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What does Astrology say about the impact of India-Canada Trade Tensions on your business?

By: Future Point | 03-Oct-2023
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What does Astrology say about the impact of India-Canada Trade Tensions on your business?

The ongoing diplomatic tensions between India and Canada has resulted in some serious trade disruptions. It has left many Indian businesses concerned about its impact on their exports and growth prospects. As an astrologer who specializes in analyzing business success potential, let me guide you on how Vedic Astrology can predict the outcomes of this dispute for your venture based on your natal horoscope or birth chart.

Know Threats and Opportunities for Business with Astrology

Your business' horizons are expanded when the 9th house of fortune and the 11th house of gains are strong and positive in your chart. Afflictions to these houses or their ruling planets can undermine profits and growth.

To understand threats and opportunities for your business, the current planetary transits should also be analyzed along with your natal chart combinations.

For instance, if benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus are positively transiting the 9th house associated with foreign trade or 11th house of income & gains, their positive cosmic influence can help your business overcome obstacles and disputes in export markets. Their grace can maintain overseas expansion despite challenges.

On the other hand, if malefic planets like Saturn and Rahu are adversely transiting the key business houses, it indicates pending disputes could negatively impact operations. Furthermore, Mars which is considered as a cruel planet can cause friction in business operations in terms of sudden breaks in deals that were agreed before.

Guidance for harnessing the best astro-strategic course is tailored as per an individual's birth chart. An expert analysis of planetary combinations and transits reveals whether one should focus more on domestic markets or persist despite disputes to tap international opportunities during a given period.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you get your natal horoscope thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer to know the best path forward that would ensure smooth & profitable business operations with respect to overseas dealings.

Dr. Arun Bansal from Future Point is a well-known Vedic Astrologer & Vastu Expert with over 40 years of experience in helping his clients efficiently  maneuver various domains of their lives towards positive growth & success.


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Astrological Combinations Causing Failure in International Business

Some unfortunate planetary combinations in your natal chart can increase vulnerability for your business during global disputes or economic challenges:

  • Affliction to the 9th house of luck and 11th house of gains & realization of desires in your chart can undermine profits and growth. This can happen due to the presence of malefic planets, or if the lords of these houses are weak.
  • The combination of restrictive Saturn and chaotic Rahu together in the 8th house of obstacles can spell trouble for trade and strategic partnerships overseas.
  • A debilitated Jupiter that lacks strength causes lack of good fortune and prosperity. This hampers success in foreign ventures.
  • If the Mahadasha or Antardasha running as per your natal chart is that of malefic Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, it indicates turmoil for international operations.
  • Certain house combinations signified by planets that are operational at the Mahadasha and Antardasha level such as 6,8 and 12 or 5, 8 and 12 are detrimental for one’s earning potential especially if the person is involved in business dealings.

However, even if such negative combinations are present, sincere remedial measures as prescribed in Vedic Astrology can help offset their potency to a large extent. This provides the much needed buffer against major losses when traversing global challenges.

Analyzing Key Houses to Forecast Business Success Abroad

Certain important houses in your natal birth chart can reveal prospects and auspicious timing for overseas business success when analyzed properly:

The 9th House - This house signifies fortune, luck and prosperity acquired through foreign trade, travel and collaborations. If the lord of the 9th house is strongly placed in beneficial signs like Taurus, Cancer or Pisces and occupies a trine or Kendra house, it indicates expanding business horizons abroad.

The 11th House - This house relates to financial income, gains and profits earned through exports, international trade and professional networks. If the 11th lord and planets like Jupiter are positively positioned here, it supports continuous growth in foreign markets.

The 10th House - This house represents career, public image, reputation, achievement and authority. A strong 10th house helps establish fame and prestige globally for your brand or enterprise. It gives a competitive edge overseas.

If the lords of these houses are exalted or positioned in their own signs and there are benefic planetary influences here, your business can overcome obstacles, disputes and challenges in international territories.

Analyzing these prime houses related to foreign trade and partnership provides guidance on the best times to expand business operations globally and reap prosperity. Vedic Astrology offers invaluable insights to help capitalize on your inherent potential for international success.

Personalized Astrology Reports for International Business

To summarize, Vedic Astrology offers customized forecasts regarding your business success potential in foreign countries. Seek an expert astrologer's guidance. Provide your birth details for an accurate horoscope analysis report with predictions on the wisest course of action during the Canada trade dispute or diplomatic tensions to protect your profits and future interests. Let Vedic Astrological insights guide your international business strategy during this crucial period.


Can Astrology help me in ensuring success in overseas business?

Absolutely. Consult with Dr. Arun Bansal who has a huge experience that spans over 40 years in providing highly useful occult based guidance to his clients in various domains of their lives including marriage, career, finance, health and of course- business (both domestic as well as overseas).

Which are the houses in a horoscope that favours overseas business operations?

There are a lot of astrological permutations & combinations that are involved in ascertaining the exact state of business as signified by the planets in a person’s horoscope. However, the houses that are primarily associated with success in overseas business are the 9th and 11th houses.

How effective are astrological remedies in ensuring success in overseas business operations?

An experienced astrologer derives specific Astrological remedies after thoroughly analyzing the horoscope of a person who is involved in overseas business operations. These remedial measures have the potential of warding off the negative planetary influences of the ill-placed planets in the horoscope of that person.

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