Incredible Vastu Tips for Newlyweds to Enjoy A Happy Married Life

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Incredible Vastu Tips for Newlyweds to Enjoy A Happy Married Life

Marriage in Hinduism

In Hinduism, marriage is an auspicious & sacred union between the bride and the groom. There are many aspects which are given importance before solemnizing their marriage. Of this, Match-Making is certainly an important facet, however, Match-Making is only a prelude at the time of nuptial knot. The true relationship between the two couples begins after getting married.

In such a scenario, the importance of Match-Making is further extended by the science of Vastu.

What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient science which is useful while constructing a place for the design, direction, layouts, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry of that place. Thus, the continuity of horoscope match-making is seen through the science of Vastu. Vastu Shastra is the scripture that holds the science of Vastu and it provides various ways to enhance the happiness between a newlywed couple. Therefore, it becomes imperative to follow the tenets of Vastu Shastra in letter and spirit to maximize mutual love and happiness.

Vastu basically deals with striking balance & harmony among the five primordial elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space who have specific directions allotted to them that are ideal for them to function in a positive state.

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Vastu for Marriage

As per the principles of Vastu, south-west is the best direction for a couple’s bedroom as it promotes harmony and bliss in their marital relationship. Keep this room clean, calm and avoid clutter. Place fresh pairs of flowers to signify unity and harmony. Use paired objects like twin lamps. Avoid a TV or big devices in the bedroom. Furthermore, a kitchen in the southeast represents nourishment and supports health.

It must be noted that the living room should be constructed in the north direction for having constructive & positive communication. Allow abundant natural light and air flow. Following these Vastu principles promotes companionship and bonding.

What is so special about Vastu?

Vastu principles create buildings that are in sync with cosmic energies to benefit the occupants with health, wealth and positivity. 

Vastu provides guidelines regarding shape, layout, spatial geometry, direction and precise placement of various rooms, objects and openings. Adhering to Vastu in home and office design establishes balance with subtle energies and promotes prosperity and wellbeing. Vastu is essentially a science of arranging our constructed environment in the most auspicious way.

Ensuring a Blissful Marriage through Vastu

Want a joyful marriage filled with love and togetherness? The sacred knowledge of Vastu & its highly useful applications help couples strengthen their marital relationships. Let us explore the Best Vastu Tips for drawing in positive energy and promoting communication, romance and understanding between life partners through careful interior planning.

  • Vastu for the Bedroom: Creating a Harmonious Space for Couples

The energy of the bedroom space impacts relationships. Vastu Shastra provides guidelines on designing bedrooms to strengthen intimacy and harmony between couples. Strategic directions, layout, décor and objects can enhance affection and understanding. Discover how to create a peaceful ambience in this private sanctuary using Vastu principles for improved communication and bonding.

  • Vastu for the Kitchen: Cooking Up Love and Happiness

The kitchen nourishes not just physically but also emotionally in a marriage. Vastu Shastra prescribes kitchen layouts that can multiply love and positivity for couples. Learn ideal directions, stove placement, décor elements and more for your kitchen based on Vastu guidance to whip up an atmosphere of affection, laughter and joyful bonding over shared meals.

  • Vastu for the Living Room: A Place to Bond and Relax

The center of every home that promotes stability in family relations is the living room. Vastu principles emphasize the ideal layout and decor to create a harmonious and positive atmosphere, ensuring that this space remains a sanctuary of peace and connection.

  • Vastu for the Entrance: Welcoming Good Luck and Energy

The entrance in a house is a section that acts as the primary inlet & outlet of cosmic energies. Following Vastu guidelines for the entrance can attract positivity and prosperity. Proper placement, lighting, and colors can create a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that good luck and vibrant energy flow into your living space.

  • Vastu for the Bathroom: Cleansing and Purifying the Space

In Vastu, the bathroom is considered a space for physical and spiritual cleansing. Proper placement of fixtures, ventilation, and colors can help maintain hygiene and harmony. Following Vastu principles ensures a purified and balanced bathroom, promoting overall well-being and positivity in your home.

  • Vastu for the Home Office: A Place to Focus and Thrive

Applying Vastu principles to your home office can enhance productivity and success. Proper placement of your desk, furniture, and lighting can create a conducive environment for focus and creativity. Aligning energies according to Vastu can help you thrive in your work-from-home space.

