Healing through Crystals

By: Future Point | 27-Mar-2021
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Healing through Crystals

You probably must have seen people wearing beautiful Crystal stones and wondered if this is some new fashion accessory doing the rounds this year? These are actually a type of an alternate medicine or remedy for the mind, body and soul. They bring in good flow of energy to your body and take away all its negativity. Even though there isn’t much scientific evidence to support them but people do swear by the powers of crystals. Crystals emit positive, uplifting, energising and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind.  

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How to choose your crystals  

There are various types of crystals available in the market but first you have to see what your need is. Crystals are used for many different reasons and you first have to see what your own requirement is. These can be for your mind or health. Crystals can be in these different forms -  c

  1. Jewellery - these look beautiful as well as solve the purpose of touching your skin.  
  2. Prayer beads - crystals can be put together in a thread. These can be held every time you pray or meditate.  
  3. Coasters - crystal gemstones can be put into coasters which bring peace and harmony to your abode.  
  4. Show pieces - it can be put on a tree or a rock and decorated in the house to give your mind relaxation.  

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There also many types of crystals available such as -  

1. Amethyst Geode - Amethyst Geode are very powerful semi-precious Stones to remove negative vibrations and reduce anxiety. It does the following –  

(a) It helps in meditation and promotes psychic abilities and spirituality.  

(b) It gives calming energy by balancing the mind and emotion.  

(c) It cures physical ailments of nervous system, cures nightmares, insomnia and balances the crown chakras by giving complete relief from stress.  

(d) Gives mental and emotional clarity and helps in decision making.  

(e) Improves relationships, helps us to work with others and promotes feeling of collaboration.  

(f) Balances the hormones, supports a healthy endocrine system which in turn helps in weight loss.  

2. Selenite - Selenite is a very powerful crystal. It does the following –  

(a) It Cleanses and purifies its' environment.  

(b) Clears negative energy.  

(c) Cleanses and charges other crystals also.  

3. Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz is a crystal that is used for the following –  

(a) It is for unconditional love and opens the heart to all levels of love.  

(b) It promotes harmony in relationships & friendships.  

(c) It calms the mind and brings peace.  

4. Om Mani Bracelet - Om Mani Bracelet is mainly used for meditation purposes and Amethyst impacts our brain in the positive as well as provides other benefits. Together they are very powerful and it does the following –  

(a) It removes negative vibrations.  

(b) It reduces anxiety.  

(c) Helps in meditation.  

(d) Promotes psychic abilities and spirituality.  

5. 7 chakras bracelet - There are 7 chakras in the body and each of the beads corresponds to the chakras in our body. This 7 Chakra bracelet is for activating, aligning and, balancing these energy chakras.  

6. 7 chakra tree - There are 7 energy chakras in the body and each chakras energy can be enhanced with healing stone. This 7 Chakra Tree has 7 types of stones for enhancing, aligning and balancing the energy of each chakra of your body. It does the following –  

(a) It improves health.  

(b) Improves memory.  

(c) It increases creativity.  

(d) Builds confidence and self-respect.  

(e) Overall success. 

7.  Amethyst tree - Amethyst Stone/Tree does the following –  

(a) Gives Protection against Negative Energy.  

(b) Overcomes addictions and Blockage of all kinds.  

(c) Good for Health  and Relationships.  

8. Citrin stone / Tree - is excellent  stone and very good Substitute of Pukhraj. It does the following –  

(a) Promotes Motivation, Creativity  and Self Expression.  

(b) Releases Negative traits and Depression.  

(c) Enhances Concentration. 

Like this you can figure out your need and get the crystals accordingly. All of these are available at Future Point with full authenticity and guarantee. No matter your goal, the crystals can help you in your journey to a better well-being. Your intention maybe to reduce anxiety or to bring love in your life, these crystals can take you through your life. An open mind is the key to getting all you want. And if you use your crystals with an open mind, who knows you might be pleasantly surprised.  

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