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Know about your Love Life through Astrology

By: Future Point | 30-Dec-2020
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Know about your Love Life through Astrology

Astrology helps people in many ways. It covers a lot of aspects of life right from health to education to profession. One can work hard towards these goals but one thing that makes people nervous is their love life. How and when they will find their soulmate and if it will be a permanent relationship or just a short term affair are a few concerns of the millennia’s today. Astrology can reveal a lot of things about your life & help you find your perfect soul mate. One can know the permanence of their relationship through soulmate astrology compatibility.  

As per the soulmate marriage astrology, the three important houses to judge if a love relationship will convert into marriage are –  

  1. First house - your own nature and characteristics plus the type of partner you will be can be analysed from this house.
  2. Fifth house - indicates the intimacy and romance inclination of a native. If the fifth house is activated then that person may be in a relationship with someone. 
  3. Seventh house - is analysed for knowing the spouse’s nature and looks. Also the timing of marriage can be analysed from the seventh house.  

If there is an association between the fifth a d seventh house then there are a lot of chances for the native to have a love marriage. The best astrologer in India can analyse the kundli & predict if the native will have a love marriage or not.  

The ascendant also says a lot about the native’s nature and kind of lover they will be. Kundli matching is of course important for relationship plus marriage but each ascendant or lagna also has preferred partners. If lagna Lords of two people are friends then the relationship will be good and will sustain over a period of time. However if lagna lords are enemies then one should check D-9 chart for further analysis.  

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The ascendants are – 

  1. Aries - good natured and charms opposite sex. They love their home and try to be amidst family members. Good partners for Aries are Leo & Sagittarius.
  2. Taurus - they are of a loving nature and are extremely fond of beauty. Always beloved of opposite Sex and enjoy their attention. Divorce is rare in married life. Good partners for Taurus are Virgo & Aquarius. 
  3. Gemini - humane and sympathetic towards others. They are keen on relations with opposite sex and marriage is full of interest and excitement for them. Good partners for Gemini are Libra & Aquarius. 
  4. Cancer - they are most sensitive and loving. They are ideal life partners. Deeply attached to family and children. Good partners for Cancer are Scorpio & Pisces. 
  5. Leo – very dominating like a king. It attracts opposite sex, very charming & is an ideal lover. Good partners for Leo are Aries & Sagittarius.
  6. Virgo – is an earthy sign & pretty accommodating. There can be a delay in marriage. Will have a peaceful & pleasant domestic life. Good partners for Virgo are Taurus & Capricorn.
  7. Libra – is a lover of art, fine things & beauty.  Is fortunate in love and has a good married life. Good partners for Libra are Gemini & Aquarius.
  8. Scorpio – excellent research workers and have an attractive personality. Good with their partner but if they have any fight cannot forgive easily. Good partners for Scorpio are Cancer & Pisces.
  9. Sagittarius – straight forward and has high sense for justice. They exercise strict control over food, drinks & opposite sex so are very loyal towards their companion. Good partners for Sagittarius are Aries & Leo.
  10. Capricorn – they are not romantic particularly but provide all comforts to family and loved ones. They are mostly slow & cautious in dealing with the opposite sex. Good partners for Capricorn are Taurus & Virgo.
  11. Aquarius – the most accommodating sign of all. They do not give expression to their love. If lovers are passionate, they will not be satisfied as Aquarian may appear to be cold. Good partners for Aquarius are Gemini & Libra.
  12. Pisces – they are easily influenced by partner. They have a happy married and domestic life. Prefers beauty of partner. Good partner for Pisces are Cancer & Scorpio. 

This is a broad guideline according to your ascendant. Various other factors such as planets placement and aspect as well as the houses need to be considered to come to a conclusion regarding love life and marriage prospects. The best marriage astrologer can guide you & suggest remedies for any problems related to your love life.

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