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Vastu Remedies to Improve Your Marriage

Is your marriage going through difficult times? Vastu Shastra offers time-tested spatial remedies that can help bring back happiness and harmony between married couples. Simple adjustments like door position, bedroom location, colors and décor as prescribed in Vastu texts can improve communication and affection between partners.

  • How to Place the Bed According to Vastu for a Happy Marriage

As per the principles of Vastu, the southwest corner in a bedroom is the best place to have the bed to ensure marital bliss. Avoid placing the bed in the northeast, southeast, or under any beams. Keep the bedroom clutter-free and soothing to promote harmony and marital bliss.

  • Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Date

Select an auspicious wedding by considering planetary positions and Panchang (Hindu calendar). Favorable months include Margashirsha, Magha, and Phalgun. Avoid inauspicious days like Rikta Tithi and Ashubh Nakshatras. Consult an experienced astrologer for an ideal date that aligns with your astrological charts for a harmonious married life.

  • How to Decorate Your Home According to Vastu for a Happy Marriage

Decorate your home for a happy marriage according to Vastu by using soothing colors like light pink, green, or blue. Place symbols of love and togetherness like pairs of birds or flowers in the southwest corner. The bedroom should be kept or maintained as clutter free as possible with minimal or only essential furniture. 

  • Use the Knowledge of Vastu to Dispel Negative Energies from Your Home

The very first Vastu compliant step in the process of dispelling negative energies from your home is removing clutter and ensuring tidiness. Install salt lamps or use rock salt in corners to absorb negativity. Play calming music and keep the space well-ventilated. Consult a Vastu expert for personalized guidance.

  • How to Improve Your Communication According to Vastu

Enhance communication per Vastu by placing the dining table in the northwest corner of your home. Keep the northeast area clutter-free and well-lit. Use soft colors and avoid placing sharp objects in this zone. Display artwork or symbols that promote positive interactions, fostering better communication and relationships.

  • How to Resolve Conflict According to Vastu

Vastu recommends keeping your home space in an organized manner to avoid bickering & arguments. Maintaining a clutter-free environment in your home promotes resolution for conflict (if there is any). A pair of ‘Rose Quartz’ crystals or ‘Mandarin Ducks’ placed in the southwest corner of the house to attract positive energies that enhance love, trust and mutual understanding. Meditate in the northeast corner to calm tensions. Seek professional Vastu advice for severe conflicts.

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How to Ensure a Blissful Married Life with Vastu?

A stable, loving marriage is one of life's greatest gifts. Ancient Vastu principles contain invaluable wisdom on how to strengthen the bond between spouses through home design. Simple Vastu-aligned layouts and décor adjustments can enrich intimacy and understanding between couples. Learn how to create an abode designed for a joyful, lifelong marriage using Vastu Shastra's insightful guidance.

  • How to Choose the Right House According to Vastu for a Long and Happy Marriage

Select a Vastu-compliant house for a long and happy marriage by ensuring the main entrance faces north, east, or northeast. Avoid homes near graveyards or temples. Bedrooms in the southwest corner are ideal. Consult a Vastu expert to assess the property's energy flow and ensure it aligns with your marital harmony goals.

  • Vastu Tips for Raising Children

Follow Vastu tips for raising children by placing their bedroom in the east or north direction. Ensure the study area faces north or east for improved concentration. Use calming colors and avoid clutter in their space. Maintain a positive and harmonious home environment to support their growth and well-being.

  • Vastu Tips for Dealing with Aging

In Vastu, as you age, prioritize a clutter-free and well-lit living space. Position your bedroom in the south or southwest for stability and health. Include soothing colors and comfortable furniture. Create a peaceful meditation corner in the northeast. Regularly cleanse the home's energy to maintain positivity and well-being during the aging process.

  • Vastu Tips for Overcoming Challenges

To overcome challenges using Vastu, keep the north and northeast areas clutter-free. Place a crystal grid or yantra in these zones for positive energy. Maintain proper ventilation and lighting throughout your home. Create a dedicated meditation or prayer space. Consult a Vastu expert for personalized remedies to address specific challenges.

  • Vastu Tips for Staying Connected

Staying connected in Vastu involves placing the family gathering area in the northeast. Ensure good lighting and comfortable seating. Avoid clutter and maintain a harmonious atmosphere. Use calming colors like green or blue. Display family photos or symbols of togetherness to strengthen bonds and promote connectivity among family members.

