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Batuk Bhairav Puja

Everyone wants a life that is full of joy & prosperity and is free of all problems.

It is perfectly normal to harbour such aspiration within our hearts. However, due to our extensive and highly complex karmic structure, it is hard not to have problems in life.

Note: This Puja gives excellent results when performed during the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya.

While we manage to scrape through minor troubles, a serious problem batters our morale & destroys our peace of mind.

In certain extremely bad situations, a person finds himself/herself losing all hopes of coming out from that turmoil, ever in life.

These problems can be related to health, finances, family relations, career etc.

However for a person who keeps the faith alive and maintains his/her composure, a solution is never far away.

The solution is "Batuk Bhairav Puja".

Lord Batuk Bhairav is an incarnation of the ’God of Gods’- Lord Shiva.

Out of the many forms of Lord Bhairav, Batuk Bhairav is the most gentle yet an incredibly powerful form.

Batuk means a child and Batuk Bhairav is the child form of Lord Bhairav.

Lord Batuk Bhairav is considered as immensely kind and auspicious to His devotees. His blessings remove all hurdles & obstacles from the lives of His devotees and grant them abundance in wealth and health aspects of their lives.

If one manages to please Lord Batuk Bhairav, then he/she gets rid of all problems of life and enjoys a blissful and harmonious family life.

The blessings of Lord Batuk Bhairav protects the devotee from all enemies and all evil effects that are cast on the devotee in any form.

So how should a person get the blessings of Lord Batuk Bhairav?

The answer is- by Batuk Bhairav Puja.

Therefore, we urge you to book a Batuk Bhairav Puja to get relieved of all troubles of life and lead a life full of prosperity, success & joy!

Benefits of Batuk Bhairav Puja:

  • Batuk Bhairav Puja brings abundance in wealth and significantly improves the financial condition of a person.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja blesses a person with great health and protects from ailments that as per malefic planetary influences are slated to appear in the future.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja bestows the blessings of Lord Batuk Bhairav upon the person and makes him/her emerge victorious over all enemies.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja shields a person from black magic & negative energies of all kinds.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja brings relief from all disputes or legal battles in the life of a person.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja protects the business of an individual from regulatory hurdles, unjust competition and hostile takeovers.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja brings enormous growth opportunities in the career aspect of a person.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja protects a person from accidents and fatal injuries.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja blesses children with a sharp mind along with focus & concentration.
  • Batuk Bhairav Puja prevents a person from fraud or cheating in life.

Batuk Bhairav Puja Includes:

  • Batuk Bhairav Puja on your behalf by a highly learned Brahmin Priest that invokes the blessings of Lord Batuk Bhairav.
  • Arrangement of watching the Puja being performed in your name from the comfort of your home via a recording that will be provided to you.

Note: The Batuk Bhairav Puja is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic rules & rituals as prescribed in the Holy Hindu Scriptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for Batuk Bhairav Puja?

Batuk Bhairav Puja is a holy ritual of pleasing Lord Batuk Bhairav to receive His blessings in order to have health, wealth and harmonious family relations in life. This Puja also gives protection from all kinds of evil and problems in life.

Therefore, His blessings are a must to lead a life that is secure from all troubles and is a living manifestation of joy & prosperity.

So, go for this life altering ritual!

Who will perform the Batuk Bhairav Puja?

We make sure that highly learned & experienced Brahmin Priests perform these holy rituals with utmost devotion. You need not to worry about anything as every single procedure as per the holy religious scriptures, is followed.

Do I get to watch the Puja?

Absolutely, you can watch the Batuk Bhairav Puja being performed in your name via a recording provided to you by us.

Is there any minimum age to go for Batuk Bhairav Puja?

No. Anyone can go for this Batuk Bhairav Puja.

Can I book the Batuk Bhairav Puja for someone else in my family?

Absolutely! What better gift can you give to your near and dear ones, than making sure that they live a prosperous and secured life by receiving the blessings of Lord Batuk Bhairav.


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