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6 Playful ways to celebrate Holi during 2nd wave of COVID-19

By: Future Point | 29-Mar-2021
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6 Playful ways to celebrate Holi during 2nd wave of COVID-19

COVID-19 Restrictions put a damper over your celebrations?!

Here are 7 easy ways to enjoy the festival of colours in the safety of your home with your loved ones, most importantly COVID-Safe!

When we all thought COVID-19 is gone and the pandemic is almost over with the arrival of the vaccine, comes its strongest & potent 2nd wave of transmission. Amidst all the chaos that ensued, we will be heading straight into one of the most important Hindu festival, Holi and soon after that- Chaitra Navratri. 

However, the pandemic is far from over. We still have to remain cautious and practice social distancing whilst still sanitizing our hands & wearing masks in public. But that surely does not mean that we mustn’t celebrate the festival of colours with our loved ones!

There are plenty of ways you can stay vigilant & still play colours with your family. 

Take a look at all the fun & innovative ways you can celebrate Holi & any festival of your choice amidst the pandemic with your family & loved one!

Go Online!

From classes to schooling, to having fun parties- the internet has had our back throughout this pandemic. This year, put your laptop on that tall cabinet & dial in your favourite aunts & uncles whilst you dance together to the fun music playlist this Holi. This might keep you away from playing colours with them, but Holi is much more than just colours. Share some inside jokes, laugh along, and say cheers to that friendship all while staying at home. This might not sound much fun, but plan some activities, and you could have fun celebrating Holi in a new style!

Plan a small meet with just your family & close friends

The most important & well thought tactic in combatting Covid-19 has been staying in your bubble. Ask a few of your friends and family to not meet with anyone prior to coming at your place. This is going to create a small bubble wherein you can stay safe & away from the virus. However, the most important thing to note in this case is the group must be of 4-8 people only. The smaller the bubble the better. From playing with colours to enjoying your favourite delicacies, you can do all of that but make sure you keep sanitizing your hands. In case you develop any symptom, make sure you isolate yourself  and seek immediate medical care. 

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A fun Virtual game of Bingo or Charades

When you know it’s not safe to enjoy Holi outside, the options to have fun are limited. But only in dire situations, some of our best moves come out to play. You can take part in a virtual game session with your friends & family over Zoom! Invite all your loved ones over the online platform for a game of bingo or charades. There are plenty of fun games available over the internet these days which can kill the boredom & bring you closer to your family. Instead of playing with colours, why don’t you take things up a notch and get creative with the myriad of games available online. You can even add food and drinks in the mix for a fun day or night game session!

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Make a flexible Plan

It is only natural to celebrate joyous occasions and festivals with family & loved ones in person. However, ensuring their safety & well being during an ongoing pandemic is equally important. You can plan a get together with only a few, keeping things in your close circle of friends but make sure that you keep in the safety of everyone including you in mind. Speak to everyone and if possible, instead of meeting in person- get creative and plan a virtual meet. In case you do plan on celebrating Holi in person- make a loose plan. Government issued guidelines are subject to change in case the covid cases rise, so it is always better to be prepared for change.  

Gifting each other a box of happiness

In order to compensate for the lack of celebrations this year, you can prepare a box of happiness for your loved ones and get it delivered to them through bluedart, or even Uber for local transit. If money is tight this year, you can send organic colours made from the flowers in your own garden or do something creative instead by making a greeting card along with tiny trinkets or home made candles that they’ll appreciate. Rather than spending money this year, gift your loved ones something valuable that will show them how much you care. 

Spreading good spirit all around.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone! From your next door neighbour to your aunt and uncles- the world has been hit pretty hard. In order to cherish the spirit of the festival of colours and joy, practice the art of giving. It could be a small effort, but what counts is the smile your effort brought to the other person’s face. Your little effort can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Donate to a cause, or pledge with your family to help someone in need. 

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