  • Vastu Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

To maintain a healthy relationship per Vastu, place the bedroom in the southwest for stability and harmony. Keep the space clutter-free, with soothing colors. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom. Create a calming ambiance with soft lighting. Consult a Vastu expert for personalized recommendations to nurture your relationship.

Vastu Based Useful Tips for Newlyweds

Following are some incredible Vastu based tips for a newlywed couple:

  • Since Vastu Shastra is the science for the design of a house, make sure you choose a house which conforms with the rules of Vastu Shastra. This is because the overall house should emanate positive energy upon the couple. If there is a lack of any such space then there can be shortcomings in the relationship.
  • Keep your home neat and tidy. If not in proper balance, then there can be much negative energy which can emanate from your home. This can lead to impediments in a happy married life between the newly wed. Therefore, please avoid any untidy practice at home.
  • If buying a property from a reseller, it would be always better to get a Vastu Expert to examine the property before buying the property. This will reduce the threat of buying a property with Vastu Dosh. This is very important especially if buying an independent property such a Bungalow or ancient property for residence.
  • Bedroom: One of the important directions and placement of a bedroom is its location. The ideal location is that of South or West or South-West direction. Therefore, while deciding the place of residence by the couple, it would be advisable to check out the direction of the bedroom for mutual happiness.
  • Always make sure, you place your head towards the south or south west direction while sleeping on the bed.
  • The picture wherein the couple are seen together should always be placed on the Eastern Wall and facing the west. Since the Sun rises from the east to give life to every living being, similarly, placing the picture in the east will add to glory in the life of the couples.
  • There should be no office files, laptops, I-pads or any other office related work in the bedroom. This would increase the tension between the two of you. Sometimes a temporary breakup is also likely.
  • No beam to cross over the bed please. This hampers the prosperity between the two of you. In fact, overall paucity is seen in the progress of relationships.
  • Avoid iron or steel made beds. Since, the significance of Iron and Steen is that of Lord Saturn. Lord Saturn would expect the two of you to remain disciplined than to occasionally indulge in intimate relationships. Try to use wood further in the bedroom as much as possible.
  • Use incense and natural flowers in the bedroom. Since, this will influence planet Venus in the bedroom for love and romance. One can also use candles with incense in the bedroom to keep the positive energy active in the room.
  • If colors attract you to enhance your mood towards romance, then use Blue, green or light crème color in your bedroom. This will help you to remain well bonded between each other.
  • No religious picture please. This will enhance the positive aura to remain disciplined than to look out for intimate movements. Please avoid any such image, Moorty, or symbol that is bold enough to be spotted in the bedroom.
  • Please avoid any property where any unholy incidents such as Suicides or Homicides have taken place. Even a property which was in the neighborhood of such a property would need to be examined before dealing with the same. As the negative energy can reduce the positivity between the newly married.

It must be clear by now that Vastu is a very important subject which must be considered for a native and more particularly for a newly married couple.


A happy home fosters a happy marriage. By incorporating Vastu guidelines for direction, spatial geometry, room placements and objects, we can create living spaces filled with positive energy and harmony. Vastu principles help remove irritants and nurture understanding between couples. Adopting the simple yet profound marital Vastu remedies aligns the home energies to nourish relationships. A house thoughtfully planned based on Vastu wisdom can become a sacred abode for loving companionship, togetherness and lifelong marital fulfillment.


Can Vastu Shastra solve all marital problems?

The wisdom of the divine architectural science of Vastu contained in the scripture called Vastu Shastra helps in attracting immensely positive energies from the cosmos that promote love & bliss alongside helping us to achieve solutions to marital problems.

It is mandatory to consult with a Professional Vastu Consultant?

While consulting a Vastu Expert would definitely prove to be highly beneficial, you can also implement basic Vastu principles on your own.

Can Vastu Shastra guarantee a happy marriage?

Vastu Shastra can for sure contribute to a harmonious atmosphere, but the success of a marriage depends on the couple's efforts and compatibility.

How often should I update the decor based on Vastu principles?

You can update your decor as you see fit, but periodically reviewing and adjusting it can help maintain positive energies.

Can Vastu Shastra be practiced in apartments?

Yes, Vastu principles can be applied to apartments as well, with some modifications to accommodate the smaller space.

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