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Mundan Muhurat 2021 for the Mundan Sanskar of Your Child

By: Future Point | 02-Feb-2021
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Mundan Muhurat 2021 for the Mundan Sanskar of Your Child

Out of the ‘Shodash Sanskars’ or the 16 Vedic Rituals that every human being born in the Hindu culture goes through, the Mundan Sanskar is the 8th one. The Mundan Sanskar or Mundan means the very first time removal of the hair present on the scalp of a child.

Traditionally, Mundan is performed at the end of the 1st year or in the 3rd year after the birth of a child. In some households, the Mundan of a child is also performed in the 5th or 7th year post his/her birth as well. However, the majority of people choose to go for their child’s Mundan at the end of 1st year or in the 3rd year post their child's birth.

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Significance of Mundan Sanskar and Muhurat

Mundan Sanskar is a very important cultural custom or Vedic ritual that has a deep scientific as well as spiritual significance attached to it. It is said that when the baby is in the mother’s womb, the hair on his/her scalp develop microbial impurities that tend to remain and in fact further multiply after birth. These impurities remain on the baby’s scalp as well as hair even after washing the baby’s head.

All the microbial impurities are removed from the baby’s scalp by shaving the baby’s head for the first time or performing his/her Mundan Sanskar. This process speeds up the mental growth of the baby and promotes a healthy brain & nervous system.

When a child goes through Mundan Sanskar, he/she sheds a whole lot of past life negative karmas that have accompanied him/her in the current life. Interestingly, as per the holy scriptures, Mundan is a ritual that blesses the child with a long & healthy life. Mundan Sanskar positively charges up the subconscious mind of a child and encourages him/her to perform pious karmas in this current life.  

In the Hindu culture, every major event of life is performed during a specific segment of time which is called a Muhurat. A Muhurat can be both auspicious as well as inauspicious depending upon the transitory movements of various planets or their positions in the cosmos at any given time.

A task or event performed during an auspicious Muhurat attracts positive cosmic energies that ensure success & prosperity in our lives and dispel any obstacles that were supposed to come our way. 

This is the reason why people consult with Astrologers before finalizing the timing/schedule for every major event of life to ensure maximum planetary/cosmic support that would eventually bring positive outcomes in their lives and or the lives of people that are directly concerned with respect to the event or task performed.

When it comes to ensuring the very best for their child, parents must plan the Mundan Sanskar of their child as per the Muhurat and Guidelines that Hindu Astrology has to offer.

Remember, a Muhurat that is suitable for one might not be suitable for someone else. This is because the positions of various planets in the Personal Horoscope of a person play a key role in determining the best Muhurat for him/her. 

Furthermore, the transitory positions or movements of different planets must also be factored in while deriving the most auspicious Muhurat for a person.

Not only this, the Eclipses that occur during an year and their effects on a person are also taken into account while evaluating a favourable Muhurat.

Therefore, do not select a Muhurat from the Muhurat dates & timings for all that are widely available on the internet as those are very generalized and do not hold any specific relevance for a person with respect to his/her Personal or Natal Horoscope.

If you are planning to go for your child’s Mundan Sanskar this year then Talk to Astrologer to know the most auspicious Mundan Muhurat 2021 for your child as per his/her Natal Horoscope or Janam Kundli.

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Some of the in-general & basic things that must be kept in mind when it comes to a child’s Mundan Sanskar are:

  • The Mundan Sanskar or Ceremony must be held at a holy or spiritual place as the sacred ambience in such places attract highly positive energies that bless the child with success, health and prosperity in his/her life ahead.
  • The Mundan must be carried out at the Muhurat calculated by an experienced Astrologer post analyzing the current transitory positioning of the planets as well as the child’s personal horoscope. 
  • The Mundan must be carried out when the child is well fed, preferably in his/her mother’s lap and at ease.
  • The shaving equipment must be thoroughly clean and the barber must be experienced in handling the sudden & unexpected body movement from a child.

Therefore in order to know the most auspicious & suitable Mundan Muhurat 2021 for your child, contact Future Point and speak to one of our highly experienced Astrology & Vedic Experts. Plan the entire Mundan Ceremony of your child in accordance with authentic Vedic Rituals that would result in attracting positive & prosperous cosmic energies or divine blessings in your child’s life!

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