Are you looking forward to upgrade your education? Consult Now !

By: Future Point | 26-Nov-2018
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Are you looking forward to upgrade your education? Consult Now !

Education is the most effective tool of empowerment in this world. It is with education, that human beings have made crucial advancements in various fields that have brought many comforts and conveniences in their lives. But in this rapidly changing world, new technologies are getting evolved very quickly, making it a real challenge to stay relevant in the modern day's corporate workforce. Only those educational skills that are not only relevant today but are also future proof when it comes to coping up with changing technology, can insulate an individual from disruptions that hinder growth in his/her career.

How do I know which type of educational skills or upgrades are beneficial for me?

Simple- by taking the help of Astrology! Yes, astrology is a divine science that has the amazing ability to look into the future and reveal what the planets & stars hold for us. Astrology also recommends highly effective & result oriented remedial measures, that if adopted timely, can alter the very course of our destiny in our favour. Astrology provides crucial insights into what the future holds for a native in terms of numerous domains of his/her life. For each domain of life, a special set of rules & guidelines of astrology are used. Hence, for analyzing the prospects & condition of education in one's life- Education Astrology is used.

Why should I go for an Education Astrology Consultation?

A brilliant astrologer while referring to education astrology analyzes the education horoscope or kundali of a native. This helps in making highly useful education astrology predictions for the native which reveal that particular path to the native, that is conducive and in harmony with the planetary positions and aspects in his/her horoscope. This clarity leads the native towards maximum growth and success in life.

Both, upgrades in education and charting a course for education at an early stage in life, require proper planning and preparation in advance. If a native dives into a stream or line of education that is not supported by the planetary influences upon him/her, then the entire exercise can prove to worthless as far as results in terms of gain in career are concerned. And no matter what you do, at the end of the day, it is the gain from our efforts that really matters.

What does an astrologer looks for in a horoscope for suggesting the right education path?

The Sign in the Ascendant:

The sign in the ascendant or the first house on a general basis, categorizes the overall outlook of planets towards an individual, thus helps in painting a broad picture of how the native should lead his/her life to attract maximum success and minimize the friction.

Placement of the Lord of the Ascendant:

The Lord of the Ascendant or the Lord of the first house is a planet that has immense impact on our life, therefore it's position, the aspects that it casts, the aspects that are casted on it by other planets and the planets that are placed with it in the horoscope need careful analysis to make crucial predictions.

5th House:

This is the house of 'Comprehensive Intelligence' and it is extremely important in determining the IQ of a native. State of this house points towards the sectors or fields that a native is best poised to succeed in.

6th House:

The 6th house has nothing to do with education, infact it poses hindrances in education and creates lack of interest in education in certain cases. However, a strong sixth house promotes success in job & competition as it represents these attributes in a native's life. Education is acquired for shaping the career and the role of a job and the competition revolving around it in a native's life makes the 6th house of paramount importance.

9th House:

This is the house of higher education & fortune. When talking about upgrading the education, the analysis of 9th house gives the much needed direction towards finding out the fields or sectors where an individual should focus, as far as upgrading the educational graph is concerned.

10th House:

This is the house of profession and career. All the efforts for upgrading the education or attaining a certification in a particular domain, is essentially to enhance the career or attract desired growth opportunities. Therefore, by decoding the house of profession, an astrologer suggests the fields of education that are likely to give a strong push to a native career or profession.

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The True Nature of an Individual:

We try to act as per the situation in this world, but deep down inside, our true nature holds the key to our real potential. If one's genius is to flower, then he/she should take up roles in this world as per their true nature. Only then would the potential of a human being would find its full expression and success would be a natural consequence. Therefore, an experienced astrologer recommends an educational stream or field to a native while keeping in mind, the true nature of that native. This alone increases the chances of success after attaining that educational upgrade, manifolds.

Success from Education in Foreign Land:

Foreign education in astrology is a subject that is very popular. Certain horoscopes have the combinations of success from education in foreign land. Hence, it becomes highly relevant for that individual to go for an upgrade in his/her education by going to a foreign country for studying. An astrologer by identifying such combinations, reveals the beneficial prospects of settlement in a foreign country for a native.

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Current Transit in Operation:

The movements of planets in Transit, has the potential of affecting the life of an individual on an immediate basis to a great extent. Therefore, any decisions taken in the immediate term must be in accordance with the effect of the transit on the individual. Because the Dasha (primary period) of a planet as per the natal chart might be showing a positive period to venture into upgrading the education, but the current transit might come out to be highly negative. Hence, a period conducive on both the Dasha and transitory parameters is found to ensure maximum success in the endeavour.

So what are you waiting for?

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