

In an example if you analyse an online Kundli where the janma nakshatra of the boy is Uttra Phalguni and girl is Rohini then the animal representing boy is ‘gau’ and the girl is ‘sarpa’. They get 1 point as both are enemies. Naturally how can a cow and serpent be happy with each other? There will be differences of opinion among them and personality will be opposite to each other so it’s not a good match.  

Some astrologers believe that yoni can be seen in the faces too. People resemble the face of the animal which belongs to their yoni. Face readers specially use yoni techniques to read faces and find resemblance in people and animals.  

Yoni’s according to nakshatra’s are as follows –  

  1.  Ashwa (horse) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s - Ashwini and Shatbhisha. The native are very active, have a fast walk and self-made. 
  2. Gaja (elephant) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Bharini & Revati. They native are full of power and very kind people. 
  3. Mesha (sheep) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Krittika & Pushya. The native are moody and can achieve great heights if they focus. 
  4. Sarpa (serpent) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Rohini & Mrigashira. The native are aggressive patient and unpredictable. 
  5. Shwan (dog) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Ardra & Moola. The natives are very faithful to family and friends & are very enthusiastic. 
  6. Marjara (cat) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Ashlesha & Punarvasu. The native is very good at their work, patient but very cunning and selfish. 
  7. Mooshak (rat) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Maghaa & Purva Phalguni. The native starts small and then goes on to bigger things in life.  They have small faces.
  8. Gau (cow) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Uttara Phalguni & Uttara Bhadrapada. The native are gentle, innocent and very kind hearted. 
  9. Mahisha (buffalo) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Hasta & Swati. The native have lot of strength as well as patience. 
  10. Vyaghra (tiger) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Chitra & Vishakha. The native are highly independent and have a high opinion about their own-self. 
  11. Mriga (hare) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Anuradha & Jyeshtha. The native are intelligent & capable of disciplined hard work.
  12. Vanar (monkey) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Purva Ashadha & Shravana. The native are impulsive and creative. 
  13. Nakul (mangoose) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Uttara Ashada & Abhijit. The naetive are intelligent, decisive and act with speed.
  14. Simha (lion) - it is represented by the nakshatra’s Dhanishtha & Purva Bhadrapada. The native are very responsible, dedicated & like taking care of others.  

So Yoni Vichar is important to check while doing kundli matching and it gives a general idea about the nature of a native and what kind of partner will be good for them.

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