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Who will earn Wealth, Money and Property according to Astrology?

By: Future Point | 20-Mar-2021
Views : 5602Who will earn Wealth, Money and Property according to Astrology?

Everyone wants to earn wealth in their life. Money attracts all types of people in the world. There are three types of earnings -  

  1. Earning very big amounts of money - wherein you earn much more than you spend.  
  2. Earning in moderation - wherein you earn and spend equally.  
  3. Earning very low - wherein you do not earn enough to fulfil your expenditure.  

As an astrologer, I can say that people always come and ask about when will they come in the first category. People want to earn a lot of money so they can spend and enjoy and also accumulate money for their future generations. Now the question comes if your Kundli indicates this or not. For this you need to talk to an astrologer who will analyse your horoscope.  

The houses to check if you will be wealthy or not are -  

  1. 2nd house - it is one of the arth houses in the Kundli. It represents dhan and accumulation of wealth. If the second house has benefic planets and no influence of malefics then the native can become rich and wealthy. 
  2. 6th house - it is a very fascinating house. It is a part of arth as well as upchaya houses. If your 6th house has malefic planets, it gives you a push to earn more and makes you ambitious. Also if no malefic influence then business oriented natives get loans easily and are able to pay it off without much trouble
  3. 10th house - it is the house of karma and also the last of arth house. It will indicate if a native is good at his work and can earn good money and wealth. 
  4. 11th house - it is another upchaya house and also the house of gains. If it has good planets and without the influence of malefics, the native’s desires get fulfilled and they achieve heights in their life.  

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There are also many yoga’s in Vedic chart when a native if born with attains wealth. The best astrologer knows that there are many wealth yogas in horoscope that can be analysed to know if a person will earn above average. It is a very vast subject but let’s discuss a few here -  

  1. Raj yog - is when the lord of trine goes to Kendra or lord of Kendra goes to trine houses. The native gets all his wishes fulfilled and rises a lot in life.
  2. Lakshmi yog - is when the 9th house lord goes to Kendra in own house or is exalted. Or lagnesh and 9th house lord is in conjunction. The native gets all the wealth in the world.
  3. Panch mahapurush yog - for example Hans yog - when Jupiter is in own house or exalted sitting in Kendra. The native becomes powerful like a king and is religious as well as spiritual. 
  4. Gaj kesari yog - when Jupiter sits in Kendra positions (1, 4, 7 & 10) from moon. Such a native gets a lot of wealth and is never denied of money. 
  5. Dhan yog in astrology - if there is an exchange between 2nd and 11th house lords then the person is blessed with lot of dhan.  

Now the question that comes up is that if a native is born with such a yog and has the dhan houses strong then what will be the timing of earning such wealth. Timing is most important in a Kundli. If you have good yogas then the planet’s dasha should also come in the correct time for the yoga to get operated. For this we see the vimshotri dasha. Whenever the dasha of planets (which form any wealth yoga or 2nd or 11th house) gets operated in maha dasha or antar dasha, the native gets good earning.   

As per property, not everyone is lucky to have their own house or have more than one house. The houses in the kundli responsible for property creation are 4th and 2nd. 4th house represents plots, lands and houses and 2nd house is for accumulation of wealth so whoever will have more than what they spend, it is inevitable that they will park some of their money in property. Whenever the dasha of these planets that are associated with the 4th house or 2nd house operates then chances of buying a property or benefit from real estate comes.  

Like this there are many things that need to be analysed in a Finance horoscope for wealth, money and property. One can also do a detailed analysis of divisional charts namely D-2, D-9 and D-10 to know more about wealth.