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Powerful & Effective Vastu Tips for Love and Relationship

By: Future Point | 02-Feb-2021
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Powerful & Effective Vastu Tips for Love and Relationship

Marriage is a sacred union of two souls that requires efforts from different dimensions to make it a manifestation of love, joy, bliss & harmony.

Vastu is the ‘Divine Architectural Science’ that deals with the effects of various cosmic energies upon people living inside a building/structure based upon its architecture and the directions of different functionalities inside.

Just like other aspects of life such as education, health, career etc., the Vastu of a house plays a hugely significant role in shaping up the quality of marriage of the couple living in that house. 

If a house is Vastu compliant then highly positive cosmic energies flow inside that house and create a powerful ambience that promote a happy marital relationship among the couple living inside. 

However, if the house is not Vastu compliant then malefic energies from the cosmos make their way inside the house and wreak havoc in the lives of the married couple living inside by creating bickering, arguments and distrust among them.

Therefore, it is recommended that people must consult with a Vastu Expert to know the Vastu Tips for Love and Relationship that would help them lead a loving and fulfilling life with their partners.

There are many Vastu Tips for Marriage that have the potential of warding off the negative energies from a house that create various marital problems in the lives of a couple and it is prudent that every couple must seek the help of this ancient occult science in order to ensure love & harmony in their marriage.

The most effective Vastu Tips for Love are derived after analyzing both the architecture and internal design/setting of a couple’s bedroom as well as the natal horoscopes of the couple.

Hence, we urge every couple to contact Future Point to Talk to Astrologer as well as a Vastu Professional and get to know the tips & remedies that would bring unprecedented joy & happiness in their married lives!

By incorporating the Vastu Tips Happiness factor in their lives through the wisdom of the divine science of Vatsu, couples can attract highly positive & prosperous cosmic energies in their house that would infuse love, mutual understanding, loyalty & trust in their marriage.

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Vastu Tips for having a Loving & Healthy Marriage in Life  

The entire Vastu of a house casts an enormous impact on the lives of the people living inside that house. However, the bedroom of a house must be absolutely Vastu compliant in order for a married couple to enjoy a happy, blissful & fulfilling marriage. This is because the bedroom is the section of a house that on a subtle yet very powerful level contributes the most in determining the overall quality of a couple’s marriage. 

There are many common yet very effective Vastu based tips & remedies for couples that if adopted by them with respect to the bedroom of their house, could bring the kind of happiness in their marital relationship that they would have never thought possible before.

Let us look at some of those Vastu Tips for Love and Relationship that couples can easily adopt and drive their marriage towards immense love & happiness!

  • A couple must have their bedroom in the South-West or North-West direction of their house with the first preference given to the North-West direction as this direction enhances the physical compatibility between a couple.
  • The bed should be made up of wood rather than metal as beds made up of metal create a trust deficit among the couple as well as disturb the quality of their sleep.
  • The couple should place two identical lamps by both sides of the bed as it helps in achieving mutual understanding and respect for one another.
  • There should not be a painting in the bedroom depicting war, sadness or any other negative emotion as it attracts negative energies that promote bickering, bitter disagreements and heated arguments between the couple.
  • If the couple choose to have pictures of themselves in their bedroom then they must always put up only those pictures that have both of them in the frame as it promotes harmony and a sense of togetherness between them.
  • The colour of the bedroom walls must be light & soothing rather than dark & gloomy.
  • There should be minimal use and presence of electronic gadgets inside the bedroom as too much of electronic items increase the negative effects of naturally malefic planet- Rahu in the bedroom which creates emotional distance between the couple.
  • The bedroom should be free from clutter and the couple must put a cover over the black screen of the T.V. (if any) inside their bedroom as that black screen attracts the energies associated with planet Saturn that brings delays & sorrows in a relationship.
  • Last but not the least, the bed should not be placed directly under a beam/pillar as it brings confusions & misunderstandings in the relationship.

These were some in-general Vastu Tips for Love and Relationship that every couple can incorporate in their bedroom. 

However, to know the Vastu based remedies based on your personal horoscope as well as the specific architecture of your house, consult with our Vastu Expert who would provide you the exact & most effective Vastu guidance that would help you in attracting maximum bliss, love, joy & prosperity in your marriage!

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