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Know the Best Vivah Muhurat 2021 for Getting Married!

By: Future Point | 28-Jan-2021
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Know the Best Vivah Muhurat 2021 for Getting Married!

Marriage/Vivah Muhurat 2021: Marriage is a sacred union of two souls who vow to spend their lives together as couples and stand by each other’s side during all times. It is a social institution that has been prevalent in our society since the dawn of civilization.

Among various key aspects of life, marriage is arguably the most important one as it brings a whole new set of responsibilities in a person’s life. Undoubtedly, marriage is a domain of life that teaches the true meaning of family and refines the overall personality of a person by adding a great deal of maturity to it.

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Significance of a ‘Muhurat’

Once a marriage is finalized, it is extremely important to conduct the event of marriage in an auspicious ‘Muhurat’. 

A Muhurat is essentially a ‘Segment of Time’ derived after applying certain astrological parameters to the movements or positions of various planetary bodies. Calculation of a Muhurat also involves the analysis of ‘Vaar’ (Day) and ‘Tithi’ (Date) with respect to the event that one is planning to conduct.

After a detailed astrological/celestial analysis, an Astrologer derives the Muhurat or Segment of Time that will be auspicious for a person to conduct a particular event or task in his/her life. This is the reason why people always Talk to Astrologer to know the best Muhurat for performing key events in their lives.

The reason why it is extremely important to know the specific auspicious Muhurat beforehand to conduct crucial tasks or events in life is that, if we conduct or even begin something during an auspicious Muhurat then we get the tremendously powerful support of positive cosmic/planetary energies in our lives that result in bringing success & prosperity with respect to those tasks or events in our lives.

Now, when it comes to the most vital aspect of life that is- Marriage, couples must tie the knot only during the most Auspicious or ‘Shubh’ Muhurat as derived by an Astrologer after making numerous astrological calculations along with analyzing the planetary positions in the Natal Horoscopes or Janam Kundlis of the couples.

Therefore, we urge all those who are about to enter into the marital domain of their lives to contact Future Point and consult with the Best Astrologer to know the most Auspicious Muhurat to conduct your marriage that would ensure bliss, love, happiness & harmony in your married life ahead!

Vivah Muhurat or Marriage Muhurat is calculated after applying a number of tedious transit based astrological permutations & combinations alongside keeping in mind the natal positions of various planets in the horoscope of the couple as well. Among multiple principles that assist in calculating the right Muhurat for Marriage, one such principle is calculating Vivah Muhurat by Name which requires a great deal of expertise by an Astrologer.

Out of the many key factors involved in the process of Marriage Muhurat calculations, two very important ones are:

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State of Natal Venus

Venus is the natural significator of marriage and its position in the Natal Horoscopes of both the boy & girl who intend to marry is very carefully analyzed by an Astrologer. 

This is done to derive a Muhurat particularly on a day & date that compliments the natal Venus and provides further strength to this planet which plays a crucial role in shaping up the married life of the couple going ahead.

Beneficial Yogas and Malefic Doshas

There can be multiple Beneficial Yogas (Beneficial Planetary Unions) as well as Malefic Doshas (Planetary Flaws) present in a person’s Horoscope or Kundli. 

These Yogas and Doshas become extra powerful or extra weak on certain specific days & dates of every month as per the Lunar Calendar. 

Hence, it is the job of an Astrologer to identify a day & date which amplifies the positive effects of Beneficial Yogas and pacifies the negative effects of Malefic Doshas present in the Horoscope of a person, thereby enhancing the prospects of success and minimizing the chances of failure with respect to the event or task that the person conducts in his/her life.

The internet is full of readymade Marriage or Vivah Muhurat dates, however they are not practical & effective in the actual scenario as they are not derived after factoring in the planetary positionings from the personal Horoscopes of the couple who intend to marry.

If a boy & girl who are planning to get married this year are genuinely interested in knowing the Best Vivah Muhurat 2021 for themselves, then they should take the wise & prudent step of consulting with a Professional Astrologer.

Couples looking forward to tie the knot should contact Future Point to consult with highly experienced Astrologers who would derive a Shubh Muhurat for Marriage 2021 for them by performing an in-depth & comprehensive analysis of their horoscopes as well as the transitory movements of the planets & stars in the Zodiac Belt.            

Get the professional help of the incredibly talented Astrologers of Future Point and know which is the exact Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2021 that will help your marriage flourish with love, happiness, bliss & marital joy in the times to come!

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