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Women and their Career Predictions

By: Future Point | 23-Mar-2021
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Women and their Career Predictions

God made everyone equal. There is no difference between the capabilities of men and women. However, women need to prove themselves at their workplace. Why do women always need to take a back seat from men at work? But some women do break this glass ceiling and come out with flying colours in their career. A good astrologer can analyse a woman’s career horoscope and define the success they will achieve in their career life.  

In Vedic astrology one can define career by a number of factors namely –  

  1. Houses - the important houses to check for career are the 1st and 10th. The first house or lagnesh is the native herself. If there are good planets placed in your lagna without the influence of malefics then the person is strong and intelligent. This does indicate if the native will be successful in her career or not. Also the lord of lagna if placed in Kendra or trikon brings good luck to the native. The 10th house is the house of karma and is most closely connected with career. It shows your professional life and if it has good planets placed then the native will certainly have a good career. Influence of malefics on the 10th house can induce delays or obstacles to one’s career. Planets placed here or the lord of this house indicates the type of career suitable to the native also. 
  2. Planets - the main analysis is required for the luminaries - sun and moon. The sun represents atma and moon our mind. If a woman makes up her mind to do something then she can move mountains and if her soul is pure and ethical then she will achieve heights. Sun is considered very strong in the 10th house as it gets directional strength and such a native is very strong and can have a career in politics. A strong moon can give you the power of crossing all hurdles and rise above all the negativity.
  3. Sign - the rising sign or lagna says a lot about a woman’s characteristics and can give a direction to the type of career suitable to you. You need to talk to an astrologer to know your rising sign and it’s qualities.  

 Career by planets -  

If the connection of the 10th house is with these planets or these particular planets are overall very strong in a woman’s Kundli, then according to the best astrologers the type of career suitable to them is –  

  1. Sun - politicians, government employees, leaders, directors.  
  2. Moon - import-export, chef, restaurant, public service. 
  3. Mars - metal, construction, army, surgeons. 
  4. Mercury - writing, accountant, editors, astrologers. 
  5. Jupiter - finance, law, priest, advertising.  
  6. Venus - pleasures, luxury, art, entertainment industry.  
  7. Saturn - labour, agriculture, mining, law 
  8. Rahu - researchers, engineers, speculators, medicine or drugs 
  9. Ketu - religion, secret or hidden jobs 

Careers by sign  

The rising signs also indicate the type of career suitable for a woman –  

  1. Aries - army, police, industrialist & athletes.  
  2. Taurus - perfumes, luxury goods, jewellery, fashion. 
  3. Gemini - media & journalists, accountant, business. 
  4. Cancer - chef, marine, actor, travel. 
  5. Leo - government job, politics.  
  6. Virgo - computing, astrology, doctor, healing. 
  7.  Libra - judge, artist, cosmetics, fashion. 
  8. Scorpio - occult sciences, research analyst, doctor, insurance. 
  9. Sagittarius - law, religion, banking and finance, entrepreneurs. 
  10. Capricorn - communication, garments, pr. 
  11. Aquarius - advisors, consultants, astrologers. 
  12. Pisces - overseas work, marine, chemicals, painters. 

 Case study -  

  1. Oprah Winfrey - is one of the richest women and very famous in the entertainment field. Her 10th house lord is Venus placed in the first house which clearly indicates that she will be in entertainment industry. She’s known for the way she conducts her talk shows. She’s not just a regular talk show host but takes up very serious issues. Her Saturn is exalted in the 10th house which makes her a people’s person. Sun is very powerful in lagna with Jupiter aspect which clearly makes her very famous. 
  2. Indira Gandhi - the only woman prime minister of the biggest democracy in the world is a Kundli worth reading. She has an exceptional Kundli with the major exchanges which are very rare. There is an exchange between moon and Saturn (1st and 7th house). Secondly there is an exchange between sun and Mars (2nd and 5th house). Thirdly there is an exchange between Jupiter and Venus (6th and 11th house). Her sun is powerful in the fifth house with the aspect of Jupiter. She was very hardworking and dedicated as Saturn is in the lagna.  

Like this there are many famous women who have left a mark for themselves in the world and taken their career to heights. One should consult an astrologer and know what’s in store for their career and their job prospects this year.

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