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Weekly Horoscope 08-July to 15th-July

By: Future Point | 09-Jul-2018
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Weekly Horoscope 08-July to 15th-July


The beginning of the week indicates that you shall setup your mind and work conditions in such a way so that your social life improves up to the maximum. You will be happy at heart and your health and happiness would remain intact throughout the week. There would be substantial increase in your happiness and financial position in the mid of the week.

You would be very strongly attached to your kith and kin. Your family life as well as social life shall be perfect whereas in the remaining part of the week you can expect multiplication of your mental and social activities. Your social sphere shall get expanded. Although desired recognition won't be there in social life but your activeness shall keep your confidence intact. In addition to that you would be putting lot of efforts to consolidate your business.


The beginning of the week is not auspicious for your state of mind and general health. Your immunity would get affected from the extra stress coming from failures in accomplishing important tasks. There would be some improvement in state of mind in the mid of the week but this improvement won't be very satisfactory.

It would be better to work with a balanced approach without losing patience so that the confidence remains intact. The continuous support and co-operation of family members would help you perform better. The association with family members would prove beneficial especially in the remaining part of the week when you would be putting lot of energy for the prosperity in the family. There would be an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the family.


The beginning of the week is giving indications of increase in income and gains from business. You would be enjoying the cooperation of your elder brothers and your interest in share market investment is likely to get increased. This is the right time to take interest in speculative activities. Attachment with children and mother would increase.

The mid of the week is not auspicious for your health, happiness, state of mind, mental health and finance. Possibilities of losses in business are also on cards. You are advised to keep your patience intact and control unnecessary expenses as much as you can. In the weekend days there are indications of restoration of mental peace, health and happiness. You will be full of enthusiasm, energy and confidence with an increase in your working efficiency.


The beginning of the week indicates possibilities of promotion with transfer. Although the job profile would be up graded but some extra load of responsibilities won't let you attain the desired job satisfaction. The business related journeys would bring in average results. The gains would be very average in the middle part of the week however you won't leave any stone unturned in converting ordinary deals into more profitable. You would also be seeking the support of your elder brothers.

They might support and co-operate you but their support won't prove beneficial for you. The planetary transit in the remaining days of the week indicates financial losses, unnecessary expenditure of energy and money. You would be frustrated because of this negative situation and in addition to that you would be facing lot of humiliation without any fault of yours therefore you are advised not to lose your patience so that your confidence remains intact. Be optimistic and don't give-up hopes but for the time being it would be better to postpone the Muhurat of undertaking any new activity.


The beginning of the week is favorable for your father, long and beneficial work related journeys and religious inclination. During this time you are likely to get the blessings of your spiritual guides. You would be taking interest in regular prayers, meditational practices, breathing exercises, Yoga, higher education and social activities. The mid part of the week is perfectly fine for your work and for getting desired support from subordinates.

Your bosses would favor you for your excellence at work. The business and gains would increase. Those in job might get some good news regarding the up gradation of their job profile. The remaining days of the week are beneficial to worship any black God and Goddess and this type of remedy would eventually prove beneficial for overcoming the malefic influence of planets. More financial gains are likely.


The beginning of the week is inauspicious for health and state of mind however work condition is likely to improve. You are advised not to be aggressive unnecessarily rather try to work with confidence and if possible then delay the Muhurat of new tasks for a couple of days. You will be worried about the health of your spouse. The mid part of the week is giving an indication of betterment in your position and to refresh and revitalize yourself you are advised to go on a journey to a beautiful hill station of tourist attraction along with your spouse.

This journey would not only prove fruitful for the enhancement of compatibility between husband and wife but also bring a relief from the tensions you are facing presently. This is also a good time for betterment of relations with partner. The concluding part of the week would prove excellent for your professional life and you might attain the desired recognition on professional front. This is most suitable Muhurat for worshiping Goddess Kali.


The beginning of the week indicate that you would be putting in lot of efforts for the rectification of compatibility related issues with your spouse and partners but you won't be successful in doing so rather your failures in this connection would make you feel more frustrated. The mid part of the week shall be more frustrating however the possibility of some sudden financial gains would restore your happiness and confidence.

This time is favorable for getting some ray of hope regarding secret gain. The remaining part of the week is auspicious for worshiping goddess Kali. This special prayer would bring favor of destiny. You are likely to visit the temple of any black God or Goddess. This time is highly favorable to do the remedies for the rectification of problems caused by malefic planets.


The beginning of the week are giving indications of health related trouble, low immunity, low confidence, low enthusiasm and worries related to the wicked endeavors of enemies and the unwanted burden of loans and legal issues. The mid part of the week would generate bright hopes of conjugal bliss however that won't meet your standard of expectation. The planetary transit also indicates ray of hope for the betterment of relation between husband and wife.

The misunderstanding with partner is likely to come to an end. The remaining days of the week are very bad for your health, happiness, confidence and patience. The order of events would bring unbearable disappointment and frustration. You would be losing your confidence and patience completely for the restoration of which you shall have to do breathing exercises and meditation and seek the advice of your parents.


The beginning of the week is auspicious for earning betterment in professional life and income because of your good luck in speculation. You shall be winning lot of appreciation because of the expert advice given by you to your people. The support of sons and the advantage of education along with spark of emotional relations shall also be experienced in this week.

The mid of the week indicates that you might have to spend money in solving issues related to health problems, debts and litigation. Your expenses might increase suddenly and you are likely to go on a journey too however all these activities would create some hidden source of income for you. The remaining part of the week might keep you low confidence wise however good compatibility and the mutual cooperation between husband and wife especially for the purpose of increase in income shall prove effective.


In the beginning of the week there are indications that you would be getting better source of income with the support, co-operation and blessings of mother. It would be beneficial to stay and work at native place in close association of family members. You would be spending money on the maintenance of your vehicle and house. The mid of the week indicates that you would be spending money on education, your children, speculation, entertainment and love relation.

Your health would remain perfect throughout the week and confidence would also not go down. The concluding part of the week is giving this indication that you would be confident in handling your enemies and expenses in this week. You would be happy while going on journeys. You will make plans to manage your expenses and competitive examinations. You would be a good strategist in terms of shaping your marketing plans during tough competition in the market.


The beginning of the week is highly favorable for your health, happiness, social life, parties with friends and relatives, co-operation of siblings and social activities. You will emerge as an influential and highly respectable person in society. Your social activities will involve some noble cause which would bring a new recognition to your organization.

In the mid of the week you would be worried about the health of your mother and some domestic expenses which might create some extra stress. The concluding part of the week indicates that you would be spending money on your education or on children's health and education. You would also spend on entertainment related activities. This is favorable time for speculative activities like gambling, lottery and share market investment. Your emotional relations shall get strengthened suddenly.


The beginning of the week marks betterment in pleasing atmosphere in the family along with presence of perfect harmony and peace. The increased inflow of money would enhance your saving potential. The support of family members would provide an extra edge to earn money very quickly. In the mid of the week there would be better relations with your kith and kin and social life would also be up to the mark.

You will become more effortful in bringing changes in your social behavior and social environment. You would also try to bring necessary reforms in the environment around you. In nutshell your social activities would get multiplied. The remaining part of the week is not good for your state of mind and happiness. Health might get deteriorated and in addition to that there would remain some extra burden on your mind. You need to take care of the health of your mother.

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