Best Vastu tips bring happiness and prosperity in your life

By: Future Point | 26-Nov-2018
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Best Vastu tips bring happiness and prosperity in your life

Vastu Shastra has the power to bring happiness and peace in life. It creates happiness in a person’s life by balancing the five main elements like earth, air, water, space, and fire. One can achieve a happy life through the principles of Vastu. It also enhances the peace and prosperity between the members of the family.

If you are facing any issues or problems in life then look at the vastu doshas of your house and office. Yes, Vastu defects can create problems in one’s life and emit the peace from life. If you feel the same then some Vastu tips can change your life in a better way and make your life peaceful and prosperous.

Follow these tips for a peaceful and happy life :

  • To attain mental peace and stability, one should place his bed in the south or south-west direction.
  • The northeast direction is appropriate to keep bank papers, testimonials, certificates etc. It helps to remove the conflicts.
  • Do not keep old and useless things or items at home. It may affect the family member’s health badly. This can also stop the positive energy to enter the house.
  • Red, blue, green and yellow colors are more suitable for the house. These colors enhance the calmness of the home and also affected the health of a person in a good way.
  • Place greenery and evergreen bamboo painting or pictures in the east direction. It gives you happiness and good health to you.
  • To control your over expenses, place live plants or grains in the living room.
  • To protect the health of your family members and prevent them from diseases or health problems, keep a burning candle in that person’s room for a couple of weeks.

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  • For a healthy relationship, clean the dirtiness of the house and your surroundings. It may restrict the flow of positive vibes and love.
  • Make sure that the entrance to the house is well decorated. Place some statues or pictures of gods.
  • Main gate and the entrance door along the same line is considered to be inauspicious. It will protect the house from direct flow of energy. This also ensures that no shadow falls on the main door.
  • Always place the doormat near the main door of the house. It is believed that doormat absorbs the negative energy and prevents it entering your home. Doormats also wipe the dirt out from the shoes.
  • The environment of the house largely affects the relationship between husband and wife. Their bedroom should be in the south direction. If your bedroom is in this direction then it will prevent you from disharmony, arguments and sustain the love of your relationship.
  • Surroundings of the house should be calm and cool as it affects the health of the people who live in it. It also makes prosper life of the individuals. Hang a family picture in the south-west wall of the home. It makes a bond of love between family members.
  • Green plants are very good for the relationships and family bond. North area of the house is auspicious to sow green trees and plants. It helps you to build trust and love in the family.

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  • Marriageable daughters should be live in the North West bedroom.
  • Children’s study room should be in the east or north direction. Study table is not rested against the dead wall.
  • Whenever you sit for the study, face in the east or north direction. It will help you to take away from distraction.
  • Do not use too much dark and dull color in the study room. It can distract the mind of a child. Always try to choose cheerful and bright colors like blue, cream, light green, pink and white.
  • Puja room is a sacred place and it should not be placed underneath the staircase because it will mean that people walk over the roof of the mandir. The ground floor is a recommended place for the temple at home. According to Vastu Shastra do not place it in the basement or a higher floor of the home.
  • One can balance the energies to choose the right colors for their house. Green color for north direction, yellow for northeast or south, violet for west direction, blue or indigo color for south-east and red or orange color is appropriate for the east direction of the house.

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