Identifying and Coping with Stress & Anxiety through Astrology

By: Future Point | 12-Mar-2021
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Identifying and Coping with Stress & Anxiety through Astrology

A modern age sorrow- stress and anxiety have become our best pals. With the need for constantly being in front of the blue-screen, we have forgotten what it feels like to be content in one’s own company. We either feel too deep or feel nothing at all. Extremes have taken over our life and there is no respite from it.

We meditate to seek peace- seldom works. We practice mindfulness- give it a week’s time and then completely forget about it while juggling & managing the chaos of everyday life. No matter what solution we come up with, the nagging voice at the back of our head keeps us from enjoying or learning anything. Our concentration levels have been severely affected by the era of new-age social media apps propagating scrolling and swiping. 

We want change and we demand it NOW! But are we that eager to work for it though? Not really.

Over the internet we can find thousands, maybe millions of websites claiming their way is the best to cope with stress and anxiety. However, what they fail to tell us is how anxious we are going to be if the said methods don’t work for us. 

It’s not one size fits all!

All it needs is one trigger, and all your hard work to keep stress at bay goes down the drain!

However, there are certain things one could do to escape the daily woes which are practical and doable at the least that anyone can practice to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

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1. Take away the power it holds over you!

The first step in coping with stress is the need to understand oneself first!

You can’t flip a switch and take control of your life, no matter how much you wish that were true. Anxiety & stress have a devious way of hitting us when we are at our highest. Knock us down with pessimism, a truth bomb, or a reality check!

But when that tumble down the hill begins for you, a new way to cope comes up swiftly- but only if you act quick on your feet. All you need to do is put your feet down and feel the flat earth, there is no hill. Realize and address the spiral you just went through was a fragment of your own mind- it has no power over you. And once you take away its power, it can not harm you. 

2. Breathing your way through it!

There are tens of thousands of ways to manipulate your mind into believing and seeing what you want it to see, but the most effective is taking a deep breath. Calming your nerves through  panic attack is as difficult as it sounds. When anxiety sets in, you do not get much time to cope with it. All you feel is thousands of bricks hurled in your direction and the only way to protect yourself is by cowering. While our body is in complete shock and panicking, it goes on an overdrive to protect us. Through the agony of that panic attack, remind yourself to breathe. Count to ten, then twenty whilst you breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This is an effective way to pass the peak of the panic and settle your body down. Continue this till you feel your nerves calming down and feel a 

The same can be applied to stress as well. When you feel pressure mounting over you, take 10 calming deep breaths and start afresh. Keep reminding yourself, whatever bothers you at the moment is not as precious as you are. Breathe through your nose and release the air through your mouth as you manifest your stress out the same way. 

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3. Call for help!

This is highly important because no one should go through stress and anxiety on their own. When you feel anxious or stressed out, no matter the reason, call someone you trust. It is crucial that you call someone who is a good listener and can pull you through it. A trusted friend or a sibling, a parent or even your pet- it is important that you vent out these troubled feelings in front of someone. There is no shame in admitting that you don’t have control over your life. Instead of sugar coating your troubles, accept them. When we address your issues, our brain goes in battle mode and helps us come with ways we can cope. Our survival instinct kicks in, channelling our need to face the troubles head-on and come out victorious. 

Whenever you feel panic-stricken or under a lot of stress, take a breather. Do not wait to let it overwhelm you; Identify the moment and act on it. Start your breathing exercise but in case it does not help, call a friend. Talk to them about your feelings and let them guide you through it!  

4. Maintain a journal/ Pen down your thoughts and feelings

A brilliant habit to develop for someone who has anxiety and stress would be to start maintaining a journal of their thoughts and feelings. Pen down your emotions and how you felt in each moment. Not only would this help address the moment you panicked and your stress triggers, but also help acknowledge your strength. You will be able to map out your growth and show gratitude towards yourself. 

This is a great way to start emotional healing and fall in love with oneself. There is so much that our body does for us each day and this journal could be your way to reflect on it. 

There are plenty of journals available online you can choose from, but even a simple notebook would do.  

However, making a habit out of it is going to take time, and you should be ready to tackle that as well. Nothing changes overnight and your stress isn’t going to dissipate in just a flick or swish of a hand. Things take time to change; so don’t panic if you aren’t able to sit down and write daily. Start slow and gradually progress to writing daily!  

5. Make music your best friend!

If you struggle with social anxiety & lack of confidence, this one is the best tip out there for you! Every once in a while, shut your door and the world outside- put on some music and reflect on how it makes you feel. This is a great way to channel your emotions. And once you feel in touch with your emotions, play an upbeat pop track and move your body. Let the music guide you on a rhythm of its own. Let loose and focus on being silly, even for a minute. Allow yourself the luxury to let loose and belt out a few moves. Not only will this boost your mood, it is also going to help with the social anxiety. Your mind will release the ‘happy hormones’ influencing your mood, thus providing you a better shot at coming out of this.    

6. Seek help!

Stress and anxiety has become so common, that we often neglect it and go about our day. But in reality the psychological trauma that it causes can not be escaped. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek an expert’s help. Do not go by the rule of the book, because there simply is no book! The human mind is a complex creature and works in mysterious ways. What works for your friend might not work for you, and vice versa. If you constantly feel stuck inside this loop of overstressing and anxiety with panic attacks- it is high time you consult a professional and seek the help you require. 

Always remember, there is no way you can just snap out of it without even trying. In case you are struggling through life or a certain sector in your life- our expert Astrologers are just a call away. You can schedule a Talk to Astrologer service on phone or video call, as per your convenience and face whatever challenges you have head-on!

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