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Know the Effects of 2021 Sun’s Gemini Transit Upon Yourself

By: Future Point | 15-Jun-2021
Views : 1074Know the Effects of 2021 Sun’s Gemini Transit Upon Yourself

Sun, as per the principles of Vedic Astrology is considered as the King of all Planets. Sun represents authority, power, position, self esteem, fame, leadership, government as well as administration among many other things.

Sun will enter into the Sign of Gemini on 15th June 2021 and will transit in that sign till 16th July 2021. 

Sun Transit in Gemini 2021 will bring significant changes in our lives. This planet will generate phenomenal results for us as per the house that it triggers in our Personal Horoscope or Janam Kundli.

Since this transit of the Sun in Gemini is taking place after the recent Solar Eclipse of 10th June 2021, people are likely to experience certain key changes in their lives.

Remember the Sun represents our Soul and is the significator planet of energy & vitality as well. Hence, it is very important that one must have a well placed Sun in his/her Horoscope. 

However, if Sun is negatively placed in the Horoscope of an individual then he/she should immediately Talk to Astrologer and know the astrological remedial measures that would pacify the aggravated Sun and reduce its negative effects so that the individual can move ahead towards success & prosperity in his/her life.     

The ultimate effects of the transiting Sun in Gemini would depend upon the individual Horoscope of a person as well as other planetary movements in the Zodiac Belt during this period.

So without further ado, let us look at the Sun Transit in Gemini effects upon the lives of people of all 12 Ascendant Signs!

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Sun will be transiting in the 3rd house of your Horoscope. You will feel high on energy during this time. Your courage will increase and you will not shy away from taking bold steps with respect to your career or profession. However, do not take any big decision without giving a fair amount of thought. Perform proper situational analysis before arriving at a conclusion especially in matters related to finance. Your health will significantly improve and you will feel amply rejuvenated. Your work in the professional domain will be well appreciated by senior officials. If you are a student then this will be a good period for you as your hard work will reap desired academic results.


Sun will be transiting in the 2nd house of your Horoscope. Your monetary state will be sound and you are likely to make an investment during this time. You will enjoy a pleasant relationship with your family members as well as your close friends. Travel for leisure is also on the cards for you. However, keep a check on the tone of your speech as well as your choice of words because speaking harshly would ruin your equation with your near & dear ones. Be a good listener and respect other people’s opinions. This is a favourable time for both people doing a job as well as those involved in a business of their own. Promotion or pay hike in your current job as well as significant gains in your business would strengthen the professional domain of your life during this transit.


Sun will be transiting in the 1st house of your Horoscope. There will be a rise in your stature in society. Your confidence level will increase and that will add attractiveness to your personality. You will charge ahead in the right direction to execute your goals. You will be able to sort out the work or profession related challenges that were bothering you earlier. You could have arguments with your spouse that could bring some bitterness in your married life. Therefore, be extra sensitive and respect your spouse’s point of view to ensure marital harmony and a loving relationship with your spouse. Take care of your health and avoid unnecessary exertion.


Sun will be transiting in the 12th house of your Horoscope. There would be a rise in your expenditures and your financial state could get adversely impacted during this time. This is not a period that is conducive for your health. You could suffer from problems related to your head, eyes or teeth. A promising opportunity from foreign or far away lands might come your way that could prove to be a game changer as far as the financial domain of your life is concerned. Follow a healthy dietary routine to keep away ailments related to unhealthy eating practices. Do not indulge into unnecessary spendings and focus on increasing your accumulated wealth.

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Sun will be transiting in the 11th house of your Horoscope. This period will bring opportunities of financial gains for you. Those who are in the fields of marketing, sales or stock market will find this transit very beneficial for them in terms of monetary gains. You could fulfill some deep rooted desire of your heart. Be careful in your love relationship as you could have some serious disagreement with your partner during this time. If you are a student then this transit will increase your concentration and comprehensive intelligence.


Sun will be transiting in the 10th house of your Horoscope. You might have to go on a work-related trip during this time. If you are self employed then this is a time when you will spend money to expand or refine your existing business. Your name & fame will increase. If you were unemployed then you are likely to land up with a job that would offer promising opportunities for a bright career in the times ahead. Those who are already employed can expect their hard work to finally pay off in terms of a job promotion or pay hike. However, situations on the family front could be chaotic and that would negatively impact your peace of mind.


Sun will be transiting in the 9th house of your Horoscope. You will get full support of luck during this time and advice from your father or father figures will prove to be highly beneficial for you. Travel is on the cards for you, especially a trip to a pilgrimage or holy destination. There will be boldness in your personality and you will not shy away from taking tough decisions. Relationships with your younger siblings will improve. A crucial task that was long pending will move towards completion. This period would lay the foundation of some remarkable milestones that you would accomplish in the future.

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Sun will be transiting in the 8th house of your Horoscope. This is not a favourable time for you as you are likely to encounter multiple roadblocks on the path to success. If you are married then watch out for your relations with your in-laws. Do not indulge into speculation or make a risky investment during this time. Follow a light & healthy diet to avoid overloading your digestive system. This transit is a good period for research related works and even learning occult sciences.


Sun will be transiting in the 7th house of your Horoscope. Your interaction with your spouse during this time might result in some arguments & bickerings that will deteriorate the marital bliss of your life. The key is to avoid heated arguments and display patience to ensure peace & harmony in your marriage as this is a temporary turbulent time that will pass very soon. However, this transit will be positive for you if you are self-employed or running a business in partnership with someone. Your professional interactions with people will yield positive results to you. Your social network will expand and you will come in touch with some really influential people.


Sun will be transiting in the 6th house of your Horoscope. You will get rid of your enemies and emerge victorious in the adverse situations that you were going through. Your immunity will increase and you feel rejuvenated during this time. However, in order to keep ailments at bay in the future as well, develop a healthy routine consisting of a balanced diet and follow a workout regime that is in accordance with your body type. If you have been going through a litigation process then this transit will provide you some relief. Keep a check on your expenditures and do not indulge in unnecessary spending.


Sun will be transiting in the 5th house of your Horoscope. You will become short tempered during this time which will create an emotional distance between you and your loved ones. If you are a parent then take special care of children’s health. Refrain from speculation especially in the share market as this is not a favourable time for quick monetary gains. If you are in a love relationship then you might have a heated argument with your lover so make conscious efforts to maintain love & harmony in your relationship and deal with any difference of opinion in a mature way.


Sun will be transiting in the 4th house of your Horoscope. The environment in your family will change and you are likely to have confrontations with your family members over issues that were building up for quite some time now. This transit might have a negative impact on your mother’s health so take good care of her. Your professional burden will increase and your hard work might not garner the appreciation that you deserve. Do not offer unsolicited advice and avoid being a part of office politics. Remember, any mistake on your part will be blown out of proportion and it will result in loss of your reputation.

So, this was the in-general prediction about how Sun’s transit in the Sign of Gemini would affect people of all 12 Ascendant Signs.

However, when it comes to deciphering the results of a particular planet or multiple planets in the life of a person with respect to various aspects or key domains of his/her life, an Astrologer needs to perform a detailed analysis of that person’s Personal Horoscope.

Therefore, we urge you to contact Future Point and Talk to Astrologer to know exactly how the planetary bodies are affecting various aspects of your life and how by incorporating certain powerful astrological remedies based on your Natal Chart or Janam Kundli, you can actually steer your life towards unprecedented success & prosperity!  